I love protective!Daryl but the queen seems not to be so amused by him. lol
queen-carol requested some cute scene where Daryl makes sure Carol eats, drinks and is okay.
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Talking Dead TWD Season 5 “Consumed” The CARYL Conversation

Chris Hardwick: “That was Norman Reedus talking about Daryl and Carol’s relationship, which brings us to the next live poll…
Are you sad that Carol and Daryl didn’t hook up? I mean come on, what the… Yes I was hoping to find me a kiss in that bunk bed…or noooo that was not the time for romance. Yvette, what do you think?”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “Are you sure you want to ask me…?”

CM Punk: “Do you want me to answer this for you…

Yvette Nicole Brown: “Yes, say it!”

CM Punk: “It’s completely ridiculous that they couldn’t hook up

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…because…”

CM Punk: “…because this is the zombie apocalypse…”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…and…”

CM Punk: “…and they are very close…”

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…and…say what you said before…”

CM Punk: “…what did I say before…let me…”

(Attempts to wrestle Yvette’s notebook away)

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…sexual chemistry…stop it…sexual chemistry…”

CM Punk: “I might have wrote it down…there was some sexual tension going on there, I don’t care where they were

Yvette Nicole Brown: “Let me say this, let me say this I feel there’s an understanding and an unspoken understanding between the two of them they are seamless in how they interact…When they work together it’s not like ‘Carol go here, Daryl go here’…they know, they feel each other, they move without even talking, they…
Even the Thelma & Louise moment…it wasnt like, are we gonna do this…they just did it…”

CM Punk: “They werent even saying anything to each other…they were like this…”

(Demonstrates eye fucking…staring with Yvette)

Yvette Nicole Brown: “…and they knew, they knew what it was, that’s just…”

Chris Hardwick: “Its almost, it’s almost pretty even 50% said NO they are not sad that they didn’t hook up…

Yvette Nicole Brown: “We know who those people are…

CM Punk: “They want to see Daryl hook up with Beth but that is so weird and ridiculous…”

Chris Hardwick: “Noah is much more age-appropriate for Beth…”

*Conclusion - They all SHIP CARYL*