oh god you know what I just thought of?

      this was the very first of their interactions that involved touching…

Carol being the one to initiate and we see Daryl flinch like it was the first time he’d ever had a touch that wasn’t to inflict pain

                                               then there’s this…

where he puts his aversion to touching aside and initiates this gesture in order to be able to bring Carol comfort when she needed it most

                                and thennnnnn we have this……

where he not only initiates, he fucking runs to her, bear hugs her, buries his face in her neck, sways her back and forth, picks her up off the ground and then even proceeds to drop his head to her shoulder/chest

           and why? for simply being fucking alive and because he wanted to

alright that’s it my feels can’t handle anymore today i’ll be over here in a ball in the corner crying forever goodniGht


Daryl is one of the only of that group that Carol can be really, really vulnerable with like that. To say, “No, I’m not okay.” You know, and just let the mask really go. - Melissa McBride