“We are hearing Ezekiel was there yesterday too. I’m still not completely positive about the gunshots. Don’t think there were Saviors there. However, we heard there were walkers on location. So I’m guessing those were being disposed of? Someone must have a gun on them? Or it’s just another case of “ghost gunshots”… Gunshots that are reported, but never make it to screen. 

Also, Carol and Daryl apparently have a conversation alone in the creeptastic house.”

Carol and Daryl bout to speak actual words to each other…..


Carol Or Beth? (The End Game)…..People should know when they are conquered!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


Okay, so people always credit Team Family as giving Daryl a sense of value/worth and people he can depend on and who can depend on him, and this is true. But is it not also true for Carol? After years of humiliation and degradation, of solitude and beatings, she’s finally around people again. People who regard her as human, treat her as one of them, include her in plans and hugs and daily life and friendships and conversations. Then she’s finally rid of her human captor. She’s unsure and lonely, but not alone anymore. Being part of a group sans the dreg that was her husband is unfamiliar and freeing, and it takes her a while to come to terms with herself, with who she “always thought I should be, thought I should’ve been.” She learns to fight back in a different fashion and merges her new skills with the ones acquired in her previous life. The people she now shares life with hold her in esteem, value her opinion, hold her in regard. She finds herself, a purpose, a life unlike what came Before. People who love her. People she can rely on. Some who still see her virtue, regardless of how far she’s willing to go. One who sympathizes with, adores, and values her above all others. And that’s something new too.