I’m sure it’s been talked about a thousand times, but the degree of loyalty and trust that Carol and Daryl have for each other is something so compelling to watch conquer every single test of endurance that has ever been thrown their way.

No matter what the other one does that could potentially leave the other feeling hurt or betrayed, they always, always defend the others’ choices and at least try to understand. And not only that–they also put each other on a pedestal that is evident especially in their interactions with others.

[.gifs by @oohhshiny ]

Daryl temporarily left the prison with Merle, no warning, no explanation. Despite being deeply affected by this, Carol not only understood as Daryl knew she would, but defended his honor when it came into question.

Carol had never shared her decision with Daryl on what to do with Karen and David. Instead of focusing on that, Daryl’s immediate instinct was to defend her against Rick after he banished her, to say “that ain’t her” when Rick tried to claim she wasn’t sorry, to say he would have stepped in to protect her if Tyreese even thought about harming her.

Until 7x10, Carol had never explained to Daryl why she left, and he was hurt by this. But despite not understanding why she did it, he brought her up to Morgan, unprovoked, and praised her as an example of the kind of courage and leadership they all need in their current conflict with the Saviors.

And see, this is just amazing to me. It’s an unwavering dedication they have to always seeing the best in each other and supporting one another, even in times when they have every reason to feel wronged or abandoned. Even when the other is not there to see it. It’s a rare, refreshing, wonderful thing to witness and one of the many ways the deep love and respect they have for each other conquers just about anything.

Okay, so idk if anyone else sees it, but I’ve been studying this scene every time I watch it.

But guys, do you see that when he puts his head down, it kinda looks like he’s kissing her shoulder?!?! Because that’s what it looks like to me!

Also do you see how she grabs onto his neck! Like she doesn’t want to let him go! And the way she nuzzles him! Like oh my gosh! I’m dead. They killed me. I can’t with this scene. Too many damn feels

TWD Story Cubes Challenge

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4- Try your best to refer to all nine of your cubes. You might need to be creative lol.

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i don’t particularly ship caryl romantically, but if people see a romantic bond between daryl and carol - FUCKING LET THEM
i never saw the romantic bond between rick and michonne until the writers wrote their kiss in. then i was like WOW HOW DID I MISS THIS??? and now i live for all the beautiful richonne moments in the show.

let people ship who they want. just because you can’t see a romantic bond, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

anonymous asked:

can you do more jealous!daryl? it's my fav trope! i love your fics sm

Jealous Daryl is my fav too. And thank you lovely, enjoy! 

That ‘king’ was really beginning to get under his skin, like nails down a chalk board kind of way. 

Daryl had gone back to The Kingdom to tie up arrangements for the war, to make sure everything and everyone was set to go. 

He could have done this in just the one day (if he was being honest with himself) but instead he’d stayed three days, giving him the time to visit a particular silver haired friend. 

He knew Ezekiel was fond of her, hell Richard made that clear, but he was coming to realize the extent of that fondness the more time he spent around the man. 

On the first day of his visit he’d walked over to find two of his knights saddling up their horses, baskets of food attached to the sides. 

“Make sure the fair maiden takes these, she’ll persist but I know she’ll eventually cave,” he heard Ezekiel say making him roll his eyes with annoyance. 

“She don’t need no damn food,” he muttered as an opening welcome to get Ezekiel’s attention.

“Welcome friend,” Ezekiel greeted before explaining, “and I’m just assuring she’ll never have a need for any.” 

“Yeah well she can take care of herself,” he muttered, “don’t need no king to help her.”

“My intentions are all good dear friend,” the king told Daryl, an almost challenging look on his face.

Daryl shrugged it off with a grunt wanting to move on to more pressing matters, the tension quickly forgotten. 

Carol was mentioned by Ezekiel much more than he was comfortable with that day, even going as far as asking the nature of the relationship between himself and Carol.

“None of ya damn business that’s what it is,” Daryl growled in response, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck raise in defence.  

The king seemed to decipher his answer for a moment before nodding, a satisfied smile coming across his mouth, “forgive me, I don’t mean to pry, I still have lots to learn about that intriguing yet elusive woman.”

“Yeah well why don’t ya focus on the problem at hand first ‘fore ya go round chasin’ tail ya ain’t ever gonna catch,” he snapped.

His words were far more direct than he was used to leaving him wondering where that outburst had come from.

“I see Carol is a particularly sensitive subject,” Ezekiel replied calmly, “one I shall be sure to avoid for the rest of your stay, I don’t wish to quarrel.”

Daryl gave an abrupt nod and turned on his heel, saying in few words that he’d see him again tomorrow.  

The next day came around and Daryl mentioned to Ezekiel that he’d be going to visit Carol that evening and so wouldn’t be around to discuss matters of the upcoming war.  

Ezekiel nodded in what Daryl thought was understanding, he didn’t question his motives any further, good. However apparently he was wrong. He approached her house later that day he saw the very same man stood on her porch, an extravagant bunch of flowers in his hand. 

Mother fucker,” Daryl growled under his breath, sticking to the tree line to remain hidden. 

From where he was crouched he saw Carol with an unamused expression on her face, her hip tilted as he hand came out to rest on it. 

He was too far to hear the nature of the conversation but there was enough body language that he got the idea. 

Carol took the flowers eventually, impatiently waving one hand at him to follow her in, the door shutting behind him.

Daryl could feel the white burning anger building up in him, that fucker knew he was coming to see Carol and he had the nerve to ruin that. The fact that Carol invited him in made him all the more angry, he never thought she’d be the type to fall for cheesy words and a bunch of fucking flowers. He stood up from where he was crouched, pacing back and forth as his eyes burned holes through the door. He had half a mind to go up and rip the door off the hinges, but he was too scared at what he’d find. Ezekiel wasn’t subtle with his advances, quite the opposite in fact. Maybe she liked that, being courted by a gentleman, hell Daryl weren’t no gentleman, couldn’t be even if he tried. She deserved a gentleman sure, but shit if he wasn’t happy about it. That king knew exactly what he was doing, he was slyer than she knew. 

Daryl jumped back down in the foliage as the door swung open again, Ezekiel stepping out, saying something to her before picking her hand up in his, leaving a second to long kiss there. 

Carol’s expression was hard to read from this distance, had she liked that? 

His mind was in overdrive by the time Ezekiel was finally out of sight and her door was closed once again. His feet dragged him straight to her porch before he’d even thought about it. His hand coming down to bang on her door, his aggression making the door rattle on his hinges.

“Christ Ezekiel you trying to break the door do-” the sentence died on her lips as she was faced with someone that was not Ezekiel.

“Yeah I’m sorry ya king went back off to his kingdom, ya stuck with the peasant,” he muttered sarcastically, not exactly the greeting he was going for after not seeing her for weeks.

Carol frowned for a moment, thrilled to see him but thrown by his anger, “Daryl you’re not- I mean- what are you doing here?”

“Oh so he’s allowed to grace you with his presence no questions asked but I gotta get a the third degree, jesus give me a fuckin’ break,” he grumbled bitterly brushing past her into the warmth of her home.

“Well hell-fucking-o to you too,” she said sharply, closing the the door behind him.

Daryl sighed, he knew he was being a dick but fuck he couldn’t help it. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled half-heatedly.

“What’s up your ass?” she asked bluntly, putting a kettle over the fire to heat them a drink.

“Nothin’, it’s…” he trailed off as he scanned the room. There was very little difference to last time only the bouquet of flowers Ezekiel had brought her was now arranged in a vase on her table. God that wasn’t helping, “fuck.”

“What?” Carol questioned, putting her hands on her hips, glaring at him accusingly.

That glare got under his skin like nothing else, fuelling the already roaring fire.

“Just didn’t realise you’d cozied up the ol’ king since my last visit,” his voice almost sounding like Merle’s as he let his accent flow through,

“Cozied up?” Carol was confused to all hell right now, her eyes flickering to the flowers that Daryl had previously noticed, “cause of the flowers? Seriously? Daryl.”

“Well ya don’t give a girl flowers cause ya want her to be ya friend,” he growled, a deep rumble coming from within his chest, “and I sure as hell don’t let any of my friends kiss my hand goodbye,” he continued pointing at her accusingly.

A smirk was on Carol’s face now as her eyes swept over his angry form.

“The hell ya smilin’ bout?” he snapped, his arm dropping back to his side.

“You’re jealous,” Carol said simply, still smiling in amusement.

“Wha-” he was thrown off by her accusation, “I ain’t jealous of some pompous king.”

“But you are,” Carol said her usual teasing coming out to taunt him, she took a step toward him before speaking again. “You may not be jealous of the ‘pompous king’ as a person but you’re certainly jealous that he’s awfully friendly with me.”

“The hell ya mean awfully friendly?” he asked before he could stop himself. Shit. “I ain’t jealous,” he reiterated. 

Her head tilted to the side, raising an unconvinced brow at him. 

“If you say so.”

“I ain’t.” 

“Keep telling yourself that.”

“Whad’ ya mean by awfully friendly?” he couldn’t help himself.

Carol shot him a grin, closing the last of the space between them, her hands coming out to smooth the collar of his shirt down as she talks, her eyes focused on the stitching. “I mean he comes, tries to buy me over with food, flowers, wine, books, anything he thinks I’ll like. I tell him thank you, he insists on kissing me on the hand, I send him away, there’s no feelings of reciprocation if that’s what you’re worried about.”

She dares a glance up at him, gauging his reaction before making any further moves.

“He knew I was comin’ tonight, did it to piss me off,” he grunted, his voice soft now.

“Clearly it worked,” she spoke, “you ready to admit you were jealous yet?”

He shifted on his feet, her touch burning and soothing him all at the same time as her hands ran the expanse of his shoulders.

“I might’ve been, a bit,” he admitted, his voice barely about a hoarse whisper, “just don’t want ya gettin’ hurt.”

“Don’t lie,” Carol warned lightly, her hands sliding down his arms, stopping at his wrists,  “that may have been part of it, but it wasn’t the only reason. I’m not asking you to bare all to me but don’t down play what’s really going on here.” 

He looked at her with a heated gaze, fuck she was beautiful. And yet, he still couldn’t find the words he wanted to tell her, this slow burn, it would continue at the same agonising pace till he grew some balls. 

She went to drop his wrists as he failed to give her a response, his hands jumping out quickly to lace her fingers with his own, his thumb grazing the length of hers back and forth. 

Right now this is all he had, and god he hoped it was enough, he had a war to fight, he wasn’t going to leave her here with unfulfilled promises and words that didn’t mean a damn thing if he wasn’t able to act on them. 

A whisper of a smile tugged at her mouth, taking all he had to offer, it was enough, it was always enough. 

“You’re cute when you’re jealous Dixon,” she teased, feeling his finger draw circles against the back of her hand.

“Stop,” he muttered, a soft snort escaping him.


‘Here, hear him cry boy’

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If there was one thing I’d have to choose if someone asked me if there was a downside in being a Caryl shipper… it is that Carol and Daryl have officially ruined my expectations in future relationships.

Seriously though, if you do not do most of the following, it will not work out between us:

-Being there for me when I’m down, whether that’s saying/giving something meaningful (cherokee rose) or just being there, waiting for me to be ready to open up (Consumed)

-Have the upmost of respect and loyalty even when we unintentionally hurt each other (Daryl leaving with Merle or Carol leaving the group)

-Treat me without judgment or condescension (Anything and everything to do with Caryl interactions… just follow their lead)

-Saving my life (Okay that’s optional but it’d be hot)

-Loving me so much that you’d do anything for my wellbeing (Not telling me about something tragic back at home despite your own want for me to come back with you)

-And of course, loving me so much that you can’t contain your emotions sometimes (No Sanctuary Hug, hovering around me all the time after our reunion, being openly hurt if I leave)

Thanks Caryl, now my future prospects need to climb a mountain b/c of you…. sorry not sorry 

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Prompt: shame (after meaningless sex)

Smut warning, most my prompts I’ve got recently are very smut based, just a forewarning, this one is just pure filth if I’m honest. Set in season 2/3.

Sweat rolled down his still clothed back as she writhed beneath him, god this was wrong, so so wrong. He shouldn’t have let this go this far but it has and there’s no stopping it now. Not whilst he’s buried balls deep in her core and she’s whimpering for more, both of them fully aware they’re doing this for all the wrong reasons. 

They’re both doing this to forget, forget the loss of her child he couldn’t save, to forget the fight they’d previously been having, again. Granted it had been almost a month since that day that little girl had stumbled out of the barn, her hollow lifeless body grasping hungrily at them. It still haunts him now, let alone her. But that’s no excuse for how they got here. 

He doesn’t blame her at all, he started it after all, the screaming match they were having proving too much for him to handle. He pinned up against the side of the barn hoping the action would take the fight out of her. However the only thing that happened was that his dick fucking betrayed him instantly. The moment her soft body pressed up against him his dick went hard as a damn rock, not evening finding a trace of fear in her eyes.

“You just gonna stand there Dixon or you gonna fucking do something?” Carol challenged, his mouth opening slightly at her use of curse words.

He didn’t need any further prompting, swooping down to claim her lips in an angry desperate kiss, one that she reciprocated with just as much furiosity letting her hands roughly weave through his surprisingly soft hair.

Soft wasn’t what either of them were chasing here though. 

She tugged hard on it, getting the reaction she was after as he pinned his hands into her hips, pushing her against the wooden slates of the barn, his erection pressing into her through their cargo pants.

“Daryl,” she moaned as his mouth went down to her neck, sucking hard enough to leave his mark as she ground her hips against him, chasing that friction that she so desperately needed. 

“Tell me if ya want it,” Daryl grunted thrusting once against her, “cause once I start I ain’t sure I’m gonna be able to stop.”

He’d never force her, if at any point she said stop or showed any signs of hesitation then that’s where it ended. He weren’t no monster, he weren’t her deadbeat husband.

“Want it,” she choked out as her hand reached down to cup him through his trousers, “please.” 

He hissed through his teeth, bucking against her hand as she rubbed him up and down before he abruptly ripped her hand off him.

Then he got to work. 

One hand cupped the back of her neck, kissing her hard and dirty, all tongue and teeth as his other hand undid the button on her trousers. Wasting no time in delving straight under the cotton of her panties, stroking her until her had her moaning against his mouth, her breath coming out as laboured pants. 

He smirked in satisfaction as he could hear her nearing her orgasm, begging him not to stop and he didn’t, until suddenly he did, removing his hand completely. 

“Fuck!” she yelled pushing hard at his chest, a hand curling around his wrist trying to get his hand back to where it was.

He chuckled lowly against her neck, “not a chance sweetheart.”

He bit down against the skin send a different kind of sensation through her, yelping until he soothed away the sting with the flat of his tongue.

Her hand went to his belt buckle again as his mouth came crashing back against hers. She worked with quick hands, pushing the loose material down his legs, boxers and all, her fingers curling tightly around his dick.

A primal growl came from him as she worked him back and forth, his head falling to her collarbone as she sped up, her other hand coming down to squeeze his balls. 

“Shit,” he hissed, his hands wrenching down her own trousers and panties not knowing how much long he could hold out. 

He took her wrists in his strong hands, using one of them to pin them above her head, while the other took hold of his cock, arching his hips forward to run through her folds. 

He was rewarded with a breathy moan, her hips jolting forward to feel his dick press harder against her. 

“Jesus woman,” he groaned as he teased her entrance already feeling a build up of moisture there.

“Shut the fuck up and fuck me,” she growled back, thrusting her hips harshly into his once more. 

Well, she asked for it.

He lined up as she parted her legs further, her pants pooled down at her feet, before sliding into her in one fluid motion.

His eyes rolled back in head as he felt her muscles clench around him, Carol letting out a throaty moan of pleasure. 

He grasped her thighs picking her up the best he could in their awkward half clothed position. He pressed her back harshly against the barn wall as he started to drive himself into her, finding himself losing stamina a lot quicker than he would have liked. 

Wasting no time he wrapped his arms around her back as he lifted her away from the wall, adjusting them so she lay on the dirt ground, his dick not leaving her for a moment.

She revelled in the change of position, meeting him thrust for thrust as he worked himself deeper into the depth of her wet core. No words of love or caring were passed between them as they both chased their release. That was the only goal here, those few sweet seconds where an orgasm hits you and your mind is cleared from anything other than pure bliss. 

And that’s how they got to where they were now, both covered in dirt and sweat as their bodies rolled against one another. The only sounds around them was the rhythmic slap as flesh met flesh in an animalistic fuck, both minds void from the reality of the situation. 

Daryl didn’t even realise it was happening until it did, a strangled cry came from beneath him as Carol rubbed herself hard against him, drawing out her release as long as possible. He could feel the walls of her muscles become incredibly tight as they drew his own state of bliss from him, muttered cursing leaving his lips as he spilled into her. His muscles immediately screamed for rest as he finished pouring into her, pulling out of her quickly making her hiss as he collapsed in the dirt beside her. 

They both laid there in silence as they waited for their bodies begin to functioning again, shame beginning to creep into both their consciousnesses. They shouldn’t done that. That was a bad idea, but fuck did it feel good. 

Carol cared about Daryl and she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t let her mind linger at the possibility of what having sex with him would be like. But what they just did wasn’t sex. It was pure emotionless fucking, she knew that was true for both their parts, she could see in his eyes now she glanced over him that he regretted it. They’d both given into their urges and whilst it felt good at the time now they just felt guilty. 

Daryl tucked himself back into his pants as he stood, extending a hand to her as she arched her aching hips to pull her own up. She took it coyly, recognising the same shy look in his face as the weight of what just happened settled on them.

There was certainly no coming back from that…right?

anonymous asked:

Prompt: quickie

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the amount of smutty requests I’m getting.

“Alright sweetheart, we got five minutes but ya gotta make this quick,” Daryl drawled as sucked down on her neck, slamming the pantry door shut with his foot.

Carol rolled her eyes in the back of her head for effect, faking being turned on by his words, “god I love it when you talk dirty to me.”

He bit down on her neck for her use of sass, “shut the fuck up.” 

It came out muffled against her skin, his voice sending vibrations through her body.

“Yes boss,” she chuckled back, her nimble fingers working on his shirt buttons. 

“We’re so gonna get caught,” he murmured as he took the shell of her ear in his mouth, caressing it seductively with his tongue.

“Shut the fuck up,” Carol threw his own words back at him through a moan, pulling back briefly to rip her top off, coming back to push his shirt off his shoulders.

“No bra?” he asked a accusing brow raised, “I think ya planned this.” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she mumbled as his mouth closed around a nipple, moulding his hands at her soft flesh, squeezing and stroking until he elicited the moan from her he wanted.

His hands went down to her waistband, slipping his tongue in her mouth as he pushed the loose trousers down.

He stopped suddenly at the feel of interrupted smooth skin.

Pulling back he gazed at her naked body, confirming his suspicions that she also had no panties on.

“Oh ya so fuckin’ planned this,” he growled, wasting no time in cupping her heat with his hand a overly loud yelp escaping her.

“I might have,” she purred, grinding into his palm as her own hand slipped under the waist band of his trousers, finding his situation to be quite similar.

“Think you’ve contradicted yourself here Dixon,” she groaned, losing herself quickly to his hand that was playing her like a fine tuned instrument. 

He brought her face back to his own, pulling down on her lip with his sharp teeth as he slipped two fingers into her. 

“Hm that maybe but unlike you, I ran out of boxers, what’s your excuse? You’ve been absolutely filthy lately,” he growled as he added yet another finger in her.

“Ah- fuck- Daryl-” she yelled out.

“Sh sh shh,” he moaned against her lips in an attempt to hush her loud moans.

He curled his fingers further inside her, stroking her walls with tantalisingly slow movements.

“The fuck-” she choked out, trying (and failing) to be quiet, “thought you said we had to be quick.”

“Just lettin’ the tension build darlin’, wanna make ya work for it,” he replied huskily as Carol continue to squeeze his dick, coming down in long swift pulls.

“Don’t toy with me Daryl,” she begged, taking in a sharp breath as his palm pressed against her clit.

“Alright alright,” he said, knowing if she carried on the way she was harshly tugging on his cock it may be over even quicker than it should be.

He boldly grasped her hips, turning her around pushing down on her back till she was laying across a unstable looking, mostly empty, shelf. 

“Spread ya legs for me,” he drawled, using his hand to pry open her thighs. 

“Fuck you’re romantic,” she laughed curtly.

“Mhmm,” is all he replied as he took his dick, letting it trail down her ass before it came down to tease her folds all the way up to her clit.

She hissed in response, thrusting her hips back and forth to build more friction between them.

He watched her work herself against his cock for a minute, smiling at how quickly she was coming apart.

He leant forward to wrap an arm around her waist, making her stand up enough so he could press a kiss just below her ear as he pressed into her entrance. She took him easily inch by inch until his pelvis was flush with her ass.

He stood her up further until her back was pressed against his chest, driving his erection deeper in her with the new angle.

“Jesus- fuckkk,” she whined grinding back against him. 

He thrust steadily into her, reaching a hand around to play with her clit rotating it in time with her grinding, speeding it up as she did.

“Oh god,” she was insanely loud now, clasping a hand over her own mouth to stop the sound, the other hand curling around the back of his neck, clutching at the dampness there. 

He grunted as he picked up his pace, driving himself up until he brushed her cervix, the warmth surrounding him making him fall apart quicker by the second.

“Come on baby,” he growled into her ear, pressing down her on her clit harder and faster making her throw her head back against his shoulder.

She was a steady stream of quick moans now, getting faster (and louder) as she reached her peak.

He could feel the insides of her clench him almost painfully as she finally gave in to her release. Her orgasm ripped through with such force that she threw herself back forward, slamming her ass against his pelvis as she rode out her high, groaning so loud anyone home would definitely have heard her. 

The change in angles again made Daryl spill his load before he even realised it was going to happen.

“Fuck!” he yelled, well now they’d know who she was having sex with.

He bucked weakly into her until he was spent, draping himself across her back as all the tension in his body left him.

Reluctantly he pulled out of her, making her whine at the loss causing him to chuckle as he picked their clothes off the ground.

As they finished changing, Carol pulled him toward her, a loving look in her eye as she pulled him down for a deep kiss, a kiss that caused his dick to stir again. 

“Jesus woman,” he muttered, Carol smirking at him knowing exactly what she’d done, “I’m gonna be needin’ a round two of that real soon.”

“Maybe when people aren’t home would be nice.”

Daryl’s stomach dropped at Rick’s voice talking to them in passing as his footsteps went towards the kitchen. Well fuck, that was him living in the pantry for the rest of his miserable days. 



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