“Dear Mr Gimple”

This post is a vent of my feelings around recent seasons of TWD under the showrunner Scott M Gimple.  

Puttng under a cut since I know not everyone is interested in my feelings on this issue, and many love the TWD as is. 

Dear Mr Gimple,

You stand accused, before this court of fandom, of comitting murder with reckless abandon, of a show many previously loved and now mourn. From season 4-B the first real arc you ran, you offered bottle episodes, arcs for elevated redshirts and characters behaving in ways they had not in any season suddenly lost their damn minds and skills.

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Carol is Clark Kent in Superman II

(contains filming spoilers for s7)

I have seen people were worrying that with Carol STILL at the “creepy house” in episode 14, and people wondering when will “badass” Carol come back. In a private chat I used this analogy and I love it so I’m sharing :D

There is no need to fear that “badass” Carol won’t come back. There is, IMO, not a single chance that Carol will end season 7 still isolated, or still not wanting to kill, or wanting to not be part of her family. 

Gimple has set up season 7 with everyone starting the season at their lowest point, and I believe he is going to build to a POSITIVE climax for this season - and Carol will be part of that.

If we think about Carol like Superman. In Superman II, Lois finds out that Clark is Superman, while they are staying at Niagara Falls in the honeymoon suite. Clark reveals his whole identity to Lois, taking her to his “fortress of solitude”. 

He eventually decides that to be with Lois, to love her the way he wants to do, the only thing he can do is become human - and lose all his super-powers.

After he’s done this, he and Lois head towards home and on their way stop at a truck spot, where Clark is beaten by a nasty trucker. They also at that stage learn that Zod and his cronies are attacking earth and Clark realises the humans can’t defeat Zod without his help. So, he returns to the fortress of solitude, gets his power back and goes to defeat Zod - with the added incentive that Zod has kidnapped Lois.

This is essentially Carol in season 7. She has taken to her “fortress of solitude” because she doesn’t think she can be the “superhero” she has been. Daryl is her Lois, and enters the fortress with her, where she can be herself fully. However, she still feels she can’t love and kill. So Daryl leaves.

But Carol IS still that “superhero” and once she knows the earth is in danger - or in this case that Team Family is in danger - she will put on the cloak again, get back her superpowers and go and save the day, and her Lois Lane, Daryl. ;)

Obviously this isn’t really a big match, I’m just having fun because a) I don’t want Carol to put aside her own happiness to be SuperCarol and b) I don’t want her and Daryl to forget their relationship.

My point is, for the audience, SuperCarol is the one they want to see, and Gimple will ensure that just like the climax of a Superman movie, that version of Carol will come back in full force and save the day at the right moment before this season ends.

She’s part of his “secret weapon”. She’s part of his “hope” that he’s going to pile up in the finale. Everything they feel they have lost will come back in the finale (except those who have died, obviously. I just mean their sense of being a family, their sense of control of their own lives, their faith in love to overcome the odds).

I also feel that Caryl will be part of that superhero climax, and Clark will get his Lois… but hopefully as filming ends we MIGHT hear more about that.

Carol and Daryl wanting to die

I think Carol and Daryl are both on a suicidal path and I hope they come back from it this season. Carol picked up Daryl’s cigarette habit after she told Ms. Neidermeyer ‘those things will kill you’, and the old woman who was with the Saviors who captured Carol and Maggie was dying from smoking cigarettes. Carol just wants to die, and Daryl does too. But Daryl got Glenn killed in his suicide attempt, just like that other guy Nicholas did when he shot himself and knocked Glenn off the dumpster. Maybe if Daryl and Carol see how badly the other one wants to die, it will pull them back from the edge in their quest to help each other.

Please just calm down and remember what we have lost.

There is no winner in The Walking Dead.
There are just people which live with their ghosts and fears from the past, present & future.
All of them are damaged, all of them are scared.
Things which happen in this world is just literally ‘shit that happens’.
No one there is healthy.
No one there needs your guilt.
And especially no one here needs more hate on characters, just because some haters don’t want to understand the psyche of a human being.
You are like Daryl, you can’t control your fucking emotions and see things more rational, more logical.
You blame him for what he have done?
You’re not better.
But he lost like everyone there - even Negan - a whole lot of things, a whole world and get through all this shit in his own skin.

What’s your excuse to rant like a crazy warthog? Hm?

Maybe because you are also just a human being?
Making mistakes is part of this, that don’t make you a worse person. Remember that.

This show is about humanity and how fast it can be lost.
It’s like a mirror for the world we live in now, don’t you see that?

Please don’t hate me for my strange english, I’m a german, but I had a huge feeling to say something about the whole term.
It’s my family too. :)

R.I.P. Glenn & Abe