Erio Mondial and Caro Ru Lushe are the most original untapped potential in the franchise

So a particular post caught my attention. They brought about an idea:

I want to see a show starring a duo much like Futari wa and Splash Star, but with the leads being a girl and a boy. They would need to be together to transform, and would have their own strengths and weaknesses, but would never be considered anything but equals.

Why does this sound so revolutionary? Has this idea really not been explored? Well, this is where I think Erio and Caro are a great example of a small execution of this idea. While they were minor characters in the series, they are almost everything mentioned here.

Erio Mondial and Caro Ru Lushe were teamed up practically from day one. They have been inseparable ever since they met. They were criminally under-represented in StrikerS and honestly, I think a short series featuring them as the protagonists carrying the story would be pretty cool.

They have a powerful love and respect for each other. Each one’s skills compliment the other’s. They each bring something so entirely different to the table that together really manage to be so much more than the sum of them both.

Erio has speed and close combat agility. Caro has long ranged offense and support and can summon fucking dragons! Not to mention give temporary buffs to her allies to boost their own natural skills. 

Erio has taken Caro out of the line of fire in a split second. Caro has rescued Erio when he was overwhelmed by numbers. They both owe their lives to one another. And they know that they work best as a team as opposed to working alone. So much so that they stick together even after their mission was completed and their unit disbanded.

By this point, their major story arcs are completed. But there’s plenty of potential to explore more aspects of their relationship and what they went off to do after the events of StrikerS. They were one of the few real boy-girl duos that were actually real teammates and not just temporary allies out of necessity.

Will they actually get more attention? Probably not. But it’s a good starting point to show just what can be done with a boy-girl duo in an action-packed, slightly mecha, mahou-shoujo story.

I feel it’s worth pointing out just how Caro’s barrier jacket is the perfect blend of modern and classic design.

There is a lot of the outfit and evokes the imagery of the classic “white mage”, hopefully you’ve already seen one in a (classic) Final Fantasy game. The bow pays tribute to the grand-standing majority of magical girl constumes that prominently featured a bow, often evocative of the sailor fuku.

Then the buttoned and belted jacket feels like a modern piece of fashionable office attire. The triangle designs on the edge of the long skirt and around the hat bring up the visuals of Midchilda’s technological-magic. The large gems on her gloves and boots do the same to add a modern touch.

The contrast between the white and the color (which it probably not pink) further seems, to me at least, to indicate that the design choice is honoring both the old and the new in a single, gracefully put together form. And while all the outfits of the forwards in StrikerS have that two-tone feel, it’s really mostly Caro’s that stands out to me as the one that combines the elements of the timeless wizards, the classic magical girls, and the modern military-level technology of her own time. Simply brilliant.