Adam’s REAL Disney Basis?

Wait… Adam is a ferocious and villainous son of a bitch who won’t hesitate in killing anyone for his own needs, gets pissed when his significant other is taken away from him, does a deed that severly affects the main characters (kills/cripples), has horns, his color scheme includes a devilish red and he’s called “Taurus”…

He’s not the Beast nor Gaston, he’s the friggin’ Carnotaurus from “Dinosaur”!

specialfexfail  asked:

Soooooooo I'm currently trying to get back into drawing Godzilla again. But I'm really struggling with the scales and texture. I end up making big round scales that usually just stand out awkwardly. Andy advice?

Now that you mentioned it, as someone who’s drawn a lot of scaly creatures I actually don’t draw scales as much as I should . , . 

But I have some samples that might be worth sharing.

For starters I would just suggest some simple crosshatching, but following the form of the body as if its a wire-frame on a 3D model, that’ll give it some volume and dimension

if you want you can also try with colors and stuff, I was just messing around one day and ended up with this:

and sometimes you can just do very subtle cross hatching with highlights and shades

other times I make bigger gaps between the crossed lines, but it all depends on what you’re going for 

and then there are rare instances in which I go a little overboard .. but like very rarely

another thing to consider is that scales from far away aren’t always noticeable, and a lot of large creatures need to have thick, but flexible skin in order to move around freely, so you can play with some filter effects to make it look like smaller more flexible scales

and when in doubt just play with some highlights and shades to imply scales away from the rest of the body 

again I’m no expert at doing scales, but hopefully this is of some help to you c: 


A Commission for a friend. She asked me to draw her character with a Rex and it to be ARK related. So I drew her with Safira, her Rex. Kinda grew from there. The carno and argent are mine. 

In Game with friends, we were heading to the tundra, first time for them, to set up a base camp there. We used the Rex and Carno for protection as we travelled on foot, with our other friends following us riding Trikes. I had the only argent at the time. The four of us were in different tribes, 2 in each and we did this long before the tribe alliance and before the tamed animal nerf. Safira was a beast!

Carnotaurus sastrei

Specimen name: Minola
Sex: Female
Height: 2.8 m
Length: 11.3 m
Weight: 1501 kg

Carnotaurus was an interesting dinosaur. With vestigial arms, large leg muscles, a rather inflexible tail, and a head ornamented with sharp teeth and horns, this creature was meant for high-speed pursuits and takedowns. Minola and her kind rose sometime in the Lower Cretaceous in what is now South America. The extinction of larger theropods spurred the evolution of the strange and wonderful abelisaurs like herself.