AltDex Commissions!
You’ve seen the BugDex, but what about other retyped Pokemon? A Flying Slugma, a Dark/Ghost Carnivine, or a Ghost/Electric Wooper? Let’s stretch the creative genes!

First, some restrictions

  • No Retypes to Bug, unless you want to see a variation on an entry from the past in the BugDex
  •  Nothing erotic/furry or anything similar
  •  No Fire/Fighting types, in respect of @firefightdex
  •  Even though it probably won’t happen, there may be some prompts I don’t feel I can do or some that I’m uncomfortable working with. Please don’t take it personally if I turn these down; I want to make sure you get a quality result for your money!

The prompt that you can follow

Any specific instructions/suggestions:

  • Base Price is $7 A Pokemon with one type changed(like a Rock Charmander, Psychic/Ground Nidoking or Normal/Flying Zigzagoon)
  • Add $1 for an additional Type (Rock/Water Charmander, Psychic/Ice Nidoking, or Electric/Flying Zigzagoon)
  • Discount $1 if it’s a Pokemon that hasn’t evolve but does evolve(Pichu, Charmander, or Wurmple)
  • Discount $1 if it an alteration from the BugDex(Bug/Ground Bulbasaur, Ghost/Bug Koffing, Bug/Grass Cyndaquil)

Just fyi, there are three categories I put retypes into(noteable for how I retype Pokémon):

  1. Regional Variants-Pokemon that were once the original, but over time changed because of some scientific process of adaption(this is the least likely process Ill use)
  2. Inspiration Retypes-Taking the inspiration for a Pokemon(like the Kelpie for Keldeo or the Alphabet for Unown, and changing a Pokemon as of the inspiration were changed(this is how most of the BugDex is made)
  3. Pure Retype-Simply taking the design elements of a Pokemon that give it a type and changing those to another type

To request a commission message me privately. AltDex Commissions will be posted on my @rsccooperinc blog

Been working on this for a few days now and I just finished. I’d meant to do something last year for the 20th Anniversary but I just never got around to it. Growing up I really loved Team Rocket, they were the best part of the anime. I haven’t kept up with the show since - I think I stopped watching during the Johto series, so series 2 or 3? - but doing some research the Trio have managed to capture some interesting Pokémon over the 20 year run of the show - or at least befriend some. I hope I didn’t miss any. I know James bought a Magikarp and Jessie caught a Shelder but I wanted to focus on the ones that hung around. 

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