Ways to deflect if someone asks you “are you gay?” and you’re not ready to be outed yet

  • Gay???? In this economy ?
  • Hot digitty dog
  • Slap my ass and call me David, you must be smoking
  • *in a sarcastic way as if being gay is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone(which it is tbh) and you wouldn’t believe it if it happened to you because it’s too good to be true* yeah sure
  • Absolutely not! That’s bonkers!
  • No YOU gay
  • *jump out of the nearest window. Just fucking jump dont even open the window crash through it like the badass you are release the inner die hard fan in you.*
  • Okay I’ll ask my mom

When youโ€™re talking to someone new and they ask what shows do you like and you say: โ€œOrphan black, OITNB, Wynonna Earp, Carmilla and One day at a timeโ€ฆ..โ€ And then you realize how gay that makes your poor closeted ass look cause youโ€™re just describing your journey through The Great Lesbian Migrationโ„ข:

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And youโ€™re gay panicking cause you know that the person youโ€™re talking to is thinking:

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So you think of any lame ass excuse to be excused and flee:

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E L I S E B A U M A N ๐Ÿšฟ๐ŸŽ†