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Beautiful Sakura Futaba by @carmenmcs

Genos Reference Masterlist


Contains character analysis, studies, and english translations about Genos + few mentions about his relationship with Saitama.

How Genos Works  by carmenmcs - study about Genos’ cyborg body. Does he need to eat? to breathe? can he “feel”?

Genos tears are made of Oil by aitaikimochi - an english translation from the original One Punch Man guidebook about Genos crying.

Genos’ Arms Masterpost by tntdynamo - a visual guide of Genos’ different cyborg arms based on the manga chapters

Let’s Talk About Cyborg Sex by ero-genos - discusses if Genos can actually do sex or if he can feel sexual desire.

A Cyborg That Makes You Human by jennypen - about Genos being human

Saitama and Genos’ Relationship by unnaturalsolace - character analysis about the two heroes’ relationship and whether Saitama really cares or not. 

Age Difference by kisachi-tf - an opinion about Genos and Saitama’s age difference

Otomedia December 2015 by aitaikimochi - english translation about Genos and Saitama’s relationship from Otomedia

Ishikawa Kaito answers “Dog” by seiyuunotabi - why Genos’ Voice actor chose “Inu” (dog) as the Kanji character that summarizes the cyborg at OPM Premier Announcement Niconico Live

Masterpost of Things Genos Does for Saitama Part 1 | Part 2 by unnaturalsolace - compilation from the manga about things he does for Saitama

Genos + Speech Patterns by verwjill - how Genos talks to Saitama and other characters

Genos and His Lack of Self Preservation by saltdrops  - short infos and scenes that show his lack of self preservation


A Festival with Saitama by aitaikimochi - Translated the drama CD track from the One Punch Man Vol. 1 DVD

Genos related Q&A in the OPM databook by saltdrops - translated Q&A of Murata & ONE; also mentions Saitama not spending Genos’ money

Things that make Genos Smile by ackersexual - shows scenes from the manga where Genos smiles

What Happened Before the Broadcast of the Last episode of OPM by aitaikimochi -  an official art of ONE for the last episode of OPM

last updated: 1-1-16

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…and you know it. “

This is one of those times when you spend all day doing something you don’t have the time for and it still looks like shit, but since the internet is far from having enough ShinjiAki, I’m posting it anyway. See more of my Persona gifsets here.