I hate when beautiful people cosplay.

This is actually one of my regulars on DA (as in she is always commenting on my things, and we have pleasant chats about Hetalia and Dynasty Warriors :D). And with my regulars, I sometimes creep their DA’s just to see what’s up.

And then I see this.

Hanging up my Canada cosplay forever. I give up.

carmenmcs asked:

Hi Neni, thanks for your time as always. A little Persona question? *** SPOILERS for PQ/P4Ultimax ahead SPOILERS *** I just finished P4Ultimax's on the P3 story mode, and I was wondering... did Labrys personality come from Rei-chan, maybe? D: I haven't seen much of PQ but I've been spoiled the ending already (XP) so there are details I might be missing, but Labrys encounters these people at the cemetery and all, saying what her "mom" was living like, and so this idea came to me?

This theory has been a hot button of discussion ever since PQ first came out, but I’ve been a HUGE supporter for it from moment one. Evidence that it might be true includes:

*) Rei’s backstory checks out with that of Labrys’ mother perfectly.

*) Rei also seems to be much older than the girl from Labrys’ recording, which would explain the difference in voice and accent (accent only settles by the age of 14 or 15 in human children. If Rei spent several years in Inaba, she would eventually have lost her accent.) 

*) Rei was not originally from Inaba, as her parents stopping to visit her and becoming estranged implies.

*) Inaba Municipal Hospital, where Rei was kept, is being used by the Kirijo Group to hold individuals involved in their experiments. P4U2 proves this with Sho’s backstory. 

*) Seeing how Inaba is in Chuubuu, which is the neighbour region of Kansai, Rei could easily originally be from Kansai. The fact that “Inaba Pride Exhibit” (built from Rei’s subconcious idea of a festival) actually resembles a festival from Kansai more than one from Chuubuu only helps this.

*) Rei died 12 years ago (10 from the P3 side’s perspective), matching up perfectly with the date of Labrys’ creation. (I have heard claims that in the English version it says “12 years” on the P3 side as well, but that’s a mistranslation then. The Japanese version gave the numbers I give here.)

*) Rei’s hair used to be much lighter in color (Platinum blonde) and only became golden blonde when she became a teenager. Platinum Blonde hair would explain why all of Labrys’ sister models and her have almost white hair as well.

*) Rei’s personality is reminiscent of Labrys’ in places, especially after Rei regains her memories.  (Her naivety and hyperactivity mostly go away after her amnesia is gone.) 

*) Aigis feels something special from Rei, but it’s never entirely explains what it is. She eventually theorizes that she might have felt Rei’s “desire to live”, but I doubt ASSW units have sensors for that kind of stuff. Aigis’ reaction to Rei is, in fact, very similar to her reaction to Labrys, which was caused by Aigis carrying in her the subconscious memories of all units that came before her. Therefor, Rei having been one of the patern girls for the ASSW personalities would explain this. 

So yeah, it’s definitely possible, and I’d go as far as to claim that it’s even heavily implied. I, myself, definitely believe in this theory. 

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I've been meaning to draw fanart of your Steam fanfic... but when I had the motivation I didn't have the time, and when I had the time I was to sick to get on it OTL.... maybe chapter 14 will motivate me again ;D (let's coax each other into working on them??? lolololol)

Hhnnnn….I am prone to bribery… OTL

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The new cuties participating in that tournament in OPM are called Lin Lin (girl) and Suiryu (the guy) 👌

Ah, sorry for double-ask… actually, the girl’s name could be Rin Rin too (because the kana for her name could be both the sound of a -L or a -R ) but since she looks so “Chinese” and clearly she’s a bit of a parody like most other OPM characters, it is more likely she’s called Lin Lin 👌

Ahhhhh thank you for answering! *3*

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Oh, more asks! Is it Northwind and Southwind or North Window and South Window? Do we know the year -more or less- when Neclord massacred Northwind? What's the colour of pig heaven? You think Luca went there? I can't remember what else I needed to ask lol but I'll bug you some other time about it XD Thanks in advance!

Is it Northwind and Southwind or North Window and South Window?

The katakana in both names does match the common katakana used for “window” (ウィンドゥ) so I’d say North and South Window is more accurate.

Do we know the year -more or less- when Neclord massacred Northwind?

SY 449. Viktor would have been 21 (remembering the aging system used in Suikoden) at the time.

What’s the colour of pig heaven? You think Luca went there?

Luca would have had too much fun there. He was sent to flower heaven and was forced to make daisy chains for eternity as atonement for his sins.

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I just reblogged the Pets!AU pic and tagged it as "Child Emperor" because of the bottom drawing, but I've just realized it's supposed to be tiny Genos and kitty Saitama yes? XD

Yep, it is! ^^ 

To elaborate a bit more, for that particular AU, I was actually thinking that Genos’ parents brought him to a shelter to adopt a cute pet as a reward for doing well in school. But when they got there, Genos only had eyes for the hairless unsociable cat…. 

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Hello! First of all, thanks for organizing this event, I am so excited to participate both in this one and the "general" OPMWeek too! I have request: I think the prompts should be explained in detail -all of them, not just the examples- because me and friends are honestly having problems figuring out what they are supposed to mean, even loosely. I know you are ok with us interpreting things like we want, but especially for the Saitama one-word-prompts, we are a bit of at a loss XD Sorry & Thanks

Hello! Unfortunately, the point of our prompts is that they’re not supposed to be boxed in by descriptions. We chose general prompts as well as lyrics prompts precisely so that people are free to interpret what they want.

This means that we can’t give any more than examples because there are so many ways to interpret, for example, distance/travel. We don’t want to limit the prompt to a description like “show Saitama and Genos embarking on a journey”, because the prompt can also be interpreted as distance between the two of them, or between their feelings for each other.

Our advice is to get an idea or a feeling from the prompt and apply it to Saitama and Genos, like what could Saitama and/or Genos experience that is unfamiliar? Or what does distance mean between Saitama and Genos? And see all the thing you can come up in the prompt. There are also three different categories for each day and we’ve done this not only to increase diversity but to ensure that there is at least one prompt people are comfortable doing. If you really can’t think of how to interpret Saitama, you could choose a Genos prompt and show a situation where the lyrics can apply. You could also choose the AU prompt.

If these don’t work out for you or for your friends, then please send us another message and we’ll see if there’s anything more concrete we can do.

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Can we just agree that the problem with P3 is that for such a long game (and considering the FES & Portable versions) they don't explain much in-game? Like, you can get some info by talking to the characters everyday, and those who get a Social Link show a bit more of their personal struggles, but... it's only the plot twists that are explained in actual, plot driving, compulsory scenes and little more. 85% of the rest of the lore and characters' info is in external Drama CDs, guidebooks, etc.

Yeaaah, that or it was in The Answer (which was too hard to get through for many people) or the FeMC route (which many never played because owning the same game trice isn’t something everyone just does). 

I mean, I get why a lot of the backstory for the lore was only in the guide book, because at one point they just really started ripping off NGE too an almost hilarious degree (I love the backstory, but I’d never deny that that’s what happened there), but so much stuff that should have been in the actual game wasn’t there and instant we got forced romance that was more uncomfortable than needed and Social Links with side characters that didn’t stick on your memory. 10 playable party members who are present for the majority of the plot is just too much. Two dozen relevant NPCs are DEFINITELY too much. You just don’t get to develop anything with these numbers, not if you make your story into a Tolkien-esque epic of several hundreds of hours length.