My favourite part of Deadpool was how Vanessa started as a sex worker and then remained a sex worker, because there’s nothing inherently wrong with being a sex worker.

Also, how Deadpool’s primary motivation was his own crippling insecurity about his physical appearance (even though there was no real indication that Vanessa would reject him because of his disfigurement), because everyone at some point in their lives feels that kind of insecurity.

Also, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, because Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

People who ship male characters who have never interacted and shit on male/female ships (and the female characters in them) with actual chemistry are so frustrating

Because, yes, I get that hetronomativity is a bad thing. But at a certain point it stops being pro gay and starts being anti women. Of course female characters don’t need dudes, but wanting one  to have a happy and fulfilling relationship isn’t  a bad thing. And so much of fandom is focused on romance that it just becomes another way to exclude women.