“We very much know how Bates Motel is going to end. There is a pretty good roadmap in the original Psycho film, although we are not leading to the exact events of the movie. And we’re opening up the world of the show a lot in the second season, so viewers will learn much more about the world of White Pine Bay.” (с) Carlton Cuse

“Were the people on LOST dead the entire time?”

Paul Scheer: “They were not dead the entire time, right? That’s the dumbest theory, but it needs to be definitively debunked.”
Carlton Cuse: “No, no, no. They were not dead the entire time.”

At the Paleyfest reunion panel, once and for all, executive producer/writer Carlton Cuse debunked this awful theory. The media’s coverage has focused on this quote, as if he was actually just revealing this truth now. Anyone who watched the show already knew this, and now, hopefully, the idea has been put to rest.

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