Bates Motel - Season 2

“Yes, I just called you a dick, because that’s what you are! I’m stuck here now because I can’t sell my property because of your stupid bypass! I’m underwater! No one told me that before I bought it. Maybe you should talk about that at a city council meeting. Or maybe you should talk about the fact that your fancy town is run on drug money. Maybe that would be worth talking about as opposed to crazy house moms whining about whether or not their kids have read about ax murderers and whores. Welcome to the world, ladies! There are ax murderers and whores stuffed under every rug, so your kids better read up on it and get educated, because that’s what life is! It’s a cesspool you claw and scratch and fight to swim out of, but you never get to the top!”


Guys!!! Like two weeks ago, there was a chance to write Carlton Cuse (creator I believe and EP of Bates Motel) your opinion on his questions about Bates Motel and Yahoo then will post the best ones with his answers on their site on 6th April. TODAY.  AND GUESS WHAT THEY MENTIONED ME AND MY ANSWER ABOUT DYLEMMAAAAAAAAA!! AND MORE, CARLTON’S RESPONSE ABOUT DYLEMMA, I’M ABOUT TO DIE!!!!

On the wish list for another large group of fans: Dylan and Emma (Olivia Cooke), or, as the supercouple name would be… well, Petra Mervartova has it: “Dylemma. Dylan and Emma. I want them to be together so badly! They are perfect for each other, quite opposites, but he can protect her and treat her like she needs to be treated, and she can give him the love and attention Norma didn’t give him his whole life.” THAT’S ME OMGOMGOMG!!!

And Carlton’s response!!!!

“Dylemma… that’s the best shipper term I’ve ever heard. That’s fantastic. The shipper term is worth having the characters have a relationship in and of itself. Dylemma fans out there, keep watching.”

Here is the link to full post

I’m dead. Really. I CAN’T!!!!! IS THIS REAL LIFE????


COLONY: official trailer

From executive producer Carlton Cuse, starring Josh Holloway.

On USA’s Colony, a Los Angeles-based family led by patriarch Josh Holloway deal with a mysterious invading force.

[As for “Normero”], our intention is to make people want them to get together. When that might happen, Kerry and I wouldn’t want to say right now, but that’s exactly what you should be feeling. You should be wanting them to get together, and I think anticipation of romance has been one of the staples that has fueled great television throughout its history. We feel like we have an epic couple with Norma and Romero. We plan to deliver on the promise of that at some point, in some form.
—  Carlton Cuse for Yahoo’s “Ask the Fans”
Hindsight is 20/20, but the moral of the writing for me is that when you’re feeling very scared and nervous about something and you’re fairly convinced that it could be a massive disaster, that’s exactly the idea that you should do. Although it sometimes turned out to be the wrong move, it’s when we were pursing things that felt safe that the show was at its least interesting. ‘The Constant,’ which is arguably my and Carlton’s favorite episode of the show and I know a lot of the fans share that sentiment, is an example. It wasn’t like everyone looked at each other and said, 'Ah ha!’ There were two days of trying to talk ourselves out of it, saying, 'We’re never going to be able to pull this off.’ We’d start talking about a more traditional version and then we’d come back to it and get scared of it. So when you start to feel real fear of failure and disaster, don’t blink. That’s what you must do.

Damon Lindelof, LOST Co-Creator and Executive Producer

“The LOST Creators Come Clean”

LOST creator Carlton Cuse on new sci-fi series, working with Josh Holloway again

Carlton Cuse’s inspiration for his new sci-fi show? World War II-era photos of Parisiennes sipping coffee as Nazi troops marched by. “It was fascinating to us that people in these incredibly extreme circumstances were still trying to go about their normal lives,” Cuse says. On USA’s Colony, a Los Angeles-based family led by patriarch Josh Holloway deal with what Cuse calls a “mysterious invading force.” Some speculate aliens; Cuse won’t say.