Carlos oliveria


So I know all the gamers totally diss the Alice version of the Resident Evil series.  I totally get it.  I think it usually just doesn’t do the Resident Evil games or their characters justice.  And while I think Carlos wasn’t exactly accurate either, you have to give him a fair amount of respect… simply because he’s the only person in the entire franchise that’s man enough and badass enough to legitimately have Alice’s back.  Plus, any character that can shoot two guns while jumping out of a helicopter just gets cool points.  And don’t forget that he’s played by Oded Fehr…

Thanks to Carlos Oliveria and Tony Bastos from Baton Rouge LA for getting a 2016 Can-Am Outlander Xmr 1000 and a Yamaha 1000 Inverter at Hattiesburg Cycles. (at Hattiesburg Cycles)

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