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The Daily Tangina: A Call for the National Hero Award for Carlos Celdran

We, the Daily Tangina, humbly submit this request that Carlos Celdran be declared our new National Hero. If that award does not exist, let us invent it, with the carefree fervor that we invent hashtags (#FreeCarlosCeldran, #JSanchez1stSoloConcertManila, #MentionWhoYouWanttoSpendValentinesWith) and let us immediately bestow the title upon this man in a top hat. 

This paragon of boldness shrugged on the mantle of our former National Hero – what did that first dude ever do anyway, other than write subversive literature and then die in front of a firing squad? – in order to invade a sacred space! How shocking! How courageous! How bold. So bold. Bold

Not to mention that the only reason he was at the Manila Cathedral on that day – a day for laypersons and priests to hang out and discuss how to give away Bibles – was because he got the date of a big pro-RH protest wrong, and mistakenly showed up in costume and raring to roar. Celdran would have been content with hanging around outside the cathedral if it didn’t rain, and – intrepid hero! brave soul! – he was forced to duck inside the church. From there he embarked on his grand mission of waving a whiteboard in front of bemused priests. 

(In fact, it was this defiant and super pogi act that single-handedly ensured the passing of the RH Bill last December! Never mind the long hours of battle in Congress and the thousands of women who took a stand for their own bodies and common sense. Bah, women.)

One might call the Damaso stunt an act of God: Celdran’s punctuality, the rain, the fact that the ecumenical service he disrupted had nothing to do with the RH Bill – but we don’t believe in God around here! We hold nothing sacred!

Just like our idol Celdran. The Daily Tangina loves making a fuss, we love having lots of people tell us we’re right, we love getting noticed when obviously more important issues are getting ignored – so Celdran is our saint and martyr. Except, you know, we’re on Tumblr, not inside Manila Cathedral. 

So free Carlos Celdran! Even though he is actually not at all behind bars. Free him anyway, make him our new National Hero. He’d love that.

iamgemnicole-blog  asked:

I'm anti RH Bill and I have read the whole text. Look into section 2, m. it states there that although the government knows that abortion is illegal, whoever commits it will be taken cared of. Aint that sweet? So people are saying it's anti abortion, well to me it sounds like the RH Bill will tolerate abortion.

And besides, the government is saying that the Philippines is poor because of over population? Really? Isn't it that the Philippines is poor because of corruption? And don't you think that the medical funding in the RH Bill will more likely be corrupted as well?
I have been to a lot of places in the Philippines and I can testify that we are not over populated. It's just a matter of demographic.
It's sad that we are being to "modern" to remember our core values.

It was clearly stated on Section 3,m. that abortion remains illegal and punishable, hence the bill is not tolerating it. If you read the text, it states that if a woman who committed abortion suffers from post-abortion complications and would need any help from the government, they would treat the woman fairly and without any discrimination. They would take care of her not because she committed abortion, but because she’s sick and needs medical help. Wouldn’t our “core values” be questioned even more if we just let the woman suffer and die? Being treated compassionately does not imply that the woman will be free from her crime of aborting. She’d still face the law.

The country is poor for many reasons: Corruption, capitalism, national debts, etc. But a lot of citizens are poor because the size of their families are so much bigger than what the heads can support. On this issue enters the case of Family Planning, something I’m sure can prevent overpopulation in this country if properly implemented. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I respect your opinion.


Cultural Center of the Philippines & Carlos Celdran

29 November - 1 December 2012
7pm; Silangan Hall

“A delicious mix of history, gossip and social commentary.” - New York Times

“LIVIN’ LA VIDA IMELDA” takes a good look at Philippine history during the Marcos Era via the life and times of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Using the greatest hits of Manila Sound, archival photos, a dancing-and-singing Greek chorus, the show is a cheeky commentary on our country’s history, both the high points and the low moments. The original script, developed by Carlos Celdran over the years he performed it as a tour, has chismis mixed in with historical trivia and audacious name dropping. Funny, shocking, and provocative, “Livin’ La Vida Imelda” is an interesting and entertaining work coming from one of Manila’s most relevant artists.

Director: Erwin Flores
Technical Director: GA Fallarme
Costumes: Franko Bo
Set Design and Installation: Eric Quebral
Props: Otto Hernandez
Carlos Celdran
Andrea Fe Padilla
Andrew Cruz
Anthony P. Falcon
Daniel Darwin
Irene Delarmente
JV Ibesate
Kiki Baento
Kuya Manzano
Star Orjaliza

-free seating
For tickets and inquiries, please contact: CCP Box Office (632)832-3704, (632)832-1125 loc. 1409 & 1406; Ticketworld (632)891-9999

Just met with the Rizal family at the German Club during their emergency meeting. Such amazing people. It really does run in the blood.

Intra Admi Direk Jun and Architect Rey of National Parks were there. They talked of the great GREEN changes to happen in Rizal Park and Intramuros. SO totally stoked over their ideas - THINK: NYC High Line but Manila. THINK: Vertical wall gardens. THINK: pedestrian bridge parks. :o) Can’t wait for this to become a reality.

Yours truly and the Knights of Rizal of course, talked about Rizal Monument and the DMCI tower with the family and presented the Manila City Council verdict and the petition.

You can only guess what their reaction was like.

:o) Thanks Christine of for bringing me into the loop!

Your Honorables Joey Lina and Roilo Golez.

The Reproductive Health Bill is not a new bill.

It’s no secret that the RH Bill has been languishing in Congress for the last 16 years.

And unfortunately, the problems we face today are not new as well.

Because after all your fancy words have been said and done, your economic numbers and scientific data thrown about, one thing will remain for sure: outside on the streets, life is a living hell for a majority of Filipinos.

We’re still plagued by high infant mortality, high maternal deaths, overpopulation, & a skyrocketing HIV and abortion rate and it’s the worst it’s ever been in our history.

And for the last 16 years, people in Congress have been trying to pass the RH Bill, a piece of legislation that would holistically address these issues. And this bill has been held back, delayed, and shot down by Anti-RH lawmakers such as yourselves for reasons that were either legal, economic, or religious.

But it also seems that for the last 16 years, these problems that I have mentioned have gotten worse. So tell me, your honors, if your alternate solutions to the RHBill are so great, why haven’t you implemented them in the last 16 years? Why haven’t I felt its effects on a national scale? Your honors, tell me: After 16 years, why are we STILL where we are?

And since the RH bill has been shot down so many times by lawmakers like you, in effect, we have been trying it your way for the last 16 years and we haven’t seen any tangible results at all. The mortality numbers are still there and staring at us in the face.

So as a member of the public and as your boss – so to speak – allow me to say that either your solutions to these problems have failed, you aren’t doing your job, or you are just plain ineffective as public servants.

I sincerely believe it is time for us to try a different strategy, a new one. We don’t have much choices anymore. Your side has never really presented us with any. It is time to turn away from this ineffectiveness of the last 16 years. It is time to activate the RH bill and let the power of education, information, and choice create a better Philippines before it’s too late.

Because unless you Anti-RH lawmakers can present a cohesive, concrete plan of action to solve these problems holistically TODAY and right now. I’m not going to wait for another 16 years.

Let the RH Bill start doing it’s work or get out of the way. Because if you have no better solutions, then you are just part of the problem.

—  Carlos Celdran

It there’s anything that’s gonna change in this society, it’s gonna be slow, it’s gonna be painful and we probably won’t realize that we’re there until we’re there.

On the ground level, I would say 70% of the Philippines wants reproductive health services. On the top level, one could say that 70% of them don’t want to provide it for them. ‘Cause it’s a class thing.

It’s completely a class thing. Because you go around the Philippines and you go to any place where there’s food and drugs sold at 711, Mercury Drug. You can get contraceptives, you can get condoms, if you’ve got the money.

So basically what they’re trying to say, what they’re posing, is that any bitch in Forbes Park and Dasmarinas Village is allowed to plan their family is allowed to plan their family while that poor woman inside the squaters area is not. And that’s where the injustice comes in and the creation of the people of lesser quality.


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For Carlos, on the anniversary of his arrest

Damaso, Salamat (ink on paper, 9 by 10 inches)

On September 30, 2010, exactly a year ago, performance artist and cultural activist Carlos Celdran protested against the Catholic Church in opposition to the controversial reproductive health bill in the Philippines. Specifically, he entered Manila Cathedral dressed as Jose Rizal (the Philippines’ national hero) during a mass and stood before the altar bearing a sign that said, “Damaso,” a reference to the villainous friar in Rizal’s novel, Noli Me Tangere. He shouted, “Stop getting involved in politics!” before he was arrested and charged with “offending religious feelings.”

This is a drawing of both remembrance and gratitude. Carlos always wears a hat. Above and below are words that say “Damaso, Salamat.” (Salamat means “thank you” in Filipino.)

Here is a short note for my friend on this unusual anniversary:

Dear Carlos,

I know that you didn’t mean for any of this to go so far, and that you’ve apologized many times for the manner of your protest. While few would ever have done what you did, in a way, I’m glad that you’ve opened the way for a lot of dialogue that should happen. It’s about time people started to question things. In any case, I’m glad you’ve had a peaceful September this year. Continue your work promoting Philippine culture because the country needs you.

Oh, and don’t get yourself arrested again. It’s quite upsetting to get a Facebook message from a good friend telling you he’s in jail. Oh dear. 



anonymous asked:

carlos celdran is a disgrace to filipinos and to the church!!! i can't believe you support him!

Jose Rizal went against the clergies who used religion to oppress the Filipino people, didn’t he? So, this is like saying that Jose Rizal is a disgrace to our country and to the Church too. Ah well, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me when I say that Carlos Celdran is awesome, anyway. I respect your opinion, please respect mine.