‘’What the hell did i do to deserve this?‘‘ || Carl x Reader Imagine

Summary: Waking up at a early morning to face playful Judith on the floor and Carl.

With your hand through your messy hair you walked downstairs of the Grimes house in Alexandria. The morning sun was already up even though you had no idea how late it was. As soon as you walked into the living room you faced little Judith sitting on the ground with some stuffed toys laying around her. She turned around and her eyes began to lighten up as she sees you. She mumbled her own language while you walked her way with a laugh and took a place in front of her.

“Hey boo,” Judith crumbled on your lap, “who has taken you out of bed this early?” The shower was turned off as you listened closely. You held Judith her hand as she looked at you while playing with your hair. Playfully you gave little Judith, little playful kisses all over her cheek and face. You could her giggling while kicking her little feet.

The stairs creaked a little bit as you looked over to face Carl walking into the living room. His hair looked towel dry and his bandage looked new and fresh. With a smile Carl saw you - but still kind off in shock for you to be up this early and playing with Judith. Judith mumbled something again in her own language as she noticed Carl as well. You carful took Judith of your lap and stood up.

“Hey,” he smiled, walking your way while wrapping his arms around you, “good morning, babe.”

You looked into his eye while blushing. “Good morning, love.” He stroked your hair while you sniffed in his fresh smell. He placed his warm hand on your cheek, while both leaning in for a long morning kiss. You felt his smile against your lips as you both were to finish the kiss.

“What?” You said smiling as well.

What the hell did i do to deserve this to be my favorite part of each morning?” He said while his eye lightened up.



bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

A/N: Decided to write this little blurb. Im half asleep guys bare with me. The other stuff is being formally written, I just typed this up in 30minutes

Summary: Reader remembers why she hates Negan after he comes for his “Service”

 She could still feel it in her core, her lungs, in her feet that stood bare upon the Earth. Today was off . It had only been a few days since she had watched the brutal death of her friends, clinging to her older brother afterwards like a lifeline. She hated the ‘man of the hour’ almost as much as her brother did.


Being a Grimes kid, Negan had taken more time to show (Y/N) and Carl off to their dad. He took a second to call Carl a serial killer, but he had taken a different approach with her. The creep was entirely mesmerized, she could still feel the harsh scratch of Lucille along her cheek as he used the bat to push hair from her face. The skin along her cheek had stabbed over, some of it had begun to scar.

(Y/N) sat eating at the kitchen table when she heard it, three loud bangs. The clashing of wood on metal. Somebody was at the gate. There was only one person stupid enough to mess with her family.


After he had left them, she had helped her brother and dad up. The brief moments of sadness she felt in that moment gone as relief washed over her, had her tugging her family into a quick group hug. She pulled in her emotional father, her desensitized older brother, and waved Michonne over.

It wasn’t until they got home that she felt it. The hatred inside her built up to the point where she was overflowing, and as she threw her dirty plate in the sink she was left with a terrible noise.


Well, there goes the plate. Her dad would understand if he manned up. Carl would get it, he always understood what she was thinking. Call it, ‘twins intuition’.

Upstairs, Judith begins to whine. Fearful she runs to hush the baby she may be livid, but she’s not stupid. No one would forgive her if the monster outside found the baby.

Finally, Judith’s cries quieted until the toddler was silent enough to be left to herself. That’s when she heard the gunshot. She knew her brother could be reckless, but this seriously had to make the cake. (Y/N) steps outside just in time to see the Saviours taking all of their guns.

“Well, would you look at that,” Negan was conversing with her father just outside of their house, “Finally decided to join us sweetheart?”

Sneering the teenage girl walked off to find her brother. She didn’t have the patience for it. For one reason or another, Negan let her go.

Wait guys!

Okay so hear me out…. what if Dwight gave Daryl the key? What if he saw the face burning and it all brought back bad memories as to why he hates Negan. We know that he gets a redemption ark in the comics so what if that was the beginning of it??

Eye Love You Just the Way You Are Part 2

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Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2,774

Summary: Negan and Carl return from his attempt at infiltrating the Sanctuary only to run into a worried Y/n, who’s sick of the way Negan treats Carl.

Warnings: Cursing, slight NSFW ?? doesn’t go too much into detail, spoilers

Author’s Note: Part 2 of ‘Eye Love You Just the Way You Are’ done by request of anon. I had fun completing this and I hope they enjoy it ! Thanks for all the support on Part 1, my first fan fiction feels like a success ! Takes place at the end of 7x07, so I recommend watching before reading ! Requests are also currently open, enjoy :-) !!!


(3rd Person POV, following Carl and Negan)
Negan and Carl had returned to Alexandria after Carl’s ‘visit’ to the Sanctuary. After Negan’s run in with Olivia, he demanded that she fix him and Carl some lemonade for their next activity.
“Olivia, would you be a lamb and make us some lemonade ? Now, I know I left y'all some of that good powdered stuff !” Negan grinned to her.
“Actually, I’m not supposed to-” she began, her voice shaky due to the fear she felt from in front of her.
“Make it.” He spat. She flinched at his words. “Take your time and make it good.”

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I’ve been kinda busy these past few days but I just wanna thank every single person for sending me nothing but Carl song memes. Y’all are hilarious and I’ve never laughed so hard at some of them, and honestly I needed the laugh. 

This is by far my favourite thing to have come from TWD and you guys not only made my night, but my entire week so far 😂

"stupid sheriff kid" || ron x reader x carl imagine

Requested by @imaginereaderxcarlgrimes: Hey can you do one with carl where somehow the reader is getting hit by ron and she saves her. Fluffy please. Thanks.

Summary: Ron hasn’t been liking the idea of you and Carl together. It ended up worse then you thought - he couldn’t keep his hands off you. Carl saves you.

Warnings: Abuse and swearing.

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“Why are you always hanging around that stupid sheriff’ kid?” Ron asked, grabbing you hard by the shoulder. You could feel his nails into your skin. Roughly you turned around.

“Leave me alone, Ron.” You said quiet but still on a angry tone. “You were at his place again, weren’t you? That little stupid sheriff ki-..”

“His name is Carl and don’t you ever call him stupid again,” You felt how your heartbeat began to race crazy.

“What were you doing at his place? Fucking him, am I right?” “Shut up, Ron.” “Am I right or am I right?!” Ron said yelling into your face. The other villagers across the street looked over - they definitely heard how Ron was trying to win this discussion.

“Shut the fu-…”

in seconds you felt his hand, roughly smacking on your cheek. Because he hit you that hard - it made your head turn to the other side. Your cheek began to get this burning feeling deep under your skin.

Out of no where, Carl ran as fast he could towards Ron, grabbing him by his jacket that made Ron fell onto the round out of shock. Ron tried to escape from Carl who had him under deck. Out of breath Carl looked him into his eyes.

“You touch my girl one more time and I’ll show you what this little sheriff can do to you the next time if this happens again.” Carl said almost spitting the words into his face.

You had your head rested on Carl his chest as he laid on the couch, staring to the ceiling. “You alright?” Carl looked at you. A big, coming to be a bruise was noticed on your cheek. You nodded. “How does he has the balls to touch you?” He sighed while giving me a kiss on my forehead and stroking my hair.

That moment when you’ve been on Tumblr long enough to have a favorite character from a TV show or movie you’ve never seen.



Carl Grimes

Christmas Socks


Maggie Greene-Rhee


Glenn Rhee

Pizza Shop


Carl Grimes

The Fender

Make Me


Say Mum


Carl Grimes

The Easy Way: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


The Easy Way: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4