Carl Beukes


One of my favourite moments of season 2 of Dominion was in “Mouth of the Damned” when Nero stumbles from Julian’s office, mortally wounded, and Gabriel’s focus immediately shifts from trying to get Alex back to his injured and obviously dying soldier.

This scene, though brief, stayed with me long after I watched the episode and I kept thinking back to the look of shock and concern on Gabriel’s face when he saw Nero, bleeding, collapsed, and then the look of disgust and anger on his face after he’d ended the higher angel’s suffering.

It’s clear that being forced to do this, being the one to have to end Nero’s suffering, both saddens and angers Gabriel. He’s lost another soldier but more than that he’s lost another of his people. Someone who chose to stand with him. Someone who was willing to fight, kill and die for him. For his cause.

That Gabriel was the one to end Nero’s suffering was a key factor for this being a favourite scene. I’m sure the intended purpose of this scene was to show Alex triumphing in some way over Gabriel but what I see in it is a general showing concern and compassion to a soldier under his command. I see a warrior offering mercy to a fellow warrior who clearly wouldn’t have survived even if Gabriel had managed to get him out of New Delphi.