jared leto just came up at the truck stop i get gatorades at and bought a bunch of crap and paid in change like four big handfuls of quarters out of cargo shorts its january and theres a foot of snow on the ground it was weird he bought four packets of grape big league chew and the kind of off brand arizona that costs 89 cents instead of 99 cents and the big quart of chocolate milk and i was in line behind him and when he was leaving he looked me square in the eye searching my soul and said i know youre high, and i know you know i know youre high and then he got into a full size van model year range 1983-1987 in that reddish brown and gray and tan color scheme and peeled off and the lady behind the counter said thats not the first time this is happened and i was like jared leto has done this more than once tell me everything you know and she didnt know who he was i was like thats jared leto michelle. thats jared leto and she was like who the hell is jared leto all the juggalos ever come through those doors act like that i thought it was just another juggalo and i said i know juggalos and i know jared letos and as far as juggalos are concerned id flip a coin and call it and let god deem him a juggalo or no and i know jared letos and that was without a doubt jared leto. all these stories are true. hes zipping across the country in the beatup old van weirding us out to drum up hype for the movie

A running list of the recurring characters at our gym:
  • Joe
  • Not Joe
  • Gay Joe
  • Sexy Deadlift guy
  • Old guy who only does curls
  • Guy who used to work at our old gym but got fired because he was banging his clients
  • Girl who worked behind the counter at our old gym and now works behind the counter at the new one
  • Scandinavian Viking dude
  • Jacked cargo shorts dude with the weird voice
  • Ex-drug addict who’s getting her life back together
  • The dude we see at Whole Foods sometimes with the weird beard

anonymous asked:

I get so angry about the fact all of men's clothes end up being jeans/pants/shorts or some mix like fuck the women's section has- you don't need to hear this rant but goddamn what Iw ouldn't do to have more leg options

you have cargo shorts you dont get to complain!!!! those are like the best shorts!!!

Just Straight Boy Things:

Bucket hats
Think Salad is a gay food
Quoting Anchorman in 2016
Cargo shorts in winter
Arguing about who can kick/throw balls further
Unclipped toenails
“Is he… You know?”
Continuing to get the same bad haircut and complaining about it for years but keep going back
Putting “Don’t read” in the “favorite books” section on Facebook


This season Pretty Green have put a subtle twist on the ubiquitous cargo short with the addition of a front change pocket. Made from 100% garment dyed cotton these cargo shorts also feature twin front slat pockets and two back button up pockets. Available in three earthy colours

Available online from Pretty Green>>

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