I suppose we’d better get the necessities out of the way first. Potter – point me to the offending article,” he said expectantly.

“Offending article?” Harry said, picking up his mug of tea – at least, he hoped it was his, and not the one sullied by Malfoy – and taking an affronted swig. “I don’t have an offending article.”

But, to Harry’s dismay, Malfoy just rolled his eyes and stalked out of the living room, so Harry felt he had no option but to leap up and go after him, so the git didn’t wind up in his bedroom, raising immaculately groomed eyebrows at the socks on the floor or something equally insufferable.

“I can show you an offending article, if you like,” Harry muttered as he caught up with him. “There’s a great one in yesterday’s Daily Prophet about your family.
—  Draco Malfoy: Toilet Supremo by who_la_hoop

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I went to a career fair today and spoke with a therapist at a local practice. I had done my research beforehand and prepared thoughtful, specific questions to ask about her work. However, her only question was about my disability. She gestured toward my powerchair and said, “Anywhere you work, you will need wheelchair access. Do you mind if I ask…”

I briefly explained why I use the chair, then talked some more about the populations she works with. She seemed stuck on my disability and said that I “seem like a happy person.” I intended to seem like a competent and enthusiastic young professional, but was seen as just a happy person in a wheelchair.

Things learned about the SCAD Career Fair from the eyes of a student volunteer.

Have a Demo Reel.

Don’t wait in line with friends.

Invest in a suit.

Don’t show any PDA, it’s very unprofessional.

Have a satchel or a small bag, don’t have a large back back, and especially don’t use a plastic bag (believe me, I saw one).

Make appointments ASAP.

Bring food.

Bring headphones.

Stay fit, you will be standing for hours.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Don’t party the night before.

Bring an Ipad or a Laptop.

Find a way to stand out.

Know all computer programs.

Know what the company is offering and what you want from them.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Don’t walk with swagger, walk with confidence.

Join Facebook groups, it’ll get your name out there.

When turning in a resume and business card, use paperclips!

Get some good paper for your resumes, don’t use cheap printer paper.

Have an interesting way to present your work, keep it classy.

Keep good posture.

Don’t chew gum.

Bring a water bottle.

Do it your Junior year first.  Come back Senior year and revisit the same companies.

Don’t use too many hand gestures.

Make sure your hands aren’t too full.

Show work relevant to your major.

Make sure your clothes fit, don’t wear anything that’s too baggy.


Write your name and major fairly large on your name tag. Make it legible!

No tee shirts of any kind!

No denim!

Have knowledge of traditional and digital mediums, not just one or the other.

Have more than enough resumes and business cards.

Seriously guys, listen to these tips.
Take These Lies
Drarry fic by white_serpent
By Organization for Transformative Works

By white_serpent | Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 34,300

Repeatedly rejected by the Auror training programme, Draco Malfoy attempts an unorthodox method of gaining admission. Written for 2010 hd_fan_fair (travel), following scarlet_malfoy’s prompt. Note: contains genderswap and dubious consent, both of which were requested in the prompt.

Genre: Romance, genderswap, auror, dubcon

My Comments: Very enjoyable fic. It has great character building.

Career Fair Prepping

It’s that time of year again!

My school is hosting its fair this Tuesday, so I’ve spent all weekend making sure that I am 100% prepared to make a good impression on the visiting representatives.

Here are a few things that I did that may help you out, too:

  1. Print out the list of employers that will be at the fair and highlight any companies that are hiring students of your major. Next, research all of those companies you highlighted and see if you can visualize yourself working there. Consider location, industry type, and company culture. Weed out the ones that you don’t think are a good fit for you. The ones left on your list are your targets; make sure to visit their tables.
  2. Perfect your introduction speech. I practiced mine on a friend, because friends will be honest with you if you sound too rehearsed or nervous.
  3. Print multiple copies of your resume and carry them in a folder or professional-looking portfolio. If you have business cards, carry those, too!
  4. Plan to wear a business casual or formal outfit, even if your school doesn’t have a dress code for the fair. It’s a professional environment, and being well-dressed will show that you are serious about making a good impression.
  5. Lastly, don’t sweat it! The career fair isn’t a job interview. It’s a means of making a good impression and getting your name and face out there, which can help you land an interview.
This Monday through Friday is the annual Night Vale Career Fair at the downtown Convention Center. There will be dozens of booths representing phony, local businesses that will take your resumes and photos via hidden surveillance cameras. And conduct sample interviews designed to badger you into implicating yourself in nefarious activities.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 14 - The Man in the Tan Jacket

Career Fair Lessons

Dress appropriately. Seriously.

Even media outlets expect applicants to be bad writers. Writing tests are more and more common. Learn how to write.

Charging $50 for electricity is ridiculous. Come on convention halls.

Don’t describe the technical systems you used as “the really big one.” know what you are talking about going in.

women at costco: compliment my hair color, ask if i do it myself and how I do it

men at costco: see the lounge floormat thing i’m picking up for my sister in my cart and say to me “let’s try the mattress out and see if it works”

Me, thinking about applying to teaching jobs in Japan: It’ll be great! I’ll have my friend who lives in Osaka close by, he can introduce me to people, show me around–!

Friend, who lives in Japan, on facebook: Hey guys! <333 Guess who’s moving to Seoul???

Me: … Goddamnit. 

Ways You Can Maximize Job Fairs

If you’ve been mostly doing your job hunting online, try going to career fairs and you’ll discover that they can be a lot more fun and personal.

You want to make a great first impression to prospective employers, and when you attend a career fair, you’re basically meeting with several prospective employers simultaneously.

Obviously, you’ll want to take advantage of each career fair you attend.

Here are a few tips you can try…

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Prompt: Levi and Erwin meet when they are 13 and 15. how long does it take them to fall in love?

I’m 99% sure this was for the 3 sentences meme, so I’ll do it for that! ^_^;

Before 20 but after childhood, each year seems like a decade: long and meditative for Erwin as he prepares for SATs, cruelly everlasting for Levi as he prepares to leave his house (they meet at a career fair over the military table).

Before 30, but after 20, each year seems like a mere minute: staccato skipping cinematic reel of wartime nightmares for Erwin as his arm is crushed in a building each night, the blink of an eye between a mother’s illness and death for Levi worse than the war he was in (both back in the suburbs of Paradis, trading curious glances at a local watering hole until did I know you in high school/service huh?/arm?/mother?/old men laughing who are too young to be old).

Before 40, but after 30, each year is simply a year: love is grief and time and Levi in the morning, scowling at the coffee maker, then at Erwin for his one-armed placating embrace (we’re old/we’re here/is this happiness/this is happiness).

Harry isn’t sure what surprises him most – the fact that Draco is his own gardener, that he wears Muggle clothes, that he’s civil or that he invites Harry to come back.

Or the fact that the invitation makes Harry genuinely pleased.

“Thank you,” he says. “I’d like to.”

Something stills between them, or just inside Harry, and time slows to a halt. As he watches light play over Draco’s hair he is moved by something unholy, a hot tremor travelling down his body to settle low in his belly, spreading down his thighs. It’s a familiar sensation, but one he hasn’t felt since the bad old days at the Muggle clubs. For a moment, he wants to lean forward and let his tongue meet the bare skin on Malfoy’s neck, press it to the point where he can see the pulse beating…

He hastily moves his gaze back up to Draco’s face. The grey eyes look so different without malice in them, without a trace of panic or loathing or disgust, and Harry finds himself wondering what they look like when Draco is happy, or laughing, or in love.

That thought jolts him, breaking the spell, and he takes a step back.

“Good,” Draco replies to something Harry said a hundred years ago, and Harry can’t read the look on his face. “I’ll see you in a few weeks, then.
—  Harry’s Herbaceous Borders by Nympha_Alba

This might be crap, but I wanted to give it a shot. Lemme know your thoughts.


She really thought that the change in job would lower the amount of craziness in her life.

Going to university she wanted to find a way to help people. Not wanting to handle a gun or run into a fire made figuring out a way to make a difference difficult. After a visit to a career fair she ultimately decided on human resources, where she could try to improve matters one person at a time. Right out of NCU she took a job at Luthor Corp, admittedly an interesting choice when it came to helping people, but with Lex recently imprisoned she had hopes the company would move to a more positive path. Seeing Lena Luthor take the helm of the corporation renewed her hope that Luthor Corp would become a force for good. The rebranding to L-Corp only solidified her views.

However, along with the rebranding came challenges she never saw coming. The number of claims to human resources relating to belongingings being destroyed in attacks and explosions increased exponentially, along with requests for therapy and transfers to the Canadian L-Corp branch.

The day that her car was crushed by a piece of concrete thrown by yet another meta-human targeting Lena was the day she left her resignation on her bosses’ desk.


The next day she found a mysterious envelope at the base of her front door. Praying this wasn’t another attempt on her life, she walked back to her living room where she slowly sat down on her couch. Opening the envelope she was shocked to see a job offer, Olfh. there was no employer listed. Figuring nothing could be more stressful than working at L- Corp she decided to accept the mystery job.


One week later she walked into her new workplace- a non-descript office building in downtown National City, ready to start her now, hopefully less stressful job as DEO HR Agent Pam Smith.