The Rules of Matchbreaking                          

No. He was none of that.” The words came out short, as Draco suddenly felt the need to defend Harry. “It’s not that simple. We had known each other as children. We had… well, a messy and complicated history, to put it mildly.”

“Yet you still ended up together.” The man waved a powerful hand at the bridge and the city beyond. “When isn’t history complicated? It doesn’t mean the end result can’t be beautiful.”

Draco snorted. “It can also be a bloody, painful mess.”

Thank you to the wonderful and sweet @higelaw , who drew this gorgeous picture of Harry and Draco on the Pont Alexandre III. Your use of light and the emotions you show in your work are just breathtaking <33

Career Fair Tips

I’m going to a Campus Jobs Career Fair today! Wish me luck! Here’s some tips I’ve gathered from preparing for today:

1. Print out tons of resumes. And I mean TONS. You don’t want to be caught empty handed.

2. Dress to impress. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

3. Research all of the employers that will be at the career fair. You can usually find a list of the employers online.

4. Prioritize. Depending on how big the career fair is, you may not have time to meet with every employer. After researching, make note of the jobs that you are most interested in. Rank them from most interested to least interested, and visit them in that order.

5. Know the mission statements of employers you want to impress. Seriously, all it takes is a quick Google. Write these down to help you remember them.

6. Have an elevator pitch. Inevitably, you will be asked the dreaded “tell me about yourself?” question. You don’t want to be stuck without anything to say, but you don’t want to ramble on either. Practice a rough draft of what you want to tell employers, then say something similar the day of to avoid sounding rehearsed.

7. Be polite, but also be yourself. People don’t want to hire fake employees.

8. Collect business cards and keep in touch!

Good luck!

Potter. Am I to assume you are here for our beginner class, or is this an official visit?“

“Official…?” Potter blinked at him and then shook his head. “Oh. No! I’m not an Auror anymore. I’m here for the class. You’re actually teaching a photography class? I didn’t know you could… I mean, I didn’t know.”

“What you don’t know about me could fill Battelle’s World Wizarding Museum in Manchester six times over,” Draco said dryly.

Potter frowned. “There is a World Wizarding Museum?
engineering school gothic
  • you are in three classes that use bernoulli’s equation. none of the equations are the same. your teachers do not know who bernoulli is. did bernoulli even exist?
  • there is a problem set. it is not on the syllabus. the first question is a blank page. you look through the whole set. it is all blank, except for the last page. you think it says “run”. you do not know. it is not written in binary.
  • this is an ethics class. you are not sure why you are here. you do not need ethics. you have never needed ethics. “it’s a joke class,” whispers an upperclassman. you do not understand why it is funny.
  • abet. the name echoes through the halls of the mechanical engineering building. no one knows what it means.
  • you are studying the tacoma narrows bridge for the fifth time. your differential equations professor tells you it is not an example of resonance. your engineering professor tells you it is. you are not sure who to trust.
  • there are six bernoullis. only four of them are related. they all look the same.
  • the environmental science majors have to take a class to learn excel. you do not understand. you have always known excel, haven’t you? you do not remember learning it.
  • you solve a triple integral and stop, confused. it has become a ricotti equation. you have forgotten ohm’s law.
  • euler has done everything. there is a portrait of euler in the english building. when you look into its eyes, something disturbs you on a visceral level.
  • you know so many languages: java, javascript, doubt, python, c++, R, matlab, uncertainty, ruby, html, confusion, terror,
  • your professor cancels class. you suspect a trick. when you arrive to the classroom, your entire class is there, watching the empty space where the professor should be. no one speaks. no one leaves.
  • the problem set is optional. the problem set is not optional. the problem set is about schrodinger’s law.
  • three different people have explained mechatronics to you. nobody knows what it is.
  • your friend says they have essays to write. essays? you cannot remember what a word document looks like. you have not written a paragraph in two years. words are abstract concepts without meaning.
  • “you’re an engineer?” someone asks. “you must be smart.” you begin to laugh. you have them all fooled. you cannot stop laughing.
  • no one is sure what systems engineering is. the lights in the systems building are always on. you have never seen someone come out.
  • your professors all do research. there are bloodstains on their lecture notes. you do not ask what they research. the last person to ask vanished at the start of the semester. your computer science professor hasn’t stopped smiling since.
  • when you attend career fairs, you are surrounded by students you have never seen and companies you have never heard of. “we’re an innovative start-up,” someone says. “we’re an innovative start-up,” you hear echoed down the hall three weeks later. the words have not stopped. you cannot sleep. you are an innovative start-up. 
Things I learned in my first year of college

This is more for my reference than anything else, but if you find this info helpful then cool. The ones with *** are the one I found most important or didn’t find on the internet when I was looking for tips. 

  • ***Your feet will hurt from walking around so much. Don’t bother getting new shoes to cope because by the time you break those in you’ll be used to walking around. Save that money for food. 
  • ***Go to career fair. You’ll probably not get the internship or job your first year, but at least you’ll know how to dress yourself, research companies, and present yourself. 
  • Go to club meeting where a company rep is present. Company reps have insane memory. They’ll remember you. Especially if you go see them every time. Helpful for when you’re applying.
  • Get a foam mattress topper
  • Don’t have a crush. You’ll waste so much time thinking about it it’s not even funny. 
  • Make friends. Make connections. Have fun. Get lit (safely).
  • Always plan your safe ride home or you’ll spend $56.50 on an uber at 3 am. 
  • Use the free bus rides you get with your tuition. 
  • Always ask for student discounts. 
  • ***Don’t just do academics. Having a 4.0 is cool and all, but no company or grad school wants you if that’s the ONLY thing you did. 
  • ***Be busy. When you’re busy, you manage your time better and be more productive instead of procrastinating because “oh that test is in like a week and I have nothing to do besides that so I’ll do it later.” 
  • ***Know your limits. You can’t handle being actively involved in 5 clubs and school. You’ll kill yourself in the process. Limit yourself to 3 clubs because it only gets harder from here.
  • Join clubs. Find something besides just academics that peaks your interests. It’ll make you a better student and expand your views. 
    • Join one fun club like a sorority and one serious club like business council. 
  • Work out. You’ll gain weight if you don’t. Set a routine in the summer so you can follow during the year when things get busy. 
  • Be safe. Let’s be real, it’s college and there’s drugs and alcohol everywhere. If you choose to do it, be safe about it. Here’s some safety tips. 
    • Always use a condom. Get them free from your university health center. 
    • If you’re gonna drink for the first time, do it at home or somewhere that you are comfortable and know 
    • If you’re gonna do drugs, again do it at home or a safe environment 
    • Don’t ever leave your open drink unattended. Get a new one if you do. 
    • You know when someone is sleazy or creepy. Stay away. If they’re persistent, give a fake name or number, get some random girls to let you (Oh jessica we’re leaving lets go), or straight up get away 
    • Never go somewhere alone at night. Even if you have pepper spray. 
  • Visit your family at least twice a semester if you can. They miss you and do a lot for you. Go visit them. I visited mine once a month because empty nest syndrome is real. 
  • Don’t study where your friends are. You’ll get distracted because when it’s 3 am and your getting sick of studying, procrastinating with friends seems super fun. 
  • ***Study with a group. Sounds counter intuitive considering my last tip, but for things like ochem, engineering classes, business projects, or whatever, the classes are designed that if you don’t work in groups you will fail. Find a group of people/friends that are actually productive for studying and stick with it. Form a study squad. Join with other squads from time to time. 
  • Don’t eat out a lot. You’ll get fat and broke.
  • Drink lots of water. Refillable water bottles ftw. 
  • Get off your phone in class. No you can’t pay attention and listen at the same time. 
  • Email your professors. Go to extra review sessions. When you’re .04 off from getting an A this will help you. 
  • ***ONLY go to TA sessions if they grade the work and/or actually help you learn. Some TA’s are garbage because they’re required to do it for grad school. But they grade your stuff and if you’re one the few people who’s name they know, that’ll definitely help you. If you learn nothing from them and they don’t grade your stuff, don’t waste your time. 
  • Sleep. That all nighter is worse for you than not knowing anything. Cram the best you can and at least get 3 hours. 
  • Save your notes. You’ll never know when you’ll need it, if your friend needs it, or sell it. 
  • ***Use a notebook. Don’t write notes on loose leaf paper. You’ll lose track of it. If you take notes on a laptop, use onenote or something idk I have math and science notes, I can’t take that on a laptop. 
  • If you’re business or something along the line of that, look nice to class. Everyone else is too. Don’t have a professor notice you for your scrubbiness. Comb your hair, throw on some mascara, and wear whatever makes you feel good to class. 
  • ***If you’re stem or something like that, don’t worry to much about looking nice. Unlike business, the professor is probably dressed scrubbier than you. If you look nice, cool, you’ll get noticed for not being scrubby like everyone else. 
  • ***Have desk space. You’re gonna have your laptop, a million papers, and studying utensils out. Have the space for it so you don’t go crazy trying to look for stuff. 
  • ***Have a planner. The most important one. Whether it is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever, have one. You have a lot of stuff to do, and you can’t remember it all. Buy one, print one, use google calender, doesn’t matter just have it.

This might not work for everyone, because some of you are these highly motivated studious students that has their life together, which is awesome please teach me your ways, but if you’re a mess like me, these are some tips I wish I found on a studyblr or college tips. 

career fair: thoughts and tips

I went to a career fair last week so I thought I’d talk about it and share some tips that you might find useful.

If your university (or your city) organizes one then you should definitely go.

Personally, I go to career fairs even though I still have a year and a half before I actually graduate (and we don’t usually do summer internships here in Italy) - mostly because I see them as a sort of practice for the real thing.

This might sound silly, I know, but as an introvert and a really shy person, I see this a perfect time to just go there and approach the recruiters first - talk to them about myself and my goals; ask them about their company and what positions they’re looking for or if they’re offering internships.

By doing this, you can prepare yourself a little bit for job interviews in the future. Of course, job interviews are different, but I see this is a good first step.

Career fairs are also a good way to get feedback and learn - last week a recruiter (from a really really important IT company!!) reviewed my resume and advised me to be a little more specific with it (example: including the courses you’ve taken, the area of your interest).

I’ve only been to two career fairs, but I’ve gathered some tips that I really want to share based on my experience!

  • a speech about yourself - I think the right term for this one is elevator speech (I’ve seen some people calling it elevator pitch). Basically, you have to talk about yourself, what you study, what are your interest for 20-30 seconds when your approach a recruiter. i kind of regret not making a good one before going to the fair last week, but!! I learned that it’s kind of an important thing to do because when you introduce yourself, most recruiters expects you to continue to talk and hear more about you. Also I advise to practice it before going, that way you already know perfectly what you want to say.
  • research about the companies - show them you’re interested!! Many recruiters ask you if you know about them and what their company does - it gives you the opportunity to converse and ask further information about them as well.
  • print as many resumes - prioritise the companies you’re most interested in, but if you have the time I think you should stop by the other companies’ tables. I know this phrase has became so cliché (and believe me, I’m not happy about it but I still want to use it here as a tribute to Horace), but carpe diem. You never know, so just go out there and give as many resumes as you can!
  • proper outfit - this might be a given. Most people advise of going to the fair with business professional or at least business casual attire. I’m not entirely sure about what recruiters think about this, but almost everyone (almost, because there was a guy dressed casually) I’ve seen in the fair was dressed professionally. Recruiters themselves are dressed nicely so I suggest you do, too. 
  • bottle of water - wherever you go, you always need a bottle of water, especially if you’ll talk to a lot people! Keep yourself hydrated, always!
Career Fair Fic Recs

HD Fanfair Fest 2017 (theme: Unusual Careers) is gradually coming to a close and it’s been a huge success, in my humble opinion. So many amazing entries! I laughed and cried and admired gorgeous prose and fanned myself at brain-melting smut. What else can someone need?

I’m terrible at recs because all I can think of saying is: OMG I LOVED THIS so be patient with my lame reccing and rest assured that every fic mentioned below is a wonderfully written, well-characterised and plotted piece that will make you feel all the drarry feels.

With the disclaimer that I haven’t read every fanfair story yet, especially the longer ones, these are the fics I particularly enjoyed:

Embers (E, 41k) by @shiftylinguini

Draco: Werewolf with Issues

Harry: Heat Companion

OMG. I don’t read ABO and am not familiar with its tropes, but I’ve heard Embers recced as the “ABO for those who don’t like ABO”. It’s fantastically written, with lush descriptions and intense characterisation, and explicit consent negotiation, and a smut scene of about a million words and it’s Everything You Ever Wanted, GO READ IT

Touch (E, 45k) by @bixgirl1

Harry: won’t say, it’s spoiler, but it’s absolutely brilliant

Draco: Professional Cuddler

One of the things I adore in fics (and in life, I guess) is touching and this story has it in spades. Not only that, but the author takes a fluffy prompt and turns it into an exploration of sexuality and an illustration of coping mechanisms and dealing with trauma. The characterisation will kill you and the smut is out-of-this-world fantastic. 100/10 will reread.

He Whose Hand And Eye Was Gentle (Gen, ~5k) by khalulu

Harry: unemployed/unspecified

Draco: poet

This reads like a fairytale, a true fairytale: with a quest and an animal POV and folklore elements, written in a gentle, elliptical tone that suggests rather than announces. It’s filled with poetry and it references Thirteen Ways To Look At A Blackcbird, so, you know, it’s fkn awesome.

Vintage (T, ~7k) by momatu

Harry: vintner (winemaker)

Draco: travel photographer

This will kill you and you will love every minute of the slow torture. The tension and heartbreak are REAL but rest assured that the ending is hopeful and will fix your broken heart. Absolutely gorgeous writing here, as well.

Nearly Lost Things, Carefully Tended (E, ~47k) by squadofcats

Harry: unemployed

Draco: antique appraiser

OK so I’m in the middle of this, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s another majestic piece of work and an instant classic. There’s humour and emotion and a tight plot and perfect characterisations and I’ll have to stop now so I can go read the rest of it, and you should do the same.

Harry Potter and the Muggle Miscommunication (T, ~10k) by astardanced77

Harry: Head of Pest Advisory Board

Draco:  Office of Miscommunication (sort of)

This is HILARIOUS! I won’t deny that I felt envy, true freaking envy, at the amazing assortment of OCs, each one vivid and rounded and absolutely funny. Humour is in every line here, the Ministry bureaucracy will have you crying, and the characterisations take a fresh turn. A delight!

Dating for Dads in Denial (T, 25k) by @aibidil 

Harry: stay at home dad

Draco: owns dating service

This is one of the best Dads!fics I’ve ever read. It’s such an accomplished piece: the humour will have you howling (or cringing from second hand dad embarrassment – god, that Teddy scene lolol), the dialogue is spot on, the family life is incredibly vividly depicted (with all the love and the fatigue that it entails) and also serves as a way to highlight the way HD have grown since the war. Includes an amazing first kiss, always a plus in my book.  

A Memory And A Mystery (E, 8k) by hollyxhawthorn

Harry: unspecified

Draco: Private detective

This is a perfect little noir story, complete with private eye Draco, a dodgy case and a client who’s involved in all sorts of shady stuff. Characterisations are true to the point, and the sex scene is one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever read  – not kidding one bit. Scorching hot.

Like Clockwork (T, 4k) by nympha_alba

Draco: unspecified

Harry: clockmaker

Reader, I cried. I cried at this gentle, ultra romantic fic and its musings on time and the passage of life and loneliness. The evolution of the HD relationship will pull at your heartstrings, see if it doesn’t. Gorgeous writing as well.

The Rules Of Matchbreaking (E, 22k) by PalenDrome (nerdherderette)

Harry: Crisis Negotiator

Draco: Matchbreaker

What a premise! I’m also halfway through this, because I keep starting fics and then real life calls, but let me say that the chemistry and UST is off the charts, and I’m a sucker for UST, and I bet you are too, so go read it! 

Read and rejoice! Don’t forget to give the authors some love and leave a comment!

H/D Career Fair 2017

H/D Career Fair is Back! This is the fourth time H/D Career Fair will be running!

(banner by Heathen)

The following professions are not allowed in this year’s H/D Career Fair:
Harry: Auror, Professor, Healer, Curse-breaker, Quidditch Player
Draco: Auror, Professor, Healer, Unspeakable, Potions Master

Fest Timeline:
Prompting: June 5 (Draco’s birthday) – June 19
Claiming: June 24 – July 14
Submissions due: September 9
Posting starts: October 1
Big Reveal: November 4

Check out our previous fair here!

We’ll post more detailed Rules & Guidelines this Sunday.

so i finished my first year of college last month and thought i’d share things i learned and advice on entering and starting your first year 

  • keep a planner
  • take advantage of student id discounts
  • try to go to class as much as possible
  • in cases that you don’t go, make sure you have a friend, or at least someone who will fill you in and give you notes, in each class
  • network as soon as you can and as often as you can
  • wait a week or two until you purchase your textbooks, people aren’t lying to you, they’re expensive as fuuuccckkk, you’ll want to wait for multiple reasons because in some cases you never even end up using the book, or your library has it and you can just borrow it for free
  • wear flip flops in the shower if you don’t have your own bathroom
  • speaking of, go to the bathroom before class
  • set multiple alarms
  • take advantage of as many opportunities that come your way as possible
  • have a very, very open mind
  • watch your drink
  • watch your friend’s drinks too
  • never, ever, ever, ever, ever, under ANY circumstances, drive while intoxicated or get into a car with a driver who is 
  • get to know your professors
  • do the extra credit, it’s rare
  • back up your files
  • if you take your laptop with you somewhere bring your charger as well
  • take the stairs, seriously, a little goes a long way
  • 99.9999% of people don’t give a shit about what you were in high school
  • try to plan and work ahead
  • never travel alone late at night
  • don’t hesitate to ask for help—material that took a week to learn in high school can be taught in one lecture in a college class, no one will slow down for you or help you unless you speak up
  • participate in class
  • again, talk to your professors, it’s good to in general, and you never know how they can help you outside of class
  • if you have a problem with your roommate, if you’re not getting along with them, or it’s not working, do something about it ASAP
  • keep in touch with those you care about, don’t burn bridges
  • it’s ok if you don’t make friends immediately, it took me awhile to find people i could truly be satisfied with, sometimes it happens when you’re not looking
  • take this to heart: do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do before. the best things i did this past school year were things i never tried in high school, going on trips with people i didn’t know, who i now call some of the closest friends i have, and going on service work trips out of state
  • build up your gpa in the beginning by taking classes that are not as tough in your first semester, a gpa is harder to bring up than to knock down, tldr; start strong, start easy
  • grades matter, BUT, don’t sacrifice your health and well being for them
  • get enough sleep, you can, i did
  • don’t base your decisions off what other people would think but if something goes against your morals, stick with your morals
  • take care of yourself and your body, just because it’s free does not mean you have to eat it, college is the perfect time to make your physical health crash and burn but it is also the perfect time to start having a healthier one
  • take the time to check over assignments you’re submitting
  • is your bff, use it and reference it
  • sign up for a variety of activities and test out the water to see what you like most
  • early classes are not that bad
  • attend campus events
  • know what’s going on on campus, don’t be clueless in your own environment
  • get involved in clubs and groups that are associated with your major…but also stuff that isn’t
  • and if a group/organization that’s associated with your major, like for me PRSSA, has a membership fee, it’s probably worth it
  • explore your city, campus, downtown….
  • try to get an internship before it’s required
  • get a LinkedIn account
  • always keep an umbrella and a phone charger on hand
  • make friends with as many people as you can, but don’t “collect” friends, ya know?
  • go to job fairs/career fairs
  • it’s ok to stay in sometimes and just j chill
  • decorate and personalize your room
  • when preparing to register for classes, make a mock schedule first
  • find a mentor(s)
  • first impressions are a big fucking deal
  • you don’t have to put on a ball gown, but put an effort into the way you represent yourself
  • make a budget 
Fic Rec: Embers

Title: Embers

Author: Anonymous (H/D Career Fair)

Rating: E              

Word Count: 41217

Author summary: Werewolf Alphas aren’t meant to be alone, or to suppress their ruts indefinitely like Draco has been since he was bitten eight years ago. He needs company, companionship, to knot ― he needs an Omega Heat Companion. At least, that’s what the Healers say, and even Draco can admit contacting the person they’ve referred him to might be nice.

Of course it turns out to be bloody Potter.

Thoughts: When I have more time I’ll do one of my long-form recs, but I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS FIC THAT I JUST HAD TO GIVE IT A SHOUT-OUT NOW. A/B/O is not a trope I tend to gravitate towards, and I only read Ember on a whim because I was procrastinating real-life and wanted to support H/D Career Fair.

This fic is extraordinary.

Hands-down the best treatment of A/B/O I’ve ever read, in any fandom. MA came up social logic that made me believe that A/B/O dynamics could be part of a well-functioning society. Unlike many A/B/O fics, there was no need for a dub-con warning because this is a world where the alpha-omega relationship isn’t used to exploit power and dominance.

In terms of the Drarry, this fic checked all my boxes: a thoughtfully characterized Draco; equality between the two men; and a relationship trajectory that is completely believable, earned, and feels true to the characters.

And the sex is bloody amazing.


my updated demo reel is here! check it out if you wanna see some of the neat stuff i’ve been working on lately c:

Kale massaged with lemon juice and garlic salt topped with basmati rice, chili cumin chickpeas, corn, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and chipotle tahini sauce 💕🌷

I went to a career fair today and had a really great talk with a potential employer. She wants to talk with me next week so fingers crossed!

Things learned about the SCAD Career Fair from the eyes of a student volunteer.

Have a Demo Reel.

Don’t wait in line with friends.

Invest in a suit.

Don’t show any PDA, it’s very unprofessional.

Have a satchel or a small bag, don’t have a large back back, and especially don’t use a plastic bag (believe me, I saw one).

Make appointments ASAP.

Bring food.

Bring headphones.

Stay fit, you will be standing for hours.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Don’t party the night before.

Bring an Ipad or a Laptop.

Find a way to stand out.

Know all computer programs.

Know what the company is offering and what you want from them.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Don’t walk with swagger, walk with confidence.

Join Facebook groups, it’ll get your name out there.

When turning in a resume and business card, use paperclips!

Get some good paper for your resumes, don’t use cheap printer paper.

Have an interesting way to present your work, keep it classy.

Keep good posture.

Don’t chew gum.

Bring a water bottle.

Do it your Junior year first.  Come back Senior year and revisit the same companies.

Don’t use too many hand gestures.

Make sure your hands aren’t too full.

Show work relevant to your major.

Make sure your clothes fit, don’t wear anything that’s too baggy.


Write your name and major fairly large on your name tag. Make it legible!

No tee shirts of any kind!

No denim!

Have knowledge of traditional and digital mediums, not just one or the other.

Have more than enough resumes and business cards.

Seriously guys, listen to these tips.

Here are some page ideas to help you get started with the new school year! 

  • goals for the school year
  • snack recipes 
  • outfit ideas (with a collage!)
  • motivational quotes
  • songs to blast on your way home from school
  • new people you’ve met (+ their phone numbers!)
  • things you want to learn this year
  • pen swatches (with all your new school supplies)
  • birthdays to remember!! 
  • important dates (such as finals, due dates, holidays, etc.) 
  • formulas you can’t remember (write them down and memorize them!)
  • ‘I’m in school because…’
  • a page dedicated to your college/grad school/career goals
  • interesting words you learned (+ their definitions) 
  • a page to stick receipts/tickets from all the cool things you did during the school year
  • have your friends write you a letter that you can’t open until the end of the school year! 
  • grade trackers 
  • a page for cool stickers you got (from assignments/events/college or career fairs) 
  • a page to write down every single thing that’s stressing you out
  • a solution page to try and get rid of that stress 
  • a letter to your future self (something you can’t read til graduation!) 

I hope these inspired you as much as they inspired me. Best of luck in the upcoming school year, and if you’ve already started, kick this school year in the ass! 

It’s not… I don’t mind it, being on my own. I have my—“

“Yes.” Harry had his, too. Ghosts and plants and job and friends.

“But I wouldn’t mind this, either,” Malfoy said. “At times it can get…”

A little lonely, Harry thought. I know. “So it might be good.”

“And if it’s not?”

“We revert to childish hexes, of course.