Wow, everybody! Once again it is Saltfest Friday, Max’s 21st Birthday Fuckfest Edition!!!

Max, Breland, Mikkael, Amadeus, and all the rest of the Salty Squad will be celebrating the Gun-Slinging Gay himself hitting the big two-one! Join us in Discord at 7:30PM PST tonight for all the fun you can handle! No gift necessary!

ACT I: Cards Against Humanity

As featured on our top games of 2015! We’ll be splitting into teams and having a grand old time with our very own Salty Skulls CAH Pack™ as well as the timeless classics you have come to know and love!

ACT II: Sven Co-OP ~The Great Half-Life 1 Multiplayer Speed Run~

You read that right folks, multiplayer Half-Life 1. Team up with your friends and play craziest game of Half-Life yet!

ACT III: Double Action: Boogaloo

It’s like the movie Matrix but actually good! Or, just think of it as your favorite cheesy action movie in playable format.

All of this and more! Tonight at 7:30PM PST in The Salty Skulls Discord HQ! PC and mobile phone friendly!

We will also be celebrating the kick-off of Salty Skulls Season 2!

Click here to instantly join the Salty Skulls Discord Voice Channel!

If you have anxiety, worry not! Discord has a mute-microphone option where you can listen to the conversation and type along in the messaging bar! Or you can come watch our live stream on Twitch!

Thank you, Mikkael, for creating this video! And happy birthday to Max!

See you all tonight!

The creator of Cards Against Humanity sent the Oregon Militia a 55-gallon barrel of personal lubricant to complement all the dildos and penis-shaped gummies they received after asking their supporters to mail them supplies.

“I hope nobody shoots me with a gun. I don’t want to get shot over a joke because I know my obituary will be like ‘he finally went too far.’“


Signs as Cards Against Humanity Cards
  • aries:getting naked and watching nickelodeon
  • taurus:women in yogurt commercials
  • gemini:racially-biased SAT questions
  • cancer:republicans
  • leo:a hamster with a throbbing erection
  • virgo:a salty surprise
  • libra:bees?
  • scorpio:stephen hawking talking dirty
  • sagittarius:home video of oprah sobbing into a lean cuisine
  • capricorn:getting eaten out while on the phone w dad
  • aquarius:winking at old people
  • pisces:erotic balloon animals