A day late, in honour of the striders’ b-days, I present: the 5-card shitty sword tarot spread (for when things have gone completely fucking pear shaped and decapitation is not an option)

1- The root cause of your problem (why it went wrong in general)

2- What/ who you are in this situation 

3- The more basic cause (why it went wrong this time)

4- How to proceed now that it has happened

5- What to avoid so that this doesn’t happen again

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2016 has been terrible and we could all use some holiday cheer, so for the… third? fourth? year in a row, i’ll be doing cards!

if you follow me and you’re comfortable sending me a mail-able name and address, fill out the google form linked below and i’ll get to as many as i can. i do not keep the names and addresses after i’m done, and i don’t share them with anyone - your confidentiality is guaranteed. also let me know if you would like to send one in return, i love getting these back from people!

i’ll be reblogging this a few times over the course of the month, under the tag #card-a-thon 2016 so you can blacklist accordingly. sound good?

Submit a request!

Challenge Mode: Kozilek, the Great Distortion ($3.65 USD)

Challenge Mode is a new post designed to challenge the MTG/EDH Tumblr community to seek out budget cards that will fit into a specific commander deck. Through this, other players can be inspired to build a fun yet capable budget deck.

Our third challenge is the most recent printing of Kozilek. Remember-colorless is not a color, but it is also a great corner of the EDH/Commander meta to be feared! What budget cards would you use to optimize this deck?

Arbitrary Card of the Day 12-4-16: Furnace Layer

Today’s arbitrary card of the day is Furnace Layer. This is the realm of the Red-aligned Phyrexians, who toil all day and all night to repurpose and reforge the raw materials of New Phyrexia. It’s ruled by Urabrask, the Praetor that doesn’t really care what the other Praetors are up to. This is also where the vestiges of the Mirran Resistance dwell, as the influence of Red mana has given the Phyrexians here the capacity for empathy.