Soooo… Recently I started reading MTMTE. And look where it led me. A total tf trash with a soup-brain. Anyway, I decided to try making tf major arcana card deck and I’m so lost in meanings. And I know it’s gonna be worse then hell, but I’m still planning to make all 22 of them. And fail terribly. Hahaha help x__x

You and some of your hallmates are trying to study for a final the next day, a final you need to pass in order to graduate.  However, most people are already done with their finals - and they are Ready To Party.  In fact, they’re already partying.  In your dorm hallway. How dare they!  You’re trying to study!

And even worse yet, the party just keeps getting bigger.  And now people are wandering into your room thinking it’s part of the party.  This is terrible; you can’t study like this!  They won’t leave - something about being transfixed by your lava lamp or something, and these people are too drunk and/or high to be reasonable anyway.  Then you get an idea.  Sure they’re entertained by this lava lamp, but what if you put something far more interesting into another room?  Say, a game console.  That’ll get everyone out of your room, so you can lock the door and finally study.  Seriously, this test is pivotal for your grade!

Of course, the only other rooms you can lure the partiers into are the rooms of your fellow studying classmates.  Well, sucks for them - you need to graduate!

It’s time to get everyone the F%$# Out!

Sounds interesting?  THEN I HAVE GOOD NEWS

This experience now exists in a kickass CARD GAME FORM

Thanks to recent WPI game-designer graduate and new indie game developer Pat Roughan we have

The party game that’s all about parties.

It’s funny, it’s clever, and it allows you to be a jackass to your friends.  Get everyone out of your room and into other people’s rooms, and you win!

My bro made this game and it’s now being released!  Buy it online on his website, or if you have the lucky fortune to be living in Worchester, MA, buy it at That’s Entertainment or Rolling Paragon Games.  If you wanna buy it from the developer himself you can meet him at WPI’s SFS Gaming Weekend (9/5, Worcester) and the Boston Festival of Indie Games with Woo Game Pile (9/12, Boston).

Read more about the gameplay and the process of creating NEGTFO at

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