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While playing C.A.H, an idea popped up in my head: Tony a shy cutie who's never played card against humanity, I imagine all of the avengers play it, also Steve and Bucky tries to make Tony blush and flustered while playing the game 😁

This is adorable lol.

Imagine how proud Shy Cutie Tony is the first time he wins around. Everyone’s smitten when he throws his arms up and cheers.

It’s a special Avengers deck that Cards Against Humanity sent them and they’re live streaming it for charity. Twitter goes crazy. The black card was “Sorry, Dr. Doom, but I can’t fight today because of ______” and he played the card “My collection of high-tech sex toys.” Everyone thought that Steve or Bucky played it to make Tony flustered.

“Don’t worry, they’re Avengers themed, so it counts,” Tony says, smiling smugly even though he’s still blushing, and Natasha and Clint and Thor start yelling and Bruce giggles like a school girl and Steve and Bucky are just… agog.

(“Which Avenger, do you think?” Bucky asks later. “Do you think it’s one of us?” Steve tilts his head thoughtfully. “Honestly I just hope it’s not a Hulk dildo.”

Tony finds Bucky and Steve curled up on the ground crying through giggles. He decides not to ask.)

help out a beginner witch

I’ve been really interested in occult practices for a while and I want to begin practicing on my own

unfortunately, alot of the starting out materials are expensive and I don't have money

I would like to start off with dowsing or contacting spirits/ tarot card readings so most of the items on my wishlist are related to that

if anyone would like to help my wishlist is here

thank you for reading!

What to do when you feel a reading is wrong

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed a bit of negativity floating around the divination community. And I wanted to make a quick post addressing it!

What happens when you request a tarot/energy/rune/oracle reading (especially a free one) and you feel like the reader got it wrong. That’s ok! It happens! But what’s important is how you respond to this! Most readers like myself ask for feedback so we know what we’re doing right but especially what we are doing wrong! So here’s a little how to guide on how to let a reader know that their reading didn’t meet your expectations without being rude!

1. Say thank you- even if you feel the reading was completely bogus say thanks! The reader used their time and energy to deliver a reading to you. They don’t have to offer these services but they do and you, whether you realize it or not, benefitted from this reading. Even if it’s wrong at least you are now certain what is not going on!

2. Express that you thought the reading wasn’t interpreted correctly in a KIND manner. Saying something like “your reading for me was dead wrong” isn’t helpful and is rude to your reader. Instead begin your feedback in a different way perhaps like “thank you for the reading! I wanted to leave some feedback as not everything you stated resonated with me”.

3. Back up your statement- we ask for feedback/constructive criticism! If you say we’re wrong but don’t say why you feel that way how are we supposed to learn? Readers make mistakes, we’re human! But we can’t learn if you rudely tell us were wrong but won’t support your claim.

4. Acknowledge potential error on your end- Was your question super vague? Is this a question you didn’t want the answer to? It’s possible you’re blocking yourself from accepting the full meaning of the reading. Make sure you analyze that as well.

5. Don’t have an attitude- I know it’s disappointing when you receive a reading that doesn’t resonate. You ask yourself “what the heck is this reader doing, this can’t be right”. You might be angry or upset to hear something negative. Try to keep that to yourself. If you can’t, it’s best not to leave feedback! Diviner are people who work hard at what they do. It can be really discouraging to get overly harsh negative words about our work.

If you express yourself correctly the diviner may be willing to revisit your reading and re-interpret it in light of the new info you provided. Like I said we’re human. I know that if I get info that might change things I give a reinterpretation of the reading. However,the reader may stick to their original reading as they may be picking up on something you can’t quite sense. Sometimes readings take a while to make sense or as mentioned you’re blocked to the message. Meditate on it and decide for yourself if you’re gonna accept this reading or let it go. If you get a negative reading and you don’t like it you don’t need to accept that as your final outcome. The future is malleable and you are in charge of it. Readings are never 100% accurate or set in stone. You can always make the change you are hoping for!

That’s all! I hope this helps! Remember to be kind to your diviners!

Yooran Week Day 04  Alternate Universe / Mint eyes 

010203 ♥ 04 ♥ 05 ♥ 06 ♥ 07

Since I dont alrealy unlocked the Deep Route (soon soon) so I am not so informed about Mint eyes… But I know a lot about CardCarptorSakura or CCS in short.
Hope you like Card Captor Yoosung ♥
Maybe one time I made a full concept of this with Elisabeth the 3rd as Kero-chan fufufu..I alrealy have most of the caracter in mind…so maybe if I receive enougth ask for it…
The two card I draw are “The Illusion” and “The time” first bc illusion card is my favorite card and time be captured by Shaolan in the anime and also bc it’s suit well the Yoosung’s route

Either Paul Ryan is a genius who knows Trump/Pence are both going down on the Russia deal and he’s gonna be POTUS eventually (like a HoC plotline). Or he’s just an kiss-ass idiot. It’s hard to tell these days.

He truly detests Trump though, despite how outwardly nice he acts.

You don’t have to be Einstein to work that one out.