Just creepy fellas.. Fuck creepy customers

I was manning the self service tills with a steady stream of numpties who can’t seem to understand the simple process of ‘scan item. Put item on scales’ when I was called over to help with a trade discount card. All going well so far, Nope. The two tradesman I was helping stood directly behind me sniffing me like hannibal lector, it made my skin crawl, then, not even talking to me, they start discussing what perfume I’m wearing… Hint, I’m not, I don’t at work. It’s fabric softener. They went off in a strop when I told them to stop playing “sniff the till attendant” which frankly was polite considering what I was saying in my head. Fellas, it isn’t flattering to have someone inches from the back of your neck sniffing you… *shudder*