the all new MANSORY CV7Air wheel in 22", fully forged light weight and special collage carbonfibre for brake air circulation comes up for Bentley Bentayga, Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur as well for Rolls Royce Wraith and Dawn. One of the most impressive wheels ever made! #mansory #wheels #bentley #bentayga #rollsroyce #wraith #dawn #impressive #luxury #customization #lifestyle #carbonfibre

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>You’re elated. You’re absolutely elated. As in, you have probably never felt so great since you were all in one peace. Your heart is beating fast, as it should, nothing is rusting, titanium and carbonfibre are working WONDERS for you. This is wonderful, you’re alive, you’re alive! You’re staying this way!

—–(thing thing thing)———

CM: /V\ Castel!!!! \^/

CM: /V\ Castel I’m coming over be ready \^/

>Nothing is going to stop you tonight. You’re already on your way.