What Lucio player doesn’t have a playlist to listen to while they play him??


We Move Together As One- Nexus Remix// Rejuvenescência- Nexus Remix//Sounds Like Overwatch- haveluckgoodfun// I Wanna Be Like You- (Sim Gretina Remix)// The Price is Wrong- Tokyo Megaplex// April Sweatpants- Merridarren// Peanut Butter Jelly- Galantis// Oldies but Happiest- (MatrixMariox Remix)- Jet Set Radio// Tank!- Yoko Kanno// Mighty & High- Can’t Stop Won’t Stop// Don’t Worry- Madcon// D.A.N.C.E.- Justice// Big O Slam- Slam Promise- BotanicSage // Bad Dog No Buscuits- Yoko Kanno//  Wonda- Caravan Palace// Saturnz Barz (Banx & Ranx Remix)- Gorillaz// Doncamatic- Gorillaz// Wonderland- Caravan Palace// Energy Drink- Virtual Riot// We Move Together As One- Overwatch// Rejuvenescência- Overwatch// Comics- Caravan Palace// Mac ‘n Cheese- Shawn Wasabi// Overwatch Dupstep Remix- Ephixa// Midnight- Caravan Palace// Rush- Yoko Kanno// AHHHHHHHHHH- Tokyo Megaplex// Crossfade Remix- AktionMusic// Can’t Stop the Healing- Instalock// Freaking Out (Sim Gretina Mix)- Mystery Skulls// Overtime- Cash Cash//  Marble Soda- Shawn Wasabi// It’s Raining Men Remix- The Living Tombstone

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This evening the curtain will fall for the last time on the self-dubbed “Greatest Show on Earth,” America’s biggest and longest-running traveling circus. After 146 years, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will pump its caravan brakes permanently.

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1. Comics - Caravan Palace
2. Cut To The Feeling - Carly Rae Jepsen
3. Ready For The Good Life - Paloma Faith
4. How We Go Out (Titus Jones Remix) - Leslie Hall
5. Bravado - Lorde
6. Ode to the Bouncer - Studio Killers
7. Doncamatic - Gorillaz
8. Hollywood - Marina and The Diamonds
9. Pin - Grimes
10. Sincerely, Jane - Janelle Monae

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1. “used to” - mutemath

2. “dust in your pocket” - glass animals

3. “upside down & inside out” - ok go

4. “energia” - russkaja

5. “indigo plateau” - psychic type

6. “comics” - caravan palace

7. “legend of the throne” - jukio kallio

8. “walla walla” - glass animals

9. “crusher” - health

10. “wildman” - sun drug

these are all spotify links in case anyone wants to listen to them

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Snooping on your playlist

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  1. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree - Tony Orlando and Dawn
  2.  Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
  3. The Spook Returns - Kshmr, b3nte, badjack
  4. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (remix) - Good Charlotte
  5. B Movie Box Car Blues - Blues Brothers
  6. Song For Our Departure - Manic Street Preachers
  7.  Seagulls Stop It Now - Bad Lip Reading
  8.  Womaniser - Britney Spears
  9. Links 2 3 4 - Rammestein
  10. Comics -Caravan Palace

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Young Avengers Circus AU

But guys


Imagine how cool a Young Avengers Circus AU would be!


Like they’re a travelling circus company having adventures and performing wicked shows.  


Billy Kaplan is the Magician of the troop. His routine is (as described by Teddy) “dorky but cute”. Despite this, he does pull of some amazing tricks.  He’s a massive circus geek and likes to try out the tricks performed by his favourite magicians. The Scarlet Witch is his absolute favourite. He and Teddy share a caravan along with their massive comic book collection.


Teddy Altman is the make up artist. He dresses up in monster costumes that he’s made and scares people in the house of horrors. No one can believe that he makes the stuff himself. He’d like to be a sculptor one day but never has the time to do anything other than costumes for the show. It’s not uncommon for him to walk around in full monster make up when there isn’t a show on.


Kate Bishop is the archer. She can shoot anything. She sometimes ropes Tommy into her throwing knife act where she ties him to a spinning wheel and throws knives at him. After her archery display she lets kids have a shot with the bow (especially if they’re wearing purple). She received her training from the famous Clint Barton although it’s debatable if he was teaching her, or if she was teaching him.


Tommy Shepherd is the daredevil/acrobat. He’ll do pretty much anything you challenge him to, usually as fast as he can. His acrobatic routine with Noh-Varr is much loved and he always soaks up the cheers afterwards before Noh-Varr has to drag him out of the ring. Billy constantly worries that he’ll hurt himself doing something stupid. This just encourages him to do things even more dangerous.


Noh-Varr is the acrobat. He performs solo or with Tommy. Kate thinks he should become a contortionist with the way he can bend his back. No one’s sure what his real name is but everyone just calls him Noh for short. He always has a wicked mix tape to play when travelling.


Cassie Lang loves heights. She does the flying trapeze, silks and high wire as well as stilt walking on occasion. Whenever she’s not performing during a show she’ll be up in the rafters watching and cheering. She gets on well with everyone though she’s closest to Kate and Nathaniel.


Nathaniel Richards is the technician. He’s technically meant to operate the ferris wheel but he usually ends up fixing anything that gets broken whilst traveling; Kate’s laptop, Cassie’s camera, Tommy’s bike etc. More and more he’s been asked to operate the lights during the show. He constantly tries to think of ways to make them cooler. David helps at times. Cassie suspects that there’s something going on between them (which makes her slightly jealous).


David Alleyne is the genius. He has a small stand set up where people can ask him any question and he’ll know the answer to it. It’s not immensely popular but there is always a small crowd of science geeks and mathematicians around it asking him a million questions much to his delight. He’s eager to learn other stuff too and takes lessons from everyone in all their specialist areas.


Loki is the con artist. He has a variety of games that he’ll set up to scam people out of money. No one ever remembers inviting him to join. David suspects that Loki just started following them one day till people just accepted him as one of the gang. Mostly everyone turns a blind eye to his dealings but every so often America will make sure he isn’t stealing too much money. Normally with a good beating. He’s been teaching Billy a few tricks recently in the hopes to get Billy to help him out in some larger cons. Billy has accepted the training but been refusing to help.


America Chavez is the strong woman. She lifts weights, people and even cars sometimes to impress the crowd. Although she keeps up her stony appearance, she secretly loves performing and enjoys the company of the others. Except Loki. She thinks he’s a little creep. America is also the gangs security. If any audience members get a bit too rowdy or drunk she’ll sort them out no bother.


Eli Bradley is the ring leader. Despite his usually grumpiness once the show starts he’s warm and delightful. He works well to motivate the performers and always gets a few laughs from the audience, even if being funny isn’t his strongest asset. He was a strongman to begin with until America joined so now he’s the ring leader full time. He does, however, still practise weight lifting with America. They work in silence but both secretly love the time they spent together.