I was the shadow  of the waxwing slain
By the false azure in the windowpane;
I was the smudge of ashen fluff — and I
Lived on, flew on, in the reflected sky. 

 a Blade Runner 2049 playlist [spotify / youtube / 8tracks]

Bliss - Syntax / Roadgame - Kavinsky / Run Program: Sentionauts - Sinoia Caves / Father Sister Berzerker - Tobacco / Comics - Caravan Palace / Scars - DJ Shadow & Nils Frahm / Estrange - IO Echo & TOKiMONSTA / Dust - M|O|O|N / The Hunt - Civil Civic / Luma - The M Machine / Dramophone - Caravan Palace / Supernatural - Astronaut / Spaceman - Babylon Zoo / Arpeggiator, gulur - Ensimi / Huggin & Kissin - Big Black Delta / Tell Us We’re Crazy - Wolfman / So Electric - Lifelike / The Hacker - Johny Jewel / Restless - UNKLE & Josh Homme (16 Bit remix) / Enjoy The Silence - Ki:Theory / Bed of Thorns - Gary Numan / Running On - Villa Nah / In The Face of Evil - Magic Sword / Escape from Midwich Valley - Carpenter Brut / Faith, Hope, Fear & Falling in Love - Clint Mansell  / Big City Nights - Undermathic / Reborn - Original Mix - Known Rebel / High With You - Niteppl / Fade Away - Trevor Something / Last Time - Moderat / Clair de Lune, No. 3 - Isao Tomita

This evening the curtain will fall for the last time on the self-dubbed “Greatest Show on Earth,” America’s biggest and longest-running traveling circus. After 146 years, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will pump its caravan brakes permanently.

Get to know you better tag

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Age: 13-16

Birthplace: Lower Hut, New Zealand

Current Time: 17:38 PM

Drink you last had: Water

Favorite Song: Uhh…LA Devotee -Panic! At the Disco; Burn - Hamilton; BotW Soundtrack in general, Comics - Caravan Palace, most of the songs from Heathers; and some more, but I can’t think of any right now

Grossest Memory: Ooh idk…probably cleaning some disgusting shit?

Horror, Yes or No: Yeah sure, I like horror. I don’t get scared easily, the only things that get me normally are just jumpscares lmao

In Love: I don’t like anyone at the moment. I love my family and friends of course

Jealous of People: Rarely. I try to avoid it, as it doesn’t help anything.

Love at first sight? Maybe? Hasn’t happened to me so far, I don’t even have a crush on anyone and haven’t had one for a while now

Middle Name: Daneel

Number of Siblings: A half-brother who’s already an adult and doesn’t live in this country

One Wish: I hope my fucking anxiety could tone down a bit, that would be great

Question you’re always asked: Do you have a sister or a brother that goes here? (People keep asking me that, and no! I have no siblings, besides my half-brother that doesn’t go here!)

Reasons to smile: When you’ve finally done the thing you needed to do, once you’ve finished that drawing and it looks nice for once, summer atmosphere, people laughing because of something funny you said, when you’re cosy inside and it’s blowing wind outside, a lot of stuff!

Song that I last sang: Uhh…I think it was Dead Gay Son from Heathers?

Time I woke up: 4:30 AM, 2 and a half hours before I was supposed to :’D

Underwear Colour: Purple

Vacation Destination: Anywhere that’s nice really! I would like to go back to New Zealand for a bit though

Worst Habit: Procrastination and biting my nails

Favorite Food: I’ll be basic and say pasta lmao

Zodiac Sign: Leo

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‘Feels Like They’re Watching Me’ - a playlist for a Supreme Leader Rantarou Amami ★

Dread in My Heart - Mother Mother
Comics - Caravan Palace
Losing My Mind - Mystery Skulls
Time To Make History (AKIRA YAMAOKA Remix) - Shoji Meguro
Become The Enemy - Like A Storm
Kill The Lights - Set It Off
Lump Your Head - Hollywood Undead
House of Memories - Panic! in The Disco

>>Playlist link!