“Patrick Alexander is known in Australia for his nationally published children’s comics, Pink Chickens and Tobias & Jube, and internationally for his webcomics, Raymondo Person and Hilarity Comics…” - Full Bio at TCAF site

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TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 11-12, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. More at


The Caravan of Comics had a meeting at Squishface. Afterwards I filmed Andrew Fulton inking!

Who's going to TCAF this year?

It’s me! I am!


That’s why we’ve just launched the Caravan of Comics 2013 indiegogo campaign. Click ye!

Me and five other Australian cartoonists (plus one Australian filmmaker to document the whole thing) are planning a perilous journey to North America in May, to bring our comics and charming accents to TCAF, plus Montreal, Seattle and hopefully elsewhere.

We already have a little funding but we need more! Otherwise it straight up can’t happen.

There are exclusive comics and prints, original artworks, and DVDs on offer to those of you who feel moved from deep within to help us (with money). Plus postcards from our trip, and even dinner with us, if food is a thing you enjoy!

And of course, if you are in North America, and you are going to the same places we’re going, you get to MEET ME, and I get to MEET YOU, and that will be tremendous.

So make yourself a part of the Caravan of Comics 2013. Buy your way in, like a real high roller.

Thank you!

Your pal,

Patrick Alexander

PS. You can follow the Caravan on Twitter and Facebook, plus we have a WEBSITE, good gravy, where you can learn all about us and sigh and swoon and be unable to sleep, all agitated and tangled up in sheets.

PPS. Naturally, your enthusiastic reblogs are the very cream of my strawberry sponge cake. ♥

MONTREAL: If you missed them at TCAF, the Caravan of Comics will be in your town tomorrow night for a screening of Graphic Novels! Melbourne! 

This is a free event taking place at 185 Van Horne, second floor. The director as well as several of the featured cartoonists will be in attendance. There will be snacks (and a donation jar), but you are encouraged to bring your own consumables.

Doors at 7, screening at 8. 

Event details on Facebook.

There’s a really good article about the Squishfacers who went on Caravan of Comics on the back page of today’s Melbourne Age! This is what it looks like in print. You can read the article online here.

And please note: Sarah’s talk at the Emerging Writers Festival takes place 3pm THIS SUNDAY (May 27) at Melbourne Town Hall, and Squishface will have a table at Page Parlour in Fed Square THE SUNDAY AFTER (June 3).

Electro-Swing recommendations

Caravan Palace:
Lone Digger (off. video is creepy btw)
(I just really like this album)

Jamie Berry ft. Octavia Rose– Delight
Jamie Berry– Peeping Tom ft Rosie Harte
A friend like me (Sim Gretina Remix)
Grim Grinning Ghosts (JackG Electro Swing Remix)
Sim Gretina– Peggy Sauve– The Greatest Invention
Parov Stelar– Demon Dance

the-aegis-witch  asked:

Witchy Wishlist: Lately my fav music is by Caravan Palace: Lone Digger, and Comics. Also Studio Killers: Jenny, Eros and Apollo, and Ode to the Bouncer. Fav games as of later: Guild Wars 2, Stardew Valley, and Pokemon Moon. :) Which of your characters is the most close to your heart, if you had to pick? :)

Ohmygosh I’ve been listening so much to Caravan Palace xD I love both Lone Digger and Comics.  Studio Killers are fun too. I love Jenny, obviously. I never listened closely to Eros and Apollo or Ode to the Bouncer before, so thanks for pointing them out :D

I’ve been playing SO MUCH Stardew Valley xD I hear great things about Guild Wars 2 and Pokemon Moon too though :)

Easily Morgan is closest to my heart <3 I kinda made them a reflection of myself? In some ways, anyways :P

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