19th of April.

I’m no longer currently living in Venezuela, but my family is still there as well as my friends. Today another protest is happening against the dictator that is Maduro. Venezuela represses freedom of speech and this is one of the few ways I can feel that I can help by sharing word of what is happening.

It is a peaceful protest, however “colectivos” are throwing tear gases to the public (as always), the public is trying to get away from it by crossing Caracas’ river where human disposal is thrown. Today another student’s life is added to the countless victims of their actions.

I could honestly keep going on and on but in summary human rights are being violated in Venezuela. We have been under the same government for 19 years now. Caracas is the most dangerous city in the whole world. People are dying from lack of medicine and food, so they quit their jobs all together to get something out of garbage trucks (as minimum wage can barely get you some eggs). So many other things that I could keep listing but this is just a post I’ve done out of the moment but please take time out of your day to research what’s happening at my home country or at least share what you’ve found as Venezuelans sadly can’t.

UPDATE: Two students were killed on this day. Over 400 people detained by peacefully protesting in this date alone in the Capital.

VENEZUELA. Caracas. April 6, 2017. A demonstrator protects himself after a tear gas canister fired by police riot crashed against his skateboard during a protest. Tens of thousands of demonstrators shut down Venezuela’s capital on Thursday, blocking the city’s main artery to protest what they call an attempted coup by the socialist administration.

Photograph: Fernando Llano/AP


Hoy, el mundo está callado.

Hoy, Venezuela está en las calles, luchando y sangrando por una causa que muchos llaman perdida.

Hoy, no es una bandera tricolor, ni un partido político, ni el nombre de un funcionario.

Hoy son los hospitales en ruinas, los niños con hambre, las enfermedades, las familias rotas, los estantes de los supermercados vacíos. Hoy son los veintiocho mil quinientos muertos del año pasado por la violencia, y los robos y secuestros de cada día. Hoy son todos los venezolanos que huyen día tras día del país, las cuentas bancarias en blanco, la infancia perdida, la vejez mal aprovechada. Hoy son las bombas lacrimógenas y los estudiantes heridos.

Hoy es un país que grita, un pueblo que lucha.

Hoy, el resto del mundo está callado.