Cara Thayer & Louie Van Patten

“One of our goals has always been to paint with the intention of the finished work resembling that of an individual painter. In trying to find a common inspiration with each other, we discovered that it is very difficult to define who you are to another person and explain your feelings with any kind of consistency, let alone authenticity. When you attempt to define yourself with conviction, you can easily attach yourself to an unsustainable perspective. Furthermore, as our lives are driven by self-definition, what we understand to be authentic is constantly in flux, regardless of intention. In our work, we have become interested in these ideas being personified in paint. What is the face of self-mythologizing? What is comfort? Can the counterfeit be as effective as the real thing? Or is something like comfort simply defined by how we define ourselves? These are questions that we feel are better suited to be asked with paint, rather than words.” -Cara Thayer & Louie Van Patten