Cara Delevingne

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The “I’m not gay” starterpack

Feel free to add more

hey remember when Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy were siblings

and Elizabeth was married to John Watson

and Bill Weasley asked Darcy for advice

on proposing to Heather Lee, who was Mr. Darcy’s sister-in-law

but she said no because she was expecting a proposal from Quicksilver

but Quicksilver left her for Elizabeth Bennet

and she was all leave, wait no come back

and Watson was all this is improper

and then Elizabeth almost died giving birth to Quicksilver’s baby

so she made Watson and Quicksilver be all chummy

but she didn’t die and she left to be with Quicksilver

and Bill Weasley was all ok now will you marry me

and Heather Lee was like heck yea

and they had a baby

but no one liked Elizabeth anymore

and Quicksilver started dating Enchantress

because Enchantress was a rich princess

so Elizabeth threw herself under a moving train and died?

because I do

inspired by a post by @my-tardis-sense-is-tingling (I’m not technologically capable of linking it, but you know what post I mean)