Cara Ellison

a few thoughts about this week

I. The outcry for ethics in game journalism this week began as a witch-hunt against women in the game industry. This cannot be denied. Ask Zoe Quinn and Patricia Hernandez and Cara Ellison how many of the people crowding their twitter mentions are concerned about “ethics”, and how many are simply abusive, toxic, misogynist, and hurtful.

Regardless; here we are, now. This genie isn’t going back in the bottle.

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anonymous asked:

Regarding Giantbomb hiring Cara Ellison, please don't. She's a good writer, but from what I read on some of her articles and tweets, she's one of those feminists that makes mountains out of molehills like your fellow journalist from Kotaku, Patricia Hernandez. GB already got you for that. Please take this as a feedback, don't take offence.

“please don’t take offence.”