Car AD

First the insult the reader. Then brag that they’re only the third worst. Then claim over 200 mechanical improvements suggest men and few nonmechanical ones by women because, you know the little ladies don’t understand big boy stuff. Then the whine about 1961 cars not being that bad, please don’t trade them in, nobody wants to buy a used Checker.

National Geographic Magazine  May 1962

René Vincent, Cover art for Automobilia, July 1922. 

The car is a Peugeot 15 HP

René Vincent (1879-1936) was trained as an architect, but had a successful career as an illustrator during the first third of the 20th century in France. He contributed editorial art to the likes of La Vie parisienne and L'Illustration and did a considerable amount of advertising illustration, especially for automobile companies.

Jughead Jones will do anything to protect Betty Cooper

He will push through a crowd

He will push against a crowd

He will break a door

And He will bring out a knife

If you dare hurt the love of his life

So don’t… Don’t threaten Betty Cooper

Or face the wrath of the Serpent Prince

Because no one messes with his Princess

And gets away with it