Letters to Juliet Movie Online (2010) HD


While visiting Verona, Italy, with her busy fiance, a young woman named Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) visits a wall where the heartbroken leave notes to Shakespeare’s tragic heroine, Juliet Capulet. Finding one such letter from 1957, Sophie decides to write to its now elderly author, Claire (Vanessa Redgrave). Inspired by Sophie’s actions, Claire sets out to find her long-lost lover, accompanied by her disapproving grandson (Christopher Egan) and Sophie.

  • Director: Gary Winick
  • Music composed by: Andrea Guerra
  • Screenplay: José Rivera, Tim Sullivan
  • Producers: Ellen Barkin, Mark Canton, Caroline Kaplan, Eric Feig, Patrick Wachsberger
Science Academia AUs

I’ve read some AMAZING academia AU fics over the years, and it’s definitely a real weakness of mine–I’ll click on just about any fic with this premise, and from my dedicated survey of the literature (*cough procrastinating from my various research responsibilities*) have noticed that most academia AUs are set in the humanities and social science scenes. Maybe people in those disciplines are more likely to write/be into fic? However, I present the following for your consideration:

  1. I am the lab manager, and you are the new postdoc. We both have STRONG OPINIONS about how the instruments should be maintained/glasses should be washed/brands should be bought and all of the flirt-fighting is making the undergrad assistants feel very uncomfortable. They beg us to please just resolve the tension so they can make stock solutions in peace, as they do not get paid enough for this.
  2. RIVAL LABS. Truly, the Montagues and Capulets of our time.
  3. I keep breaking the instrument so you, the attractive service person can keep fixing it, but I’ve got to pluck up my courage and ask you out soon because I have spent almost my entire grant on service visits oh my god how am I on track for tenure I’m a mess!
  4. Your lab keeps scooping us and I was prepared to go to this conference to glare angrily at your poster and poke holes in your methods but oh no you’re so cute (Did I mention RIVAL LABS)!
  5. My tent blew away/was ripped apart by wild animals on our field expedition to collect plant/water/rock/whatever samples in a super remote place. Oh no, it looks like we’ll have to share for the next two months! 
  6. We totally had a thing during a summer externship back in undergrad but lost touch. I saw you again at a conference and you got even better looking now that you’ve stopped doing that ridiculous thing to your hair.  Too bad we are now in… RIVAL LABS!
  7. We are the only two TAs for this Gen-Ed class of 200 utterly baffled English majors and the professor can’t lecture worth a darn; we are forever bonded by trauma
  8. I am the professor teaching this Gen-Ed class of 200 utterly baffled English majors; you are the adult non-traditional student auditing who sits in the back and is clearly judging my terrible lecture skills. Do you mind? I am TRYING! 
  9. You keep anonymously reading my abstracts on ResearchGate. Thank you for validating me let me buy you a coffee if you’re ever in town, beautiful stranger
  10. I keep nodding off during seminars; you laugh at me but also bring me some shitty coffee next week 
  11. Steadily escalating whiteboard wars about the use of the lucky pipette: I may hate you, but your insulting picture of me as a pipette-hoarding dragon was actually really good and I can respect that I guess
  12. We’ve been dating on the down-low for ages because we are in RIVAL LABS and just get our kicks recounting the ways in which our PIs trash talk each other while we live our sickeningly domestic home life
  13. I’m an international student trying to write my thesis, but English grammar is ridiculous, what the hell so I hire you, a Humanities/Social Science grad as a proofreader so I don’t get laughed out of my own committee. We grow closer and closer, but what will happen when I finally defend and begin to look for postdocs elsewhere?
  14. We shared an office for a year or two back in graduate school, and have always stayed in touch and wondered if there might have been something there. Now twenty years down the line we are each heads of our own… RIVAL LABS

Add your own! I had so much fun thinking of these.


by Devitalizart on Tumblr