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Okay, but have I ever told anyone about this Urban Fantasystuck AU I have?

·         Megidos- ghosts or mediums, there are technically two AUs because of that

·         Nitrams- Reverse Minotaurs/Bull Centaurs

·         Captors- Naga People

·         Vantases- Vampires

·         Leijons- Cat People

·         Maryams- Vampires

·         Pyropes- Dragon People

·         Serkets- Spider People

·         Zahhaks- Centaurs

·         Makaras- Incubi

·         Amporas- Sea-Centered Storm Spirits

·         Pexies- Mermaids

But it’s my personal favorite type of Urban fantasy, which means:

·         All the species are intermingled and living together and magic is as common as technology

·         There are completely new cultures and the cities themselves are alive with magic and wildlife and have personalities of their own

·         The citizens take care of their cities by cleaning them up and not littering and decorating them with gardens and chalk drawings and the out-of-control forces of nature creeping in, there’s ivy on every building

·         The cities in turn take care of them, buildings sheltering people on the sidewalk from the rain and roads swallowing up would-be criminals

·         You walk down the street and a deer walks beside you, unafraid and content, it’s hooves clicking against the pavement

·         Squirrels and rabbits hop from mini-clearing-alley to mini-clearing alley, disappearing into the tall green grass and strong trees as the sound from a brook washes over you

·         A selkie plays in the fountain in the town square, and children of all ages and species jump in with her to escape the summer heat

·         Peddlers are standing in booths in the city market, selling jewelry and clothing and blankets and other suck homemade things, enchanted with protection spells and glamours and things

·         Cat lovers put charms on their kitty’s collar to keep her safe as she roams the city and also keeps her from activating anyone’s allergies so she get pets from anyone she wants

·         Clubs for magic at schools!! Magic Boy/Girl Scouts! To be an Eagle Scout or get the Girl Scout Gold Award you must have at least one alchemy merit badge and one or more of the four Elemental Merit badges

·         A little girl gardening with her dad learns that if she concentrates really hard she can make the plants grow faster and thats how her family find out they have some wood nymph in them

·         PTA meetings with all manner of species there to make sure their kids are learning all about everyone correctly

·         Parents teach their children that it’s okay to have a crush on someone even if they’re not the same species as you, it’s perfectly okay and natural and okay and yes Jackson, even if he’s a boy werewolf and you’re a boy vampire

·         The school lunch lady is a witch who makes healthy and delicious lunches

·         The school security is a pack of baby griffins

·         You are required two years of magical study; if you scare an A in both, have a recommendation from a teacher, and passed the AP exam, you can take a remedial –mancy study

·         Every sport must allow magical beings to participate, to a point. Water nymphs and merfolk have their own swim teams. Centaurs have their own track league

·         Schools and workplaces must have an indoor garden for plant people to rest in

·         Speacking of workplaces, there are specific jobs and activities and such created to help magical beings with special needs

·         There are blood drives for vampires

·         There are places for summoning spirits so you can speak to loved ones or study for a history exam/project. The public library has a heavily charmed, dark back corner where you can summon any ghost who gave up their body for public use (volunteer sacrifices, donated to science, organ donors, ingridiants for rare spells) and decided to stay in the library to continue to help people. After seven p.m. the ghosts can use the library for themselves and walk around freely

·         Hotels where people help incubi and succubi feed off of their sexual energy and these hotels are clean and cozy and have all manner, both magical and mundane, of protections against STDs and pregnancy and sexual assault

·         Incubi and succubi often work at health clinics

·         Devil/Demon lawyers

·         With the good, however, also comes the bad

·         People get addicted to all kinds of magic and magical herbs, which in too high an amount can have effects never intended

·         With all kinds of species comes all kinds of racism and specism that people have to conquer and get over

·         People use their powers and magic for ill intent; mind control in particular gains a bad reputation

The best part of this AU is that it doesn’t even have to be a Homestuck AU it can stand on its own and I really love it okay

all the thanks to @creative-classpect for helping me flesh it out more with the world building and also figuring out a species for the Amporas