Super quick Lamen comfort fic for @mxlfoydraco who is Suffering ™ with school things, and hopefully this little drabble makes things feel a little easier.  ILYSM!


“Enough.”  The voice speaks, easy and quiet against the back of his ear, warm hands lifting him from the desk where he’s been sat hours–maybe days, who knows.  

There’s just too much to finish, too many holes to fill, too many preemptive strikes to make to ensure nothing happens to him–to them.  To their kingdom, which they’ve worked too long and too hard to keep.

Laurent knows he should argue, should push back, but it’s impossible when Damen’s massive arms encircle him, drawing him back against a large, broad, almost naked chest.  Through his own clothes, Laurent can feel the warmth seep into him, almost renewing him in a way that he can’t quite explain, but he knows by now he doesn’t ever want to live without.

Warm lips find the exposed sliver of skin just above his high collar, and they rest there, breathing him in.  “You can’t piece together our countries in a single night.  You need rest, or what good will you be to anyone.”

“To you, you mean,” Laurent snarks, but it’s without venom.

Damen knows this, laughs as he turns Laurent in his arms.  His hands, so massive one palm covers nearly all of Laurent’s cheek, move to his face and they cup it tenderly.  “I am not such a prideful man that I cannot admit I need you.”

Even after all this time, amidst all the promises they’ve made, amidst all the sacifices they’ve given for each other, for this, Damen’s honesty still makes his knees weak.  “I could last another hour or two,” he says, still pushing.

Damen smiles enough his dimple shows, and Laurent wants to push his finger into it, though he refrains.  “Yes, my love,” and the term of endearment hits him right in the gut, “I am aware of what you can do.  But you’ve sorely neglected your own needs.”

And then Damen takes over.  Then he bosses Laurent into their bedchambers, into night clothes, under the sheets of their impossibly soft bed.  It’s another shock that Damen tries nothing more than to curl Laurent against him, to hold him, to try and sieve his stress from his body by touch alone.

He asks for no more than Laurent is willing to give, and sometimes Laurent is afraid to let himself believe that Damen wants these simple, quiet moments.  That he is content with holding him just as he is with making love to him.  But there is no pressure for anything other than this, no request for more.

Just a moment which allows Laurent to relax, to let the rest of their fragile world exist outside his periphery.  Just a moment to remind himself this, this is what he fought for, this was what he was willing to let himself have.  In the end.

A Kingdom and This, as The Regent and as Kastor’s bodies rot.

He supposes there should be a part of him which feels guilty for the lives lost, but he can’t.  He’s not a better man than this, and he’s learnt to live with it.

He turns his head slightly, seeking a kiss.  One finds him, Damen’s lips pliant, soft, undemanding.  Damen’s hand brushes along his nape, into his hair, curling itself in the locks as he keeps Laurent close to him.

“Sleep, sweetheart.”

Laurent scoffs, but he lets himself fall against Damen’s chest.  Lets the gentle, steady, sure thrum of Damen’s heart guide him into sleep.  The rest of the world, at least for now, can wait.

Harry knew it would be bad to be late today. He knew it and he still went ahead and got caught up in this mess of a mission. It’s like he tempted fate once again and this time his luck ran out.

So when the loud crush outside disturbs the silence in whatever dungeon they are kept in, Harry only winces and gives Ron a wary glance.

Ron, the traitor, smiles back at him and wriggles his eyebrows. “Mate, I never thought I would say this but bless your marriage.”

And as if summoned by these words, the door bursts open, leaving small pieces of woods in its wake. Behind the mess is a small Lumos giving just enough light to see Draco’s face.

“Potter.” And Harry winces again because Potter in that voice only means trouble.

“Ah, you found me,” he says and adds a smile, hoping to sooth Draco’s anger a bit.

“Ah, I found you,” Draco agrees and then summons a chair and sits. And he stares. Because that’s what Draco does. The bloody stupid git stares him down until he realises how foolish his actions are.

Besides him Ron clears his throat. “I really don’t want to break up this domestic but you know, Hermione is waiting.” At that Draco shots him a glare of such intensity that Ron flinches a bit and then just offers, “or you could let me go take care of the mess you left while you give Harry the lecture he deserves.”

Traitor, Harry would whisper it under his breath but doesn’t want to add to Draco’s anger.

Draco sighs and releases Ron from his magical bindings with an easy finite incantatem and then summons his wand for him before he sends Ron away.

And then Draco is right back to staring him down.

“Look, I can explain this. I really can. Just li-”


“Draco, I really didn’t mean to mi-”

“Wrong,” Draco repeats and then he must see that Harry is ready to continue to defend himself because he gives a small shake of his head and then a deep sigh.

And Harry knows he shouldn’t have done this today, shouldn’t have accompanied Ron on a mission he wasn’t even part of when he had taken this day off weeks prior to the date. But they were short on Aurors and it was either send Ron alone with a newbie or go with him and give him reliable back up.

The plan was to capture four dark wizards and get it over before afternoon rolled by. But then they just had to get caught in a trap and held captive without their wands.

It would have worked out if everything went according to plan but today of all days, it just had to fail.

So Harry says the thing he should have said from the very beginning. “I’m sorry. I’m horrible for missing our third wedding anniversary.”

“Wrong, Potter. Try again.”

Harry looks up and has no idea what Draco wants from him. He messed up. He’s aware. He just doesn’t know what Draco wants to hear. “Thanks for saving us?”

“Don’t make it a habit. I had plans today.”

“Yeah, I messed that up. We could go another day, you know. Or we could go away, to France for a vacation. I could take a week or two off and we could enjoy a trip to-”

“Potter,” Draco interrupts him. “You still haven’t said it.”

“Said wha-”


“Oh,” Harry breaths. Of course, he hasn’t said it yet. He seeks out Draco’s gaze and smiles for him, and for himself, too. He lucked out in life. “Happy third anniversary, Love.”

Draco beams back at him, completely ignoring the mess that Harry is and walks over to sit in his lap. “Happy third anniversary. Of course only you would find yourself held captive on such a day.”

“I knew you would come looking for me,” Harry smirks.

“Flattery won’t bring you far.” But Draco still leans down and gives him a kiss that leaves him breathless for a moment.

“I’m right where I want to be,” Harry breathes against into the kiss. And perhaps for the rest of his life he will be allowed to be right where Draco is.

And that’s when something crushes above them, followed shortly by Ron’s voice shouting for them to come help.

“Well, that’s where I leave. You know where to find me, Potter. I shall accept the offer you made and plan a trip to France for us. Now then.” Just like that he thrusts Harry’s wand into his hand, stands and apparates away.

Harry throws his head back, so overcome with laughter before he grins and frees himself of the bindings. He’s got to make up for an important night but first he needs to take care of those idiots.

(Let’s be honest Harry is addicted to his work and devoted to Draco. This was bound to happen. Luckily for him Draco is obsessed with him anyway.)

Now that all we’re waiting on is Shiro’s vlog… I want him to talk about:

  1. Being a leader
  2. What inspired him to become a pilot
  3. How he and Matt met (since he’s a friend of the Holt family)
  4. How he feels being called a “hero”
  5. What he thinks of his fellow Paladins + Coran and Allura
  6. His PTSD episodes
  7. Being able to pilot the Black Lion again
  8. Slav… (and Sven)
  9. His experiences as a student at the Galaxy Garrison
  10. His flashbacks (in depth) from being in Galra captivity
  11. How he feels about himself; his prosthetic hand; the Galra’s “greatest weapon”
  12. And last, but not least, Lotor

Halfdan x Reader

@sconniebelle so this was my dream and it’s also my first Halfdan fic.

Halfdan stopped. He could hear whimpering and cooing. Also a hushed whisper repeated over and over. But that wasn’t the thing that struck him about, he understood every hushed word.

“Are you coming?” Harald called and Halfdan hushed him. Stepping closer to one of the walls he saw a small door, cut into the panels of the ceiling. Peaking through he could see a shape, moving slightly but not looking at him.

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Warmth and enthusiasm did captivate her still. She felt that she could so much more depend upon the sincerity of those who sometimes looked or said a careless or a hasty thing, than of those whose presence of mind never varied, whose tongue never slipped.
—  Jane Austen, Persuasion

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Hey Kat, do you have any recs for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them fics? I already searched your fic rec tag but if there are any I’m too stupid to find them.

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Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone
Your demons come to light and your mind is not your own
                             - Billy Squier

9x14 “Captives”                                                                                                   Dean + Scruff and Smolder,  for Pam <3