• V: (Satori) Hey! I’m Bangtan’s __ (a character from the movie  Friends)
  • Caption: I don’t care. Who are you guys
  • LSG: But … who are you guys
  • V: Alright! heard you attacked my babies a bit. Who is that?
  • LSG: I … did not get involved in that though …
  • Jin: I heard you guys attack idol groups really well!! WE ARE BANGTAN SONYEONDAN! COME ON BRING IT ON!
  • LSG: But we have a bazooka with us!
  • V: I really wanted to come on knowing brothers
  • JK: (satori) Which ‘Lee’ are you from?
  • LSG: (satori) If you came here to sell drugs, then just sell drugs and leave (meaning selling something fishy)
  • JK: (satori) Alright then …
  • Caption: Dance skills that you can’t stop watching
  • Caption: Rap Monster sally! 
  • Caption: Inventor of Crying Rap vs Rap Monster 
  • LSM: RAP MONSTER! Our!!!! Ay … I don’t know …
  • RM: (Satori) Hey! That’s it for you!
  • KHD: We have no DNA for losing
  • Caption: It’s fuming up like fire from the beginning!
  • J: Sand Car?
  • JH: Swiss?
  • KHD: Did you know the answer?
  • JM: Of course I knew about it 
  • RM: Shin Yoonbok. InSooDaeBi. Chilbok. 
  • Someone: Chilbok … CORRECT!!!!!
  • JM: (banmal) Hey! You don’t ever think of coming here ok?
  • Caption: BTS continuously failing (at the game)
  • Caption: Athletic school seniors are showing strong momentum
  • LSG: Suga! Will there be any way to clear this (wordplay with Suga)

Credit trans:  @sugafull27


‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning…  

Picture Perfect (Tim Drake x Reader)

A/N: This is honestly such a cute idea! I love Tim very much! Also, thank you so much, I’m glad you like my writing. ❤

Warnings: Extreme corniness???

Request: Tim Drake where he sends S/O polaroids or developed photos when he has missions outside the country!! Reader has numerous albums of his photography, some of them are pics of S/O and him <3 You have magnificent writing skills! I can’t believe I just found your blog!!

Tim smiled as he sorted through the recently developed photographs. Mostly views and scenery that he knew you would love, but also several photos of him that he had gotten Dick to take for you.

One of the photos that he was particularly excited to send you was a simple photo of him, smiling into the camera and making a heart with his hands. He saved it to be the last picture that you’d see.

With a black pen, he wrote captions on miniature post-it notes, that he stuck onto every picture. When he reached the last one he paused, smiling softly before scribbling down a short note. He packed the photos into an envelope and took them to be shipped to Gotham.

You raced down the staircase of Wayne Manor, only stopping once you found Alfred in the kitchen.

“Alfred, is there any mail?” you questioned breathlessly, wheezing slightly after sprinting from your room.

“Yes, Miss (Y/N). Master Tim sent this for you,” Alfred responded, handing you a manila envelope.

You grinned, taking the envelope from his hands and carrying it over to the table, barely able to contain your joy. The boys had been gone for three weeks, and you missed Tim greatly.

You carefully undid the seal on the envelope and pulled out a stack of photos.

You sorted through them, grinning madly at the captions he had written for each picture, scrawled onto the tiny post-its.

There was a photo of a night sky, a full moon at the center of the photo. On the sticky-note it read: ‘I love you to the moon and back.’

You continued to look through the pictures, in awe at some of the amazing shots.

You smiled when you saw the pictures of Tim doing dumb poses, and one where Jason had decided to photobomb.

Your heart melted at the last photo, and tears started to trail down the sides of your face. ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart.’ It was stupid, and cheesy, but you loved it all the same.

You took the small pile of pictures into your hands, and carried them up to yours and Tim’s room. You shut the door behind you and moved to your bookshelf, pulling several leather-bound photo albums from the shelves.

You situated yourself on your bed, and began inserting the pictures into the album, writing the date and pasting Tim’s captions underneath each one.

When you were finished you flipped to the front of the book. You smiled fondly at the old memories. Pictures Tim had mailed to you were mixed in with photos of you and him.

His corny little captions never failed to make you smile.

A picture of the two of you on a sunny day, holding hands and smiling into the camera was labeled: ‘Your smile is brighter than the sun.’

You continued to look through the albums for hours, grinning like an idiot the whole time.
Tim smiled down at the little piece of paper in his hands. The one picture he didn’t send was of you. Just you.

‘I love you.’


i’ve got trouble with my baby

ㅤㅤㅤ mayday, mayday ♡・゚

i’ve fallen into a sweet ocean