Michelle Gomez Is A Gift

I wanted to compile a list of Michelle’s headcanons because she has THE BEST ones. And she has a lot of them. So without further ado or hijacking anyon else’s post…

List of Michelle Gomez’s headcanons:

  • Upon meeting Captain Jack - “Missy shakes Captain Jack’s hand. She goes, ‘Hi’ and he goes, ‘Hey,’ and then she jumps on Captain Jack’s back, and then a dinosaur comes in. And they both jump on the dinosaur’s back. And there’s a big water slide. And there’s bubbles. And balloons. And Gucci handbags, and it’s all fabulous!” 
  • More on Captain Jack - “That would be total carnage…and kinda sexy as well. She’d have to kiss Captain Jack.”
  • After Simm!Master regenerated into Missy - She went to Bloomingdale’s “and a little Nordsrom’s. Keeping it real, sniffing about for some bargains.” 
  • Missy’s TARDIS - Is a designer handbag (Prada or Chloe or Gucci depending on which panel you reference. She mentions it in almost every one, but it’s gotta be buttery leather and black and gold.)
  • Missy’s daughter??? - She has a daughter with Clara (somehow, “fuck if I know!”) who likes to wear pinafores and cat ears and cause trouble all across time and space.
    • Said it to a fan at her autograph table…who was dressed as “Under the Lake” Clara with cat ears and her hair done like Michelle’s “space buns.” Can’t find the video.
  • Missy’s Perfect Day - Tea with the Queen and slapping Wonder Woman in the face.
  • Michelle’s Episode of Doctor Who - Would be set in some kind of Victorian era with some kind of Daft Punk music playing, and Captain Jack would obviously be swinging from the rafters, and Peter Capaldi would have his shirt off. And he wouldn’t be the Doctor, he’d just be Peter…and just lot of little dogs, little Jack Russells. And it would be about absolutely nothing and set in a very expensive location with a lot of special effects.
  • If Michelle Could Call her 15-Year-Old Self - Well, Michelle wouldn’t call herself. Somehow 15-yr-old Peter would show up at her door, and before he got the chance to ask if Michelle would like to play the Master, she’d invite him inside. And then she’d fling herself on the floor and say “What?” and “Really?” about 100 times.

Please reblog and add anything I missed! I’m SURE I missed some because all of these are pre-Series 10. Even better if you have video and/or images to cite your sources and spread a little joy to Missy and Michelle fans!


A/N: Jack really needs a hug. (I volunteer!)

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You shouldn’t love him, you know you shouldn’t but here you were on his ship. Again. Helping him find some stupid lost treasure. Elizabeth tried to make you to stay with her but you just couldn’t, so you snuck out and met Jack at the docks. You tried to convince yourself it was your love of the sea and the idea of adventure, but no matter how hard to tried, you knew it wasn’t the reason you were on this bloody ship. 

The opening scene to Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End is one of my favourite scenes in the whole franchise, the music is perfect for the beginning and it sends a chill down my spine every time I listen to it.
Furthermore it really does set the scene, and the mood of the prisoners. But it also shows us how severe and brutal the consequences were if you were involved in piracy. It’s magnificent and it makes me even more excited for Dead Man Tells no Tales.