ツイッタ絵まとめ by おむ on pixiv

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A bunch of fighting game style sprites of various Mario and Wario ladies, inspired in part by Skullgirls.

…Stargirls, that’s it.

Based on sketches by ThePenguinWhisperer

激感謝2014年 by おむ on pixiv

** Permission was granted by the artist to upload this submission! Check out their other amazing work and make sure to give them ten stars!. DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST.**

a little doodle between commissions.

Sort of a continuation to the Wario and Waluigi pic

Three of the Warioware ladies, I see people usually draw Mona with her fur more often than not so I decided to grab her latest design. Incidentally, she’s the only character I didn’t redraw from official artwork because Mona only has some very simplistic artwork unlike Ashley and Syrup. There are many Warioware ladies, but it seems these three are the most well known

As mentioned before, I’m gonna do just one more Nintendo pic, from Tropical Freeze most likely, before moving to other topic to practice, very likely from the subjects you people suggested. Working with Nintendo’s artwork has been a pretty interesting experience all around, especially using 3d models for 2d drawings

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The Captain of the Black Sugar Gang is coming for the booty!

I’m here to talk to you about this nice little initiative we like to call #TeamSyrup.

Now now, you might be wondering exactly why should you care about this obscure character over all of the other possible contenders to join the Super Smash Bros. crew, so let me spend the rest of the post trying to convince ya with some sensual facts!


I’m quite sure nobody over the age of 12 is going to assume our greedy little badass known as Wario came from the WarioWare series, right? Except for maybe NINTENDO ITSELF, by the looks of it.

Wario as of now is the only representative of his franchise, and not only is half of his moveset made up with a few references to WarioWare thrown here and there in the form of his trademark bike, but there isn’t a single trace of the actual games where Wario first appeared, and made platforming history.

Anyone who’s played these old as hell games would know there is more than enough material to make a nice homage just with the titular character alone, but the franchise seems to have been forgotten, or at the very least overlooked, by Nintendo. Not a single stage, item, reference at all beyond the ‘Hurry Up’ written at the back of his jacket, that we can only hope is taken from Wario Land 4.


You probably heard of Captain Syrup before in someone’s list of Top 10 Obscure VG Bosses to never be mentioned again, so allow me to give ya some background on this character!

Captain Syrup appears as the final boss of the first game in Wario’s own series, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. This pirate lady stole a giant Princess Peach statue from the Mushroom Kingdom that Wario himself wanted in order to get back the castle he had stolen from Mario in Mario Land 2, but in the end, Mario stepped in and ruined their fun.

She later makes a comeback in Wario Land 2, trying to get back all the treasure Wario had stolen from her in the previous game, and appears frequently through the adventure as a boss and even has to be rescued by Wario at a certain point! 

…Granted, he only does it for the treasure, but there’s still traces of an interesting dynamic that hasn’t been seen by any other Nintendo duo!

Her most recent appearance was 7 years ago in Wario Land: Shake It!, as an NPC that sold Wario maps and other items in order to advance his adventure of rescuing Princess Merelda and, more importantly, get an endless amount of coins. It’s worth mentioning that even if she might seem irrelevant at first, you could say she planned the whole game’s plot on her own!

With a flirty, sneaky personality that isn’t safe from the trademark humiliations suffered by the Wario Land cast (that being uh, Wario himself) and a versatile role for any kind of game she has been in so far, the Captain makes for an interesting character whose addition as a regular member of any game could certainly make a difference! which brings me to the next point…


You might remember how Mario Tennis brought along partners for half of the cast that would later become regular members of the franchise, right?

Princess Daisy from Mario Land had only appeared once, but that didn’t stop Peach from having her as her perfect partner for tea parties and sporty ass kicking!

Birdo was a boss from Super Mario Bros 2, probably not having enough in common with Yoshi to be classed as his partner, but now you see them and they certainly make an interesting couple!

Even Wario himself was included from the same series of spinoff that gave life to Princess Daisy, who could have been a perfect partner for the greedy plumber? maybe someone with the same goals of getting filthy rich? Someone who also had something against the Mushroom Kingdom, maybe having opposed Peach herself in the past? Maybe someone who already had a history with him!

…Waluigi! Who had a rivalry with Luigi going as far back in time as… now! And who had been Wario’s partner since… this very second! With the originality of being a clone of a clone, who needs a badass pirate lady to be part of the Mario cast? Who needs someone who counts as a proper villain with its own traits and also contrasts well with the rest of the characters included? There certainly isn’t anybody like that, let alone someone who had 2 major appearances at the time!

Thanks to Waluigi’s starring roles in such universally-acclaimed classics as Never-Amount-To-Anything Land, Fun With Lazy Design and Kingdom of the Completely Useless, he has in fact been featured in two of the Super Smash Bros games as an assist trophy! This fact alone is the reason I believe in the concept of mankind’s original sin, and also why I’ve been suffering from a bleeding stomach ulcer ever since Brawl came out.

…for a better view of what we mean here, please refer to this one post detailing exactly how, had Waluigi never been made, we would probably have Syrup right there as part of the main Mario Spinoff Cast. Being a regular is something she deserved right from the start!


Up until now we have said how smash has had little to no representation of the Wario Land series, not even by the hand of the titular character of said franchise. Smash 4’s removal of Wario’s signature shoulder-barge, that was in fact featured in Brawl, is testament enough to that. It’s in a similar vein to how Syrups exclusion at the time of Mario Tennis can only be described as confusing and incredibly unfair.

Smash has been the perfect vehicle to bring back forgotten details no matter how irrelevant they might seem to people at first. We probably wouldn’t even have Fire Emblem outside Japan if it wasn’t for that pair of pretty boys being unlockable back in Melee, right? And don’t even try to say that interest in Earthbound and Mother 3 didn’t spike thanks to Smash, the misguided yaoi fanfiction of Ness and Lucas in a relationship together is proof enough of that.

Building up enough votes for Captain Syrup could make something. Maybe not enough to get her included as she ain’t as popular as other possible options, but maybe it’ll be enough to have Nintendo remember that Wario Land exists and deserves love, and lots of it. If Wario has nothing to show for the series, then Syrup is the next best option! Aside from Wario himself, she is the series’ most recurring character and a staple of the games, having proven herself as Wario’s one true rival.

If the series needs to present itself to the world, Syrup is just the lady to do it, and with gusto.


We would definitely adore Mona to be part of the Smash cast for once and show everything good that comes from the WarioWare franchise, but as it stands now, those games aren’t exactly forgotten by Nintendo. The most recent in the series was released only two years ago, in 2013, and despite mediocre reception, a Smash 4 level was modelled after it.

All of the Wario references are made taking those games into consideration, so as much as she would be a fantastic inclusion, Mona would not add something entirely new, as Syrup would. Something like this could make a big change for the Wario Land franchise!


No matter how much Ninty screws it up, there is no way that they can’t come up with an incredibly creative moveset for the Cap'n if they take her very concept as the base. To demonstrate all that’s possible, here’s every piece of Wario Land and Syrup-related material that could be utilised to make a fantastic Smash Bros fighter!