Sea Dogs: Chapter Nine

Summary: Emma Swan and Killian Jones met as children and have been friends ever since, learning to navigate all of life’s ups and downs together. They’ve always known that when they have no one else, they have each other. It’s been a constant in their lives, so when their futures are up in the air, will that constant stay the same?

A/N: Blessed be to weeks off of work where you stay home because I’m now ahead in real life and in all of my little fictional worlds. So have fun reading this chapter that may or may not answer some questions from the last chapter :D

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Chapter Nine:

Killian’s left standing in the parking lot adjacent to his apartment staring at the back of Emma’s blonde hair as she walks away. He thinks about going after her and asking what’s wrong, what he’s done, because it’s not like Emma to keep things from him, especially if those things are about him. Every time she’s even been cross with him, she hasn’t hesitated to tell him. She doesn’t hold anything back, so this scares him. But he doesn’t want to push. Emma needs her space sometimes, and if he pushes her, she’ll push back before slamming the door in his face.

Not wanting to risk anything, he heads inside, climbing the stairs and entering his apartment only to find Liam sitting in his briefs on the couch while he eats leftovers from the night before.

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