#for most of emma’s life she’s been all alone#whenever something terrible happened she just had to accept the fact that no one is going to be there for her#to wipe away her tears#to hold her hand and tell her everything is going to fine#to just hug her when she most needed it#just someone to comfort her#but NOW she has all of that#she has it with killian#he is there for her ALWAYS#she never has to go through anything alone#because they are a team#and if you think for one second he’s not good TO her or FOR her then you are 100% wrong#because he is exactly someone a person as amazing as emma needs#and deserves in her life


So anti CSers are using the first gif to make fun of our ship. But as a CSer I thought it was a good scene. Not a scene that felt good definitely but I actually loved this little moment. And here’s why. (I already commented this on the anti CS post but I figured I wanted to make a separate post.)

I love this moment because Snowing just told Emma their secret and Emma felt betrayed by her parents. And we know for sure that Emma’s been betrayed countless times in her life. By Neal, Ingrid, Lily, August, etc. And all of those betrayals she had to go through on her own. All her life she was alone. But not anymore. Now she has someone, a partner, a person she can lean on always. Whatever comes her way, good or bad, she now has someone to share the joy or burden with and him reaching out to her is him letting her know that. 

I think it’s a great scene to show us the realness of their relationship. Remember, they are together but they are still in the beginning stages of their relationship. One thing I love about CS is how organic and real everything is - every development, every step forward. This is a moment to remind us how human their characters are - Emma is shown like a real person who doesn’t just go from the person used to dealing with her shit alone to a person who’s ready and fully accepting of love and companionship. 

So Emma took her hand away. That is in character. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like him or want his reassurance. I mean, he’s her boyfriend. It just wasn’t the right time for Hook to do that. As someone who relates to Emma’s character, I can say that if you’ve been alone all your life, you develop this self-reliance because you realize no one is there to help you, to tell you when you’re making a mistake, to comfort you. So when somebody betrays your trust in any way, your first instinct is to close up and tell yourself to stay strong. You don’t wait for someone to hold your hand and make you feel better or make you feel like at least you’ve got someone to share the pain with. No. Because no one is coming anyway.  She just needed time. She just had to be that person again to realize that she now has the luxury to not be that person anymore. Because now she has Killian. And I know she realized that when she hugged him later that episode. 

But again, that moment of Hook grabbing her hand is so important. That and him coming to her at the docks later in the episode. It shows the beauty of the CS ship. I think it’s beautiful that even though Killian knows Emma, he still tried to show her and make her feel like he’s there, she has someone to lean on now. The scene showed us how Killian is someone who understands how difficult it is to love someone so closed and alone all her life, but who won’t give up and will take his time to break down every single wall of hers just to make sure she knows that she never has to go through anything alone any more and that there’s someone who loves her enough to be with her through the bad as much as the good.