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AKA what if Killian had been the one to follow Emma to the Wish Realm?

When Emma disappears to a realm where the Dark Curse never happened, Killian finds a way to follow her, only to find out that she doesn’t remember him. But he realizes that true love can break any curse… So all he has to do is make her fall in love with him again.

Me : I need to put my life together, to make sport, to find a job, to prepare myself for the future.

Also me : spending an unhealthy amount of time watching TV series and fangirling over fictional characters.

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CS little moments appreciation [1/?]

I wanted to start this hiatus project with the moment that brought me the idea for it. 

I was making this gif of this scene, and it occurred to me that we never really gave this moment the attention it deserves. I mean, look at how many times he is staring at her lips there. As far as he remembers he never had any experience with girls, and he was probably never even in love before he met this woman. And now she talks to him and he just can’t seem to be really concentrated with what she has to say because he is too drawn to her and is just dying to taste her lips without knowing this is another one of these muscle memories (which she will talk on later on) that give him the urge to kiss her.

Send me a CS little moment and I will add it to the appreciation list 

The  CS little moments appreciation project

Christmas Icon Pack || 400+ Icons
After a week of working, I finally finished my super-mega-sorry-I-have-no-chill Christmas icon pack! Contains over 400 icons for both Tumblr AND Twitter (please choose according to whichever social media you’re using). Includes icons of Captain Swan, Emma Swan, Killian Jones, Colin O’Donoghue, Jennifer Morrison, Colin & Jen, and some various ones including Colin & Josh Dallas and Jennifer & Rose McIver. Lots and lots to choose from, multiple backgrounds and hat choices. Download here and enjoy! Merry Christmas!! :)
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I have a prompt for you! Person A's car is down and is forced to call Person B for help. They are not exactly the best of chums.

A/N: Well this got out of hand. *typos all my own*.

A knight in a shining Ford pickup

>1800 words

Shit. Fuck. Damn.

Name your expletive and it most likely passed Emma Swan’s lips in the five minutes after her (not so) trusty bug puttered out, grounding to a halt by the side of the deserted country road. Those five minutes were spent poking around under the hood before she heard an ominous hissing sound, punctuated by loud pop and the release of a plume of hot steam that narrowly missed her face.

(And of course it was three am and this being goddamn middle-of-nowhere Maine the only garage in town wouldn’t open until at least ten).

She was at least a half hour drive from Storybrooke and even further in the other direction from the last vestiges of civilisation she had passed on her way home. That wasn’t a walk she relished in the pitch-blackness of the unlit road. But…


She couldn’t call Mary Margaret or David - not only did they both work early in the morning but they had a small son and she was pretty sure they would kill her if she woke him with a phone call. Belle was back in Australia visiting her mother. Ruby never answered her phone and could also sleep through a hurricane.

And that just left…



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I’m just gonna put out there that I’m a strong independent woman, my fiancé is a strong male feminist, and before he asked me to marry him, he had to get my mom’s old engagement ring, which means he had to ask them for their “permission”, knowing full well he would do it anyway even if they said no.

Because he was doing it to present respect to my parents. It has symbolic meaning only.

He doesn’t think I’m property. He doesn’t think I’m an advantageous trophy to gain wealth, land, or status. He was honoring my family and giving them respect and I find that sexy and romantic as hell.

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i can't believe people are getting upset that Killian is going to talk to Charming before he proposes to Emma - I am just very excited that Emma and Killian are getting engaged (coz lets be real it's not iike Emma is going to say no!) I'd love it if Killian also talked to Henry about it but either way I'm uber excited to see how it will all play out coz you know that Jmo and Colin are going to be amazing.

I’m with you. I mean, look, I know that you can’t please all of the people all of the time but I do feel like it’s come to the point where the show simply can’t win with some people. It’s not doing things quickly enough or slowly enough or in the “right” way.

So instead I, too, am choosing to focus on the positive. There’s wedding talk, y’all. What’s not to be excited about? We’ve watched this relationship develop from the ground up and now we’re going to get to see it through to its logical fairy tale conclusion. (Because yes, this show is itself a fairy tale.)

The story of lost Princess Emma is heading in the trajectory that I have always wanted for her: taking her from the friendless orphan we meet in the pilot to a true fairy tale princess surrounded by friends and family and True Love. I am 100% here for whatever her happily ever after entails and whatever steps are taken to get her there.

(And yes, Jen and Colin are totally going to rock this. :D)

With A Bit Of History

Just a little something that I came up with after the promo for 6B on Sunday and I couldn’t help myself (I know i never can). Spoilers below the cut (so basically everything is below the cut). As always this is also available on and feedback is always appreciated, however you choose to leave it. Enjoy!

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Word Count: 1.3k 

It is everything she wants.

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This is like when the parents get divorced and they start dating again, so they talk to the child(ren) to make sure they’re not uncomfortable with their parents dating someone new.

Isn’t that what this “Killian asking for David’s blessing/permission” is?

Like when Emma wanted to make sure Henry was okay with her going on a date with Killian. She probably would’ve done it anyway, but she wanted to make sure her son was alright with this new development.

Like a lot of you say, this is ultimately up to Emma if she wants to accept Killian’s proposal, but this is just upholding that tradition that they may/may not have had in the EF. And seriously, if you think Killian & David are making this decision for her, then you are crazy.

“Whatever we become, it’s up to her as much as me.”