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Killian Jones is the type of man that reassures his girlfriend that it's okay as she is about to kill him.

Even when he’s terrified about what’s about to happen. He still makes sure that Emma’s well being comes before his. When you hear him tell her ‘it’s okay’, it’s one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking little moments that’s ever happened with Captain Swan. In what he assumes are his final moments, he is completely focused on her, his own fears be damned. 


CS Fic: Before You Go

A/N: @shady-swan-jones, not at all what you requested, which was post-break-up fic with the prompt, ‘I literally can’t sleep alone anymore so I’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas. Can we have one more nap together, please?’ This hit me first from our convo, so I’ll have to go back and write the post break-up version.

Summary: On the eve of Killian leaving town for the Peace Corps, Emma surprises him. 

Words: 1435 | Rating: PG | ao3 | ffn


Killian weighed the frame in his hand, staring at the photo within as he absently pulled a page of newsprint from the pile on the coffee table. It was from a few years ago, just after commencement, Liam standing to his right, a wide smile on his face, while Emma, Belle, and David pushed in on his left, knocking his cap askew. Emma was mid-collapsing in laughter, her hair loose and covering half her face as Killian’s unseen hand dug into her robes, tickling her ribs as he pulled her in tighter. He could almost hear Mary Margaret admonishing them, pleading for them to allow her one photo where she wasn’t going to have to edit it in order to make it so they were all looking at the camera at the same time.

He slipped off the back of the frame, pulling the photo out and tucking it into his duffel bag before wrapping the frame and placing it in the last open box. He was taping up that box when a knock rapped at his door.

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For @ripplestitchskein ‘s Birthday. Better late than never right?

Emma’s latest skip is hiding in plain sight at ComicCon, if only there weren’t more than one of the same costumed character. (3500 Words) 

Deadpool. At least he wasn’t Deadpool she thought to herself as she looked through the sea of characters in the hall. The last thing she needed was to have to sort out which of the red and black spandex masked figures was her skip.

Finding one costumed man in the sea of people would be hard enough.

This whole thing was insanity. The crowd. The costumes. Her costume. If only she hadn’t let Ruby talk her into wearing this ridiculous thing. Emma should have known based on every past Halloween that as soon as her friend heard the word “ComicCon” that she’d do everything in her power to get Emma into character. At least this time Ruby had a point. Her typical “honeytrap” tight, short dress might not be as attractive to this bail jumper as the black leather body suit she was currently sporting.

Not that Emma had anything against the full leather body suit. She knew what it did for her figure, and it might come in handy again in the future. It was the wig that was driving her nuts. Her long blonde tresses were bound tightly to her head to allow for the two-tone brown and shock of white instead.

“Of course you have to go as Rogue, Emma. She’s Gambit’s girlfriend. And get this, people can’t touch her or she’ll drain their life force. It’s like she’s your dream character. Anyone who knows will give you a wide berth. It’s like she’s made for you.”

That might have been what sold her.

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Your Daily Hiatus Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 107]