Captain America: Winter Soldier


Yes, I am playing heavily with timelines, as Tony took out his reactor in Iron Man 3 and Buck was nowhere in sight. LET ME HAVE MY DUMB JOKE OKAY. Just wanted to celebrate the Brooklyn opening this weekend with some things I love the most: the Alamo Drafthouse, Cap, and stupid humor.

Do it again

(A/N): I’m really feelin’ these Bucky requests (i absolutely adore them)

Request: Can I have a Bucky imagine where you can control the elements? You can do anything with that. Love your writing❤️❤️❤️

Warnings: fluff

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   From the moment your powers presented themself you hated them, you despised them. One minute everything could be perfectly fine and the next you’ve set fire to everything within a five minute radius. 

   For years you’d lived in fear of them, scared of what you could potentially do. You locked yourself away, refusing to talk to anyone or seek the help that you needed. After all, who knew what could happen if you got help. Maybe your problems would only get worse, maybe they’d improve. All you knew is that you were far too scared to take a chance like that. It wasn’t until the Avengers showed up at your doorstep that you reconsidered your options. 

    “So uh- you guys want me to join your team?” You ask a bit hesitantly, biting your lip in thought. The people around you, the Avengers, all nodded, broad smile upon their faces. 

    “We need more people like you (Y/N),” The captain states as he claps a hand on your shoulder nearly causing your legs to buckle. “People who can do some good with what they’ve got and we’d be honored to have you on our team." 

    "On one little condition-” Bruce buts in, giving you a shy smile. “I’ve just been dying to study your powers, your DNA, if you do join would it be okay if Tony and I…studied you?” He smiles at you earnestly and you can’t help but nod, the overwhelming feeling of safety rolling of the group like tidal waves. You hadn’t felt such a thing since your power presented themself and to finally feel it once again was more than wonderful. 

    “Will you come along?” Bruce asks quietly still giving you that amazing smile.

    “Yeah, yeah I will,”

    You could barely believe that was nearly two years ago. Two years of forming amazing friendships, two years of fighting alongside a great team, two years of finally learning to control your powers. It was through the help if Wanda and Vision that you were able to achieve this, they had found ways to help you control their powers, whether that was through physical or mental training. 

   But over those two years you’d also met some incredible people; The black panther, spider-man, king t'chaka, and James Buchanan Barnes.

    You immediately bonded with Bucky, the fear of yourselves, that you could intentionally hurt someone without meaning to is what most likely brought you together. You were both angst ridden souls and for some reason you guys just connected. 

   From the day you met him you knew you had fallen in love. You knew it was cheesy but the way he had smiled at you, the soft tenderness to his voice, the way he shielded his arm from your gaze, it was all too sweet for you to handle. Apparently Bucky had had the same thoughts on you and so the two of you were slowly falling in love with each other without the other realizing it.   

    It hadn’t been until it’d almost been too late when the two of you realized how much you loved each other.

    Bucky had been captured by Hydra, stolen away in the night. As soon as Steve found out he called for an emergency mission and all the Avengers were ready to go in under five minutes. You all took to the jet and flew off, desperate to get Bucky back by your side.   

  When you landed you were immediately bombarded with Hydra agents on all sides but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t take care of. Using your powers you tore great chunks of earth from the ground before smashing them against all the agents, it had been a quick and painless death for them all.  

   Needless to say after taking down ever Hydra agent within the vicinity you reached Bucky, bruised and battered from his short time back but he was there and breathing.  

   You vaguely remembered Steve telling you to be cautious around him, Hydra may have set off the winter soldier and he didn’t need any more casualties than you’d already caused. To a certain point you’d followed Steve’s word, being more than cautious around Bucky. But all rational thoughts left you when in a quiet, broken whisper Bucky murmured,

    “(Y/N)?” It had sounded so genuine and so Bucky that you lost everything the Avengers had warned you of. Throwing caution to the wind you dropped to your knees before Bucky and wrapped your arms around him as tightly (without hurting him) as you could. 

    “Oh my god,” you whisper, “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I-I could have lost you, I-I-” you stop your little sob fest when Bucky nuzzles into the crook of your neck, sighing shakily as he does so. His arms snake around your waist and he holds you gently, as though your made of Porcelain.

    “Please don’t let go,” Bucky damn near pleads. “Don’t ever let me go,” his voice is shaking and you can hear the underlying tears In his tone. Your heart aches at his words and you know he’s hurting, he’s hurting and all you long to do is help.

    “It’s okay,” you soothe as you run your hands up and down his back, “I’m not going to, I promise,” it was then your life changed, when those few words were uttered. 

    “I love you,” it was so soft and quiet you could barely hear it but then he repeated it a bit louder and clearer. “I love you so much (Y/N),” your whole body froze and you swore you could feel your heart stopped. Bucky Barnes was in love with you? Bucky ‘I saved a nation’ Barnes was in love, with you? The words still felt foreign to your ear but despite this you find yourself telling him the exact same thing, in the same exact tone. 

    “I love you too Buck, god I love you so much,”    

   That was nearly a year ago, a year ago you’d proclaimed your love for the super soldier, a year ago you had nearly lost your best friend and love of your life. Now, a year later, you’re curled up on your bed, Bucky’s head resting on your stomach as the two of you cuddle. 

    “Do it again,” Bucky murmurs sleepily, staring at your hand with half lidded eyes. You chuckle softly as you run your fingers through Bucky’s hair, relishing in the soft sounds of contentment that fall from his lips.

    “I’ve already showed you 3 times Buck-”

    “One more time I promise,” you sigh softly but the Wide smile on your face betrays your 'annoyed’ tone. With the simplest of ease you make a small flame appear within the palm of your hand. It dances lightly, bobbing up and down as it travels around your fingers. Bucky’s eyes widen with childish curiosity and your heart nearly melts at the sight.

   Bucky Barnes thought your destructive powers were amazing and knowing that such a pure creature as himself loved something so evil had tears welling within your eyes. 

    “Can I touch it?” Bucky asks softly, his fingers already halfway to the flame. You extinguish the tiny flame immediately, much to Bucky’s dismay. 

    “If you want third degree burns sure,” Bucky turns his head to look at you, pouting as he does so. 

    “I could have used my metal arm…” You chuckle softly, shaking your head in amusement.

     "I think it’s safe if we don’t touch fire at all, especially the kind I make,“ Bucky pouts a little more, giving him an innocent, puppy look. His eyes are wide and imploring and you’re pretty sure you can hear him whimpering in that soft pleading tone and you know what he’s gonna say before he even says it. 

   "Do it again,”

More Than Anything

Summary: Bucky remembers what he did to you when he was The Winter Soldier.

Warnings: Mentions of sex, fighting/violence, swearing

Word Count: 1180

A/N: I just put this shit together real quick because I was bored and needed something to do. Italicized is a flashback .Hope you like it. Send requests here.


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“Can you condition my hair please?”-BB

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Imagine: Bucky has a rather tiring mission and all he wants to do, however you protest as his is bloody and dirty. This results in him having a bath, but accompanied by you washing him.

Warning: Nakedness? light smut, but just fluff

Bucky grunted in discomfort next to you as the quinjet had a rather rough landing.

“Babe, are you alright?” You questioned, as a good concerned girlfriend.

“Just a bit sore and tired. Obviously didn’t do my stretches before we started” He tried to make a joke. But you knew better, after a tough HYDRA mission that he was stuck doing for 2 days, before they called the rest of you for help.

“Come one love birds, lets go!” Tony chirped, way too energised than he should be. Bucky and you subconsciously trudged your way into your shared bedroom. But before you got into bed you suddenly realised how Bucky was covered in blood and had tangles lining his hair.

“You can’t go to bed like that Buck, you need to wash” You commented, a load groan sounded from your boyfriend in protest.

“Too tried” He mumbled like a smile child and rubbed his eyes.

A cleaver thought entered your mind, so you instructed the big man child to sit at the end of the bed and wait. Meanwhile you were getting yourself busy with filling up the large bath which adorned in your huge bathroom. You poured in a rather generous amount of Bucky’s bubble bath, almost immediately after the room was comfortably warm and smelt amazing of Bucky. This alone made you tired, god knows what it could do to Bucky.

He, sensing the warm air from the bedroom, now stumbled into the bathroom and gave you a small smile.

“Thanks doll, but I think I’m too tired to even wash myself”

“Well silly, there is a clear solution to that. I’ll just come in with you.” He seemed to like this idea as you could already see the tiredness in his eyes ebb away a little.

“Sounds good doll” He chuckled. Simultaneously the two of start to undress. You let Bucky slip into the bath first, a small moan of pleasure escaping as the warm water settled his aching muscles. Quickly you put your hair up into a messy bun, not bothering to wash it today. You then climbed in behind him, wrapping your legs around his waist, with his back pressed to your chest. 

“You alright there soldier?” You questioned, as he had gone awfully quiet.

“Yeah, just appreciating what I have.” He replied contently, you begin to bring a cup of water to his head and start to soak it.

“And what’s that?” You ask

“You” He turns around so you can stare into those bright blue eyes that are filled with love. You often thought that when you first met Bucky it would be incredibly hard to read what he is feeling. But with those angelic eyes, he is an open book.

The two of yours lips meet slowly, and you to share a long passionate kiss that just pours in love. When you disconnect to catch a breath, he rests his forehead onto yours and whispers,

“I love you so much”

You capture him into another kiss and mumble back.
“I love you too, so much” The kiss starts to get heated, and before you know it water is being splashed over the edge as Bucky pulls you so you are now sitting in his lap. You can feel every bit of this gorgeous man in front of you, but before you could cut to the good part, a rather loud and obnoxious yawn emits from Bucky. 

He throws you a sheepish smile and a quick apology 

“Don’t worry, lets just get this done and get you into bed” You explain as he hums in agreement.

You then twist your way back around Bucky, lather up the shampoo on your hands and bring it to those luscious locks of his. Gently you massage the soap into his scalp, making sure to run your nails satisfyingly down his head.

A loud moan then sounds from him, and God if he wasn’t as tired as he is. You would never let him get away with sounding like that and laving you hanging, it’s just cruel.

Bringing a cup of water up to his head, you gently pulled his head back so you could wash the shampoo out of his hair. With his hair wet, eyes closed and  content smile resting on his face, you could really appreciate his good looks. Which on one hand was what made you fall in love with this soldier. But what really made you fall was how, even without even knowing you that well, he trusted you and confined with you about his nightmares ad opened up to you about his horrific time in HYDRA. After him spilling his feelings to you, you then did everything in your power to make his life at the compound as good as it could be. The rest is now history, as you two (as expected, is what the other avengers say) fell in love and now almost everyday he confesses to you how you saved him.

“Can you condition my hair please?” He mumbled, you let out a small chuckle before replying

“Who would of thought, the mighty James Buchanan Barnes asking me to condition his locks.” You joked and he let out a genuine laugh

“I’ll love you forever and ever” He tried to persuade you

“Babe, you already will”

“Got me there doll, but I will be very grateful and return the favour one day.” Bucky retorted. You hummed in response and reached over to grab the conditioner. Squirting out a very generous amount of the conditioner, you start to rub it in. You run your fingers down his hair as a comb and every now and then scratch his head. 

This results in your boyfriend moaning noises of approval whilst almost falling asleep, but you just chuckle at his antics.

“Your fingers work magic doll” He confesses

“Well, I don’t normally get complements for my magic fingers whilst doing this, it’s normally something else” You laughed, but Bucky was too wrapped up in his own world to acknowledge your joke. So you quickly washed out the conditioner, making sure to run your fingers across his brown curls.

“Come on Buck, lets get you to bed.”

He half heartedly made an attempt to dry himself when getting out of the bath, but noticing how he was in fact struggling agains sleep you decided, once again, to step in and help. Taking the towel off of him you start to run it up and down his arms, legs and stomach, making sure his body is dry. Before you help hi into his most comfortable pair of pyjamas and then tucking him into bed. But before you could walk away to prepare yourself for bed he grabbed your wrist and pulled you close.

“Don’t leave me doll”

“I just need to grab one of your shirts then I’ll join you and we can cuddle” You explained softly whilst stroking his hair

“God, I’m going to marry you someday” He mumbles into your shoulder. Your body freezes with shock. Neither of you before ever mentioned marriage. So by him confessing this to you it sent the butterflies in your stomach wild and a smile jumped to your face. 

With that you quickly grabbed a shirt and jumped in along side your husband to be in the future. But hopefully not too far into the future you tight before drifting off to sleep engulfed in Bucky’s arms.

I'll be your legs

(A/N): I think I cried when I got this request, it’s just so perfect

Request:  Hey :) would you do an imagine with Bucky Barnes where you’re dating but then you get pretty hurt during a mission and need to lay in the hospital for a few weeks. Then back at home you need to learn walking again and Bucky is there all the time helping you and encouraging you when something doesn’t work. Also he then always gives you a kiss when you have a success during your practising :) I hope you’re okay with that

Warnings: swearing, injury, Bucky is such a supportive sweetheart

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   Bucky knew what was going to happen as soon as he saw the bullet flying through the air. He knew that it was going to hit (Y/N) somewhere and that this mission would end in either a hospital visit or to the mortuary. 

   Bucky watched helplessly as the bullet embedded itself into (Y/N)’s lower back and (Y/N) screamed out in pain. His feet couldn’t carry him to their side fast enough, each step felt like a hundred miles and they were only getting longer and longer. 

   Finally the journey ended and Bucky dropped to (Y/N)’s side, his hands already assessing their body for more damage. A string of profanities fell from his lips as he gently cradled (Y/N)’s head in one hand, the other gently running along their chest and legs. When he found no extra damage his nerves were only slightly sated, after all (Y/N) did have a good sized wound in their back and if he didn’t get them off the field they’d be dead in only a few minutes. 

    “B-Bucky,” (Y/N) whispers in a meek, weak tone. “My legs, I-I can’t feel my legs,” Bucky’s eyes widen and his hand slowly slips down to their thighs. He gives them a good squeeze but when (Y/N) showed no sign of feeling it his heart dropped. Bucky didn’t need a doctor to tell him what the consequences of the shot were, he already knew; (Y/N) was officially paralyzed. 

    Bucky knew he had been true from the moment those words fell from (Y/N)’s lips but his theory was proved true by the doctor’s own words.

   "They’re paralyzed from the waist down,“ The doctor stated emotionlessly, as though this didn’t hurt anyone in the world whatsoever. "There’s two options we can consider: we have physical therapy which most of our patients go through although it may cause great amounts of pain on (Y/N)’s part or we can have Mr. Stark try to figure out a treatment," 

   All eyes were on Tony now, full of hope. Tony looks between all the Avengers before sighing, shaking his head lightly. 

    "We can give them the same treatment we have Rhodey, I can make them some braces, have Buck teach them how to walk,” Bucky’s throat runs dry but despite this he finds himself nodding, his heart swelling with hope. 

    “Okay, that settles it,” The doctor gives all of them a polite smile before scratching something down onto the clipboard he’d been holding. “They will need to stay here for a few days, just so we can monitor their vitals, make sure they’re doing okay. Basic stuff,” Bucky nodded softly, not even really paying attention to what the doctor had to say. Instead his focus was upon (Y/N) whose eyes were attempting to flutter open. Bucky gulped dryly as he reached his hand out to clasp (Y/N)’s, giving their colder smaller one a light squeeze. 

    “Well Mr. Barnes,” The doctor is speaking directly to him now, his gaze steadfast upon Bucky’s face. “I think that’s about it. Feel free to stay as long as you’d like, unfortunately,” he turned to look at all the other Avengers, giving them a sympathetic smile. “You’ll all need to leave, hospital policy.” The Avengers all murmured their goodbyes to Bucky and (Y/N) before shuffling out the door, the doctor following closely behind.

    “If you need anything,” The doctor pokes his head back through the door, “just push that red call button on the side of the bed,” Bucky gives the doctor a smile and nod before turning back to (Y/N), giving his entire focus to them. 

    “(Y/N),” Bucky whispers quietly as he squeezes their hand once more. “(Y/N), doll, you awake?“ There’s a soft groan spilling from their lips and their fingers are squeezing back against Bucky’s. 

   Bucky exhales shakily as small tears begin to form In his eyes as he comes to a sudden realization, His (Y/N) was alive and safe. Had the sniper gone up just a bit Bucky wouldn’t be sitting beside a hospital bed instead he’d be staring at (Y/N)’s body on the way to their mortuary. 

    "B-Bucky?” There’s a shaky, quiet voice and it sounds so broken and helpless that it makes Bucky want to cry even more. 

    “Yeah baby?” Bucky leans forward as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s bloodied knuckle, not caring about the metallic taste in his mouth. (Y/N) opens their mouth to say something before shutting it again in thought and then opening it once more.

    “I-I’m paralyzed, aren’t I?” Bucky sighs softly as he runs his thumb along (Y/N)’s knuckle, contemplating his words. “Don’t try to lie to me James Buchanan,” (Y/N)’s voice is quivering with emotion and it takes all of Bucky’s willpower to not break down and cry. 

    “Y-yeah doll, you are,” (Y/N) sighs softly and their brow furrows in thought. 

   "Tony said he was gonna take care of you though, build some cool leg braces-“

    "There’s no way in hell I’m letting Stark design anything for my body. The man would add repulsor rays to the side or paint them his stupid colors.” Bucky chuckles softly, shaking his head in amusement. The sound was a bit watery due to his tears but he didn’t care, not right now, not after almost losing (Y/N) to just have them making jokes about their recent injury. “So does this mean I’m going to have to learn how to walk again…?” There’s an underlying tone of hopelessness in their voice and Bucky completely understands it. After his new metal arm (given Tony blew his old one off) he couldn’t even get the hang of it, it was so unlike what he’d been used to and he just felt like such a burden and so hopeless and he never, ever wanted (Y/N) to feel that way. 

    “Yeah, but I’m gonna teach you, it’ll be fun. It’ll be like…It’ll be like I’m your legs." 

    "Is it going to be anything like that time you attempted show Tony his way around a knife?” Bucky smiles fondly at the comment, recalling the memory in which he did try to teach Tony his way around a knife but it resulted in many bandages and an almost trip to the hospital. 

    “No,” Bucky promises quietly, “I’ll make sure Tony is nowhere in the near vicinity of us while we do this, damn man could find a way to get us all killed by by tripping over something,” (Y/N) smiles sleepily, their lips curving upward Into that lopsided smirk Bucky loved so much. 

    “In that case, I think you’ll be an excellent teacher," 

    By the time Bucky and (Y/N) returned to Stark Tower Tony had already designed the braces (Y/N) would need to walk. Thankfully there was no repulsor rays or bright, annoying colors.

    "Top of the line,” Tony grinned proudly as (Y/N) stared down at the metal braces now attached to their legs. “Rhodey even approved,” Bucky smiled fondly at (Y/N), like a mother would to it’s child. He had one hand one the small of (Y/N)’s back keeping them supported should they lose their balance and fall, the other rested at his side. “So now it’s in Bucky’s hand to-” Tony pauses, biting his lip in thought. “Teach you how to walk again,” (Y/N) nods, their smile never faltering and Bucky swears his heart melts immediately. Despite everything they’d just gone through (Y/N) was smiling brightly, looking incredibly happy despite those situation. Tony gives the two a smile before walking off, leaving Bucky and (Y/N) alone. 

    “You think you ready to…” Bucky trails off as (Y/N) gently trails their fingers down to the metal braces on their legs, their fingers stopping around their thigh. Even if it didn’t show Bucky knew (Y/N) was scared, scared and self conscious. They were scared because for one in their life they had to be dependent upon someone else and it was a foreign, nearly alien like subject. “We don’t have to today, we can wait a little longer maybe-”

   “No,” (Y/N) sighs softly, albeit shakily. “I want to do this, better now than later right? Plus, you said this was going to be fun,” Bucky smiles softly as he presses a soft kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead, only slightly settling their nerves. 

   “Yeah, It’ll be just like summer camp,” 

  “I hated summer camp,” 

  “Well then…it’ll be like gym class,”

  “I hated gym class too,”

  “Then it’s just going to be a fun time, okay?” 

   The first few days were harder than expected. The exertion was usually too much for (Y/N) and they’d end up slumping to the floor in a crying, sweaty mess. 

   Bucky felt terrible, absolutely awful because he no matter how much he tried to reassure (Y/N) it didn’t seem to be enough. Their positivity seemed to diminish as the days ticked by and Bucky had to watch helplessly as that bright light drained from their eyes and it only seemed to get worse with each training session. Bucky had watched (Y/N) losing hope for weeks on end and he had had enough. He was bound and determined to make damn sure that (Y/N) didn’t feel that hopelessness he had felt before, he was going to fix them. 

   It’d been the same as yesterday, (Y/N) had given up and slumped to the ground sobbing as they shouted, ‘I can’t fucking do it! It’s too much!’. Bucky’s heart ached as he watched (Y/N)’s smaller frame sob and he decided then and there that enough was enough. 

  Bucky sat down beside (Y/N), pulling them onto his lap and wrapping his arms around them securely. 

   “Listen here,” His voice is no louder than a dangerous whisper and the shock at such a tone is plastered across (Y/N)’s face. “You can do this, I believe in you,” (Y/N) sniffles softly, wiping away at their runny nose. 

   “I-I can’t thou-” 

   “I’ll make a deal with you,” Bucky interrupts, his tone a considerable amount lighter than before, “You finish this round and we’re done for the day, yeah?” (Y/N) looks up at him with their damned doe eyes, albeit wet with tears, and Bucky swears he melts on the spot. 

   “Promise?” Bucky gives them a warm smile, pressing a soft kiss to their cheek. 

  “I promise,” (Y/N) sighs shakily, their gaze flitting down to their legs hesitantly. There’s a momentary pause as both parties look down at (Y/N)’s impressive leg braces and then (Y/N) is sighing once again, nodding reluctantly. 


    The following week was a bit better than the last. (Y/N) had been slowly improving and Bucky couldn’t have been any prouder. (Y/N) had just gone from damn near hopeless to…well, they were trying and that’s all that mattered. 

   (Y/N) breathes in heavily as the stop to rest, having just nearly walked around the Avengers facility a full time. 

   “I think I just died,” They pant softly, their chest heaving shakily as they do so. Bucky smiles softly as he pulls (Y/N) against him, keeping them secure in his embrace. 

  “You’re doing so good,” He whispers all the while pressing a tender kiss to (Y/N)’s sweaty hairline. 

   “I’m all sweaty, you probably don’t wanna hold me,” Bucky scoffs only tightening his grip on (Y/N). 

   “That’s ridiculous, I always wanna hold you,” Bucky can feel (Y/N) smiling against his skin and he couldn’t even be any damn happier. He, Bucky Barnes, was able to make (Y/N), sweet and pure (Y/N), smile. Despite what they’d recently been through and how depressed they’d been, he was able to make them smile. 

   “I really love you,” (Y/N) whispers as they nuzzle their face into the crook of Bucky’s neck. “You’re the best,” It’s now Bucky’s turn to smile and he’s pretty sure he’d blushing but he doesn’t care, not when the love of his life is wrapped up in his arms telling him how much they loved him. 

   “I love you too,” Bucky whispers back, pressing yet another kiss to their hairline. “I love you so much,” 

   The two of them remain like that for quite some time, just holding each other whilst whispering sweet nothings (even though those words meant the world to both of them) and leaving fluttering kisses along each other’s necks. 

   “Think you can finish? Just a few more corners and then we’re done,” 

   “Yeah, I think I can,” (Y/N) sighs against him, their chest pushing against Bucky’s. Bucky smiles widely as he slowly pulls away, making sure (Y/N) was stable before pulling away completely. (Y/N) wobbles a bit before balancing perfectly, turning to look at Bucky with an elated smile. 

   “You’re doing great baby,” Bucky whispers as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s lips, being careful not to throw off their balance. “I’m proud of you,” (Y/N)’s smile grows  even wider and Bucky nearly squeals at such a sweet sight. Sure, (Y/N) may have had a long way to go but they were steadily improving with Bucky’s help and assurance and to Bucky that was the most amazing thing in this world.