Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Waves of Change

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Relationships: mermaid!reader x ?
Warnings: angst
Word count: 628

The Waves of Change
by mermaidsbluetail

The sun glowed its last orange ember of the day as she dips her fingers into the shallow water at her side. A small sigh escapes her lips as she stares off to the edge of the pastel-hued horizon, her pale rose-colored eyes seeing nothing, her pointed ears still for once, no longer twitching at every sound. Caressing the soft white sand, she sighs again and looks down, watching the minnows dart to and fro around the puffs of clouds stirred up by her delicate fingers.

A single tear slips down her pale cheek, the blue eyelashes fanning out on her slender cheeks sparkling from the drops of unshed tears. A soft breeze ruffles her long hair, the pale blue strands billowing out behind her in waves.

But she takes no notice. For she comes to this hidden lagoon every season, waiting to see her soldier that has never returned. The dog tags around her neck glisten in the fading sunlight, resting between her bare breasts, as she sighs deeper, her brow furrowing at the familiar sharp pang of loss spreading across her heart.

It had been years. Decades. Since she last saw his smiling face. The bright blue eyes, the wide smile and perfect teeth. Since she felt his warm touch, the taste of his lips on her own. His melodious laughter of surprise when he first laid eyes on her mermaid’s tail.

Her eyes travel to her tail, the blues and pinks swirling together in a beautiful array of color. But it was not beautiful to her this day. She could only picture his hand, rough and calloused, caressing down the scales. His deep voice soft as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. The way his eyes searched hers when he promised her of his return. But that day never came. And she was left alone.

Rose-colored eyes lift to the horizon once more, filling again with tears as she watches the sun disappear. Another season has passed without her soldier. Without her True Mate. Without her soul. Clutching at the dog tags, she closes her eyes, her face scrunching up in agony as a heart-rending sob tears from her lips. She curls over the tags, holding them with both hands over her broken heart, her tail curling around her body as she begs whoever is listening to let her see her lover one more time. To hear his voice. To touch his warm, sun-kissed skin. To watch his face light up in that beautiful, heartwarming grin every time he would return to their secret cove and lay his eyes on her.

All she wanted was to hear his voice again. To hear the strange term of endearment one more time before—


She inhales a strangled gasp, her ears twitching in the direction of the sound, her eyes snapping open, staring at the shallow waves washing over her tail. She knew that voice anywhere… but how? In human years, he should be an old man by now. He should no longer have the strong voice that just shattered through her bubble of grief.

Turning her head slowly, her pink gaze zeroes in on the large figure hidden deep in shadow from the fading sunlight by the palm tree grove surrounding the beach. Her breath speeds up as she turns her torso towards him, placing a hand in the sand to help herself twist, her tail unwinding to brace herself if needed. She catches the glint of something metal on his left hand, her eyes looking over every inch of him, desperately trying to find any recognizable feature in this large creature.

The figure steps closer to her slowly and her breath hitches in her chest when the familiar spicy scent hits her like a tidal wave.



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Tony: Did you do anything today? 
Bucky: Hung out with Steve. The sun came out, and I walked on my feet and heard with my ears. I ate the bits, the bits that stay down and I work, I f-function like I’m a man. I hate it because I know it’ll go away! The sun grows dark and chaos has come again. It’s… fluids. What am I? 
Tony: You are my beautiful boyfriend. 
Bucky: I-I threw up on your bed. 
Tony: Yep. Definitely my boyfriend.

Alone - Part 5

Warnings; swearing, violence

Words; 1,368

A/N; the feelings and emotions in this chapter are alllllll over the place but bare with me i swear everything will make sense soon!!! Sorry for the late update, I’m hoping to get another chapter up tomorrow/today seeing as where I am it’s 1am. Thank you guys for reading, you don’t know how much it means to me 💕

“What do you mean because of you?” Steve growled.

The banging got louder and there was a cracking sound, you could tell the door was about to cave in.

You and Steve looked at each other and agreed without saying a word. You scrambled up and threw clothes on and grabbed your weapons, thankfully Steve always slept with his shield beside him. The front door crashed in and Bucky closed your bedroom door, locked it and grabbed the bed with his metal arm and threw it against the door. It bought you an extra minute. Which was good because you realized you couldn’t jump out the window with your injury.

"How-” You had started to ask how you were going to get down to the ground when a strong arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you into them. Glass smashed around you and a second later you landed on the ground, still wrapped in someone’s arms. You pulled back expecting Steve but it was Bucky’s face that stared back at you. Steve jumped down beside you and gave Bucky an annoyed look before looking around for danger. There were two men in black heading towards the three of you and Steve threw his shield, knocking them out.

“C'mon this way!” Bucky motioned for you and Steve to follow him, you took a step in his direction but Steve stopped you.

“If you’re the reason they’re here for (Y/n) then why should we trust you? What if you’re working for them and this is a trap?” Steve said accusingly.

The thought had never crossed your mind that Bucky could be working for Hydra, the more you thought about it the more his mood swings made sense. But could he really do that to you? Could your entire relationship be a lie?  

Bucky’s eyes pleaded with Steve. “Do you really think I could do that to you?” He looked between the two of you. “Either of you? I’ll explain but I need you to come now before those guys get down here.” He pointed up at the window where the men were looking down at you getting ready to jump.

Bucky ran and Steve picked you up and ran after him, you could hear the men running after you and soon after there were gun shots. Steve and Bucky dodged them easily, running down road after road until they finally lost them. Bucky looked around before opening a door to an abandoned warehouse.

In the office of the warehouse there was a desk and an old tattered couch, laying haphazardly on the ground were Bucky’s clothes.

“This is where you’ve been staying?” Steve asked sounding slightly upset.

“Can’t draw too much attention to myself, I have to stay as hidden as possible.” He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck and glanced at you.

“Buck, what is happening?” You asked taking a step towards him and reaching out a hand but he quickly flinched away and looked at Steve. You stepped back and Steve wrapped his arm around you glaring right back at Bucky.

You were sick of them acting like children, actually you were sick of this entire thing! First Bucky leaves you to die, then seems to feel bad and jealous, then leaves again, then sends you flowers, then goes all sorts of fucking winter soldier crazy on you and says you should have died THEN shows up at the end of your bed demanding you follow him because there are men after you because of him! The whole situation was making your head hurt.

You stepped between the two man children and held up your arms. “I want some fucking answers and I want them now!” You turned to face Bucky your eyes cold as ice. “Why did you leave me to die? Why did you come find me and bring me flowers if you were just going to tell me I should be dead? Is our entire friendship a lie?” You didn’t want to feel upset because you should be so angry at him for what he said but a part of you couldn’t even believe he had said it. That wasn’t your Bucky, your Bucky would have never said anything like that to you. This you knew because the second the words came out of your mouth pure regret was evident on his face.

He looked you straight in the eyes and grabbed onto your shoulders as if that would drive the point in. “I swear to you (Y/n) I didn’t mean that at all, I don’t think that you should have died.” His voice broke. “I could never think that.”

You softened as his words and his sincerity but you couldn’t let up that easily. “Then what is really happening? And no more lies!”

He looked at Steve then looked at you, obviously thinking about his next words carefully. “All you need to know right now is that I did it to keep you safe.”

You pulled away from him frustrated. “I don’t understand why you can’t give me a straight answer!”

There was a loud explosion and you were thrown into a wall. Your ears were ringing and your vision was blurry. Strong arms grabbed you and you figured it was Steve or Bucky but they were being a little forceful. Your vision was returning and your ears were starting to hear properly and you realized the person that was dragging you through the warehouse was neither Bucky or Steve but a man with a Hydra emblem on their jacket. You tried to pull away put it made him grip harder. You could hear a commotion behind you and you were hoping it was one of the guys. There was a bang and the man dragging you dropped to the ground. You whipped around to see where the shot had come from. Bucky was standing there, gun in hand, looking pissed.

Someone came towards you but this time you were ready, you threw a punch to their gut and a knee in the face, successfully knocking them out.

“This way!” Bucky yelled. You and Steve quickly followed him leaving the lifeless bodies behind.

A few blocks away you found an abandoned car and hot wired it. Your plan was to drive as far away as possible as quickly as possible. You and Steve had decided not to involve the rest of the Avengers until you really knew what was happening with Bucky. You insisted on driving but both the men agreed on the fact that you needed sleep.

About an hour into the car ride no one had spoke and you had just started to drift off to sleep. Laying with your eyes closed trying to focus on sleeping you heard one of them clear their throats.

“Now that she’s asleep I think we should talk.” It was Steve.

Well this should be interesting, you definitely weren’t going to sleep now.

“About?” Bucky asked in a cold tone.

“Well you obviously care for her, in a weird twisted way where you leave her to die.” Bucky went to interrupt him but Steve kept talking. “I know, you’ll clarify later but that isn’t my point. I care about her too and I just want you to know whatever or whoever she chooses I just want her to be happy. I love her too much to get in the way of that.”

Your heart sped up at his proclamation and Bucky asked the words you were thinking. “You love her?”

You cracked your eyes a sliver to look at Steve, he knew you too well and must have known you weren’t actually asleep. He was staring right at you. “Yeah I do.” He smiled warmly and it made you feel gooey inside, but then Bucky grunted and it made you feel conflicted. You were really starting to develop feelings for Steve but how could you move on when you didn’t know what was going on with Bucky? When this car stopped, wherever you ended up you were going to demand answers and not stop pestering until you got them. And with that decision secured in your mind you drifted off to sleep.

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Avengers Preference: His favorite phrase to say to you


Clint: Perpetually the incarnation of sexual frustration, Clint likes to throw out the casual “K.” Your bra comes off? “K.” You cook naked? Spill water on your white nightie? “K,” Punctuated by  his mouth curving up to just one side and his straining pants giving him away, that this was most certainly not just okay.

Pietro: “Hey.” Sweet, innocent, or even evocative when executed correctly, this greeting is hurled your way at all times of the day. Whether he has spent the day racing about downtown curled up on the couch with his head on your lap, he will turn to you with the promise of mischief sparkling in his eyes as he opens his mouth and you prepare yourself for which version of it you will receive today.

Steve: “Come on!” Exhausted and done with your teasing, he will beg for an end you give by repeating the words back to him and giving your hair an innocent twirl as you lean to give him an unobstructed view of your boobs.

T’challa: It’s usually heard on mornings that he wasn’t there to wake up at your side, be it from working through the night or being out of town. When he’s finally able to greet you, he’ll murmur, “I had a dream about you,” as your heart swells at the thought of you never leaving his mind. It’s also terribly erotic and you vow to make reality better than his dreams.

Tony: “You’re cute when you’re angry.” Patronizing and doting at the same time are sure fire ways to set you right on the edge of either smacking him or showing him just how cute angry could be. Usually, it is some combination of the options, seeing as the slap just broadens his grin and drags you further under his spell.

Scott: Making sure to first draw in your attention by stretching his arms up just high enough to reveal a sneak peek of skin he will wag his eyebrows and croon, “You know you wanna piece of this.” When you sigh but begrudgingly dive in to kiss him, he grins at the fact that you do in fact want all the pieces he offers up.

Thor: Words are not even a necessity when it comes to you. Glowering seems to do the trick because he knows it can drag you clear across the palace to remedy it by the sweet press of your lips.

Bucky: A fan of simple and effective, Bucky will say, “Kiss me,” at all times of the day. When he wakes up with eyes still fast shut, when he is covered in sweat and body odor from the gym, or even when he is in the process of fulfilling his own request. You are always more than happy to indulge him.

Sam: He loves that you don’t agree with him on everything but there’s times that he needs you on his side; mostly for movie night with Steve and Bucky. “Do you trust me?” he’ll say earnestly when trying to convince you of Pulp Fiction. If it’s a matter of him taking you flying with the wings he’ll add, “C’mon you gotta trust me, I’m the Falcon, baby!”

Quill: “Really?!” Offended and challenging you, this exclamation can be heard all throughout the ship as he crosses his arms and raises his eyebrows to rile you up just as much. Usually the argument ends right there, exchanged for words murmured against parted lips and the aggressive pressing of your hips.

Five hours with him (third hour)

When he came back from the bathroom, I was still doodling in my notebook.

- What are you doing? - he asked.

- Figuring out who you are.

- But you’re drawing.

- I’m trying to remember all the people who were in the movies.

- There have been a lot.

- Well, obviously you’re neither one of the women or POC actors.

- That’s true.

- Which leaves us with… a lot of people. Okay, you’re neither Captain America,because it’s Chris. Nor Ironman, cause it’s Robert. - I looked at him. - Hawkeye was lowkey blonde so you’re not him neither.

- I thought you hadn’t watched the movies.

- I told you, I have a friend at Marvel Studios.

- Is he telling something to you?

I looked at him. - No?

- That’s cheating! Give me your phone now.

- No!

- Give it to me!

- No!

- Y/N! Now!

- Fine! - I took it from my pocket and gave it to him.

- Unblock it.

- What? Why?

- Come on.

- Fine. - I unblocked it and he got into the messages, sending Arthur, my friend working on Marvel, an audio message.

- Hey, Arthur. It’s Sebastian. Don’t you dare tell Y/N who the fuck I am. We’re playing a game and I’m wiling to take my prize. - he sent it, and put my phone on his pocket.

- You are not giving it back to me, are you?

- Nope. At least until we get to Boston.

- And what if I find out?

- That won’t happen.

- You sure?

- Pretty.

- We’ll see.

- Hey, so, is your sister having a boy or a girl?

I sighed and let my notebook on my legs, knowing what he wanted to do. Distract me.

- A boy.

- What is going to be his name?

- I’m not sure. Actually, I’m her godmother so I have to choose it.

- Anything on mind?

- Nope.

- What about Sebastian?

- What about are you stupid?

- Hey, it’s a great name!

- Yeah, for a crab!

- That hurts.

- Okay, I’m sorry. I don’t know, maybe I’ll call him Chris. - He groaned, and I laughed. - You’re really jealous!

- Of course I am! You’re here so pretty and beautiful without knowing who the fuck I am meanwhile fucking Evans is there at home without even knowing he almost had sex with such a great girl like you.

- Well, but that’s the past. It won’t happen again. And he will never know. I hope.

- It still disturbs me.

I smiled, and stroked his cheek.

- Do you want me to kiss you?

- It would be grant.

- Well, I will. Once I know who you are.

- Are you kidding me?

- No. I want to win, and you want to distract me.

- Well, my plan was actually kissing you, but if that does distract you, I guess it’s a bonus.

- Shut up, Seb.

- Okay… No, but really, how are you going to call the baby?

- I don’t know, leave me alone.

- What about James?

- Isn’t it a bit oldie for a baby?

- The baby will grow up.

- Well, yes, but…

- And Thomas?

- I’ve always hated that name.

- You could call him Thomas James. TJ.

- Like the Recess boy?

- Uhm, I guess so. Or you coud call him Jeff.

- Jeff? Like in…

- Jefferson? I don’t know. Just Jeff.

- It doesn’t sound like a baby name.

- What about Lance?

- Lance? Dude, that’s ugly.

- Chase?

- Nope.

- Andrew?

- I had a boyfriend called Andrew. And he was a dumbass, so negative.

- Ben?

- Ben? Really? Isn’t it the most boring name ever?

- What about Blaine?

- So 80’s.

- Josh?

- His father is called Josh, and I don’t want him to be called like his father.

- Martin?

- Sebby, no.

- Walter?

- That name is just to… ugh.

- Leonard?

- Like the Big bang guy? I don’t think so.

- Simon? Billy? - I looked at him with my worst face. - Okay, okay… Harry?

- Like the One Direction cute boy?

- Yeah.

- No.

- Carter?

- No! There was this guy in Gossip Girl called Carter and I hated him. Definetly no. - He kept looking at me for a while, like waiting for something. - What?

- Nothing. I just can’t believe what you just said.

- Why?

- Have you just decide not naming your nephew Carter because of a character of one TV show you watched when you were at high school?

- I really hated him. And I was in college, not high school.

- That makes it worst.

- Shut up. What was the first name you said?

- James.

- I’m gonna stick with that one.

- Yeah?

- Yeah. I mean, it’s a possibility. But don’t think it’s gonna be the one.

- I’m sure it will.

- Don’t be.

- But I am.

- Don’t.

- Why?

- Because I have another one in mind.

- Which one?

- Let’s just say it’s a good name for the winter.

He looked at me, confused, while I smiled and went back to doodling on my notebook.

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has this been done yet

Going down

- Are you sure?

He nodded. SItting on the pallet, I was beside him, looking forwards. He was looking in the same direction as me. We were alone on the room, and my willing to cry was growing for every passing second. I couldn’t lose him. Not him.

- It’s the best for everybody, you know that…

- I know, I know. But I’m gonna miss you so much… - I said, resting my head on his shoulder.

- I will miss you more…

- You’ll be freezed. And asleep.

- I may dream with you.

- What a try to be cheesy.

He let go a loud laugh. I smiled. I loved to listen to his laugh. It was my favourite sound in this world.

- Hey, it’s been 70 years. Back on my time it was much easier.

- Yeah, sure.

- I swear. - There was a moment of silence. - Sweetheart.

- Yes?

- I don’t want you to wait for me.

- What?

- Don’t do it. We don’t know how long I am going to be down, I don’t want you to…

-No, James. Stop. You’re not going to be there so long. A few months, maybe a year. Maybe two. I know it, okay? I have a hunch. I’m gonna wait for you. I’m comig to see you everyday. And you come back, I’ll be the forst thing you’ll see. And don’t you dare forget about me, because I’m expecting a wedding once you’re back.

- Wow, then… Will you marry me? I don’t have a ring or anything but…

- Yes, James, I will marry you. Once you stop being a freezed fish stick.

- I love you.

- I love you more. - I replied, resting my forehead in his.