Captain America The First Avenger


Sometimes it is necessary to give into receive orders without dwelling on the loss of individual. The mission trumps all. Steve…never let me forget that these were real lives and real deaths that we’re dealing with…He also treated me like a person, which I very much appreciated.

I just watched Captain America: the First Avenger with my 70something yr old parents

And they asked me what happens in Cap 2, if Steve ever sees Peggy again.

I told them he does, but she’s very old, so they can’t be together. But then he sort of flirts with Peggy’s great-niece, which is kind of weird, though not too weird, since he never actually had sex with Peggy. I said it seemed like they might turn into a thing in a later film.

My parents’ response: ‘Sex with Peggy? Isn’t Captain America gay?’

I shit you not, they both thought Steve was in love with Bucky the entire movie and that this was some kind of gay love story.

When straight people who were born during WWII think they are watching a gay film, the filmmakers have crossed over the line from queer subtext into actual text.