SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE ME: Jack and Bitty going canoeing together. Both of them know how. Bitty has a canoe instructor certification from his camp counselling job; Jack is, well, Canadian.

They expect giant levels of instability and conflict when they nervously negotiate the seating arrangements and get in the boat, and are amazed to find that instead they just… seamlessly mesh into a team the moment they hit the water.


Warped tour roundup part one.
First time in a long time I was able to see every band that I wanted to. And I only caught half sets for some.
Cruel Hand
The Story So Far
Masked Intruder
Ice Nine Kills
Veil of Maya
Real Friends
New Found Glory


happy #nationaldanceday from me and the dance partner that has helped me grow the most this past year 💃🏽 spending so much time alone in the studio has taught me so much about myself as a dancer and an individual. it has taught me that perseverance, patience, and dedication can take you a long way. if you know me at all, you know that dancing is my life, my passion, my whole entire world. but this year has given me the validation and strength i need to fight for dance, no matter what. they say if you love something, let it go. i plan on doing the exact opposite. (capsize || FRENSHIP ft. emily warren) #mirrordance #freestyle

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          I am the
deepest blue—
                    a whale
          spurned shipwrecks
& capsized

I should be a good girl;
the kind that doesn’t drown in strangers
& liquor,
the kind of girl who doesnt fall apart
for the sake of falling.

Everyone throws “pretty & smart” at me
like it cures lonely and left behind,
“keep going,” they all say
my dreams will come true someday,
but the truth is
all I do is hold my breath
and know
that you let me go.

So, I drown in bare skin and spin,
praying to get so dizzy
I forget what it felt like
to be good with you,
pray to forget I love you,
pray I never have to watch you
love any girl the way you just couldn’t
love me.

I’m dizzy, and lost
and so hopeless.
Nothing is anything without you.
I’m the same old story;

I should be a good girl,
but I’m always just less than enough
and capsizing in it.

—  “Capsized” - R. Elyse (via @coupdeplumelyse)

You+Me - Capsized (Lyric Video)


Capsized by Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird’s new album, Are You Serious, came out last Friday, and with it, a new video for the single Capsized. The song is heavily informed by soul and R&B, and has a catchy chorus with a strong underlying drum beat. In the dreamlike video, Bird runs somewhat aimlessly through a concert hall, a city street, a bedroom, and other disparate locations. Some of these are places typically associated with large crowds, but, aside from a woman who appears in a few lightning-quick shots near the end of the video and whose face you never clearly see, Bird is the only person around. Several questions come up during the course of the video: Where is everyone? Who is this woman? Why does Bird have a target on the back of his jacket and a spotlight on him as he stumbles down the street? Is he actually in an episode of the Twilight Zone? I’ll probably be watching the video a couple more times, both to try to answer these questions and because it’s a pretty sweet song, too.