Only 3 weeks out! This tour is going to be epic. 

Coconut Cream Crane

Frasier accidentally enters a pie-eating contest at KACL, but is too proud to back out when Bulldog mocks him for competing. He trains all week by eating a whole pie with every meal, but on gameday is appalled to learn that the contest pies are all lemon meringue, while he’d been practicing with imported mincemeat. His shot at an honest victory blown, he psychologically manipulates the other contestants into instigating a voracious pie fight.

Martin and Duke capsize during a fishing trip and wind up stranded on a deserted island. With the sun beating down on them and limited food supplies, tensions build and the two begin to turn on each other. An argument over how to crack open a coconut climaxes with Martin shouting “I’ll crack YOUR coconut!”. As the two descend into fisticuffs, the coast guard arrives to find a disheveled, dehydrated Martin pounding on an official NFL “The Duke”-model football, on a small islet less than fifty yards off the clearly visible Seattle coastline.

At huge personal risk, migrants from North Africa continue to cross the Mediterranean to try to reach Europe. Ten died earlier this week when their boat capsized.

Among those travelling are children, many of whom make the journey alone. The charity Save the Children has been documenting a group who recently arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa.