I am the
deepest blue—
                    a whale
          spurned shipwrecks
& capsized

I should be a good girl;
the kind that doesn’t drown in strangers
& liquor,
the kind of girl who doesnt fall apart
for the sake of falling.

Everyone throws “pretty & smart” at me
like it cures lonely and left behind,
“keep going,” they all say
my dreams will come true someday,
but the truth is
all I do is hold my breath
and know
that you let me go.

So, I drown in bare skin and spin,
praying to get so dizzy
I forget what it felt like
to be good with you,
pray to forget I love you,
pray I never have to watch you
love any girl the way you just couldn’t
love me.

I’m dizzy, and lost
and so hopeless.
Nothing is anything without you.
I’m the same old story;

I should be a good girl,
but I’m always just less than enough
and capsizing in it.

—  “Capsized” - R. Elyse (via @coupdeplumelyse)

Capsize//The Angst In My Veins

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You+Me - Capsized (Lyric Video)


Capsized | Chapter 1: Crash Site

If you haven’t already, I recommend trying out Capsized, which is on Steam (even if only for the amazing soundtrack by Solar Fields - i.e. the awesome musician who did the music for Mirror’s Edge).
It’s a 2D side-scrolling shooter / exploration game, made by indie developer Alientrap. I think it was made by about 2 or 3 guys or something crazy. It’s fun, works really well and feels very polished, plus the hand-drawn graphics are gorgeous. I just think that such a well made game deserves more exposure.
fic: capsized standing on the edge of safe, part four

Characters: Rachel, Santana, Sam, Brittany. (Rachel/Santana, Sam/Brittany, Brittany/Santana)
Summary: This story follows Sam, Brittany, Santana and Rachel in the year and a half after New Directions win at Nationals for the first time as they come in and out of each other’s lives and try to find a place for themselves, even if that place isn’t where they originally thought they would be.
A/N: This is the last part, thanks to everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

She doesn’t know how to tell her that that is the opposite of the problem, that she wants this so much it scares her, so she just leans up and kisses her again, soft and insistent, pulling her as close as she can. 


Andrew Bird

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