Farm animals and the cutest, most vicious goat ever!

Today my little brother and his girlfriend showed me a place not far from our hometown near Milan that I had never seen before. It’s a small park, with an artificial lake for game fishing and farm animals which, during summer, are let free to roam around. 

Now that it is winter they are all kept in their enclosures, and as we approached they all ran towards us to greet us. After stroking the beautiful pony I moved to give some attention to the little happy goat, who started sucking on my finger. I was there laughing at how cute it was, until the goat decided to bite down on my finger leaving me bleeding for a good five minutes! It was obviously my fault, but I just didn’t expect the tiny teeth to be able to pierce so cleanly and deeply though my flesh and was quite surprised to see blood just pouring out like that! Oh well, lesson learnt!

We have also seen some Coypus (Myocastor coypus), known as Nutria in Italy and other parts of the world, leaving their burrows to go for a swim in the freezing water.