From Left to Right: 

Pier Luigi Nervi, Sports Palace, Plan, Rome, Italy, 1958-1960 / Plan of an Etruscan Tumulus / Jacques Molinos, Field of Rest, Plan, Paris, France, 1799 / John Thorpe, Drawing for a House / The Concentric Stone Circle, Plan, Great Rollright, Oxfordshire, England 

Manjak Chief’s House, Plan, Guinea Bissau, 1950 / Laurent Vaudoyer, Design for a Spherical House, 1784 / The Egyptian Hieroglyph for City / The Ambo, Plan of a Kraal, Namibia / Adolf Loos, Chicago Tribune Tower Competition, Plan Showing Division of Offices, Chicago, Illinois, 1922 

Restormel Castle, Plan, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England / Welton Becket & Associates, Capitol Records Building, Plan, Los Angeles, California, 1956 / Orvill H. Sowl, United States Patent 115,577, Design for a Building, Plan, 1938-1939 / Neufforge Cemetery, 1778 / Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, American Trust Company, Plan, San Francisco, California, 1960  

The Southwick House, Plan, Middletown, Rhode Island / Eduardo Paolozzi, Clock, 1983 / Plan of the Round City of Al-Mansur, Baghdad, 766 A.D. / Antoine Petit, Hotel Dieu, Plan, Paris, France, 1774 / Plan of Zincirli 

The Plan of a Kipsigis House / E. Vincent Harris, The Manchester Central Library, First Floor Plan, Manchester, England, 1930-1934 / S. Minofiev, Circus Building, Plan, Ivanovo, Russia, 1931-1933 / Edwin Lutyens, Lambay Castle, Plan, County Dublin, Ireland, 1905 / Successful Home Plans, Design S 1428