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The young dancers. Philip Connard (English, 1875-1958). Oil on canvas.

This work depicts the artist’s daughters Jane and Helen with their cat James. Another painting of 1913, also featuring Connard’s daughters, their nurse, and James, is at Tate Britain. The children appear on the same chaise in The Guitar Player in the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.



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  • Size: (do you want a specific image/canvas size, typically I work on cca 8,2x11,6in at 300 dpi)
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Guess who got a tablet for christmas? *waggles eyebrows* I still have a long way to go before I can be considered proficient at using it, but I’ll get there. I’m looking forward to making the most of the ‘dead’ time during my commutes to and from the office!


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anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on graffiti? Especially on pieces that are on buildings

Some are great, most are mediocre. Some treat walls like the back page of a notebook as a surface to write their own name endless times, for me that is visual noise, but some really take advantage of the potential of an urban canvas to create great works of art.

Here are some of my favorite street artists:


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my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy