emilyheart  asked:

your pictures are gorgeous! you might have answered this before, but what camera/lens do you use?

Thank you!! All photos from the trip were shot with one of the following: : A canon rebel T1i with a 28-135mm canon lens, an iPhone 6, a Fujifilm INSTAX 210, or a Polaroid PIC-300P. We edit with VSCO cam and CS6

But the flood is over! We can’t wait to post about the actual wedding when we get our photos back from our photographer! 

Feeling sad...

Someone smashed my car window and stole my camera bag that included my six year young Canon Rebel T1 and two lenses! Alas…how much joy I gained by carrying that bag around in so many places I visited in recent years…So many of my favourite captures was taken with those…feeling sad about the incident. I know any of those can be replaced yet I miss them already.