Sabine Heller’s World of Objects

Meet Sabine Heller, a woman who is all things Media. Acting as CEO of, the writer/photographer also exercises her creative energy contributing to publications Vogue Italia and Purple Magazine. In Episode 2 of our series Consolidate, we explore the tools of Sabine’s trade and how eBay fits into her inspired life of objects. 

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(Photo: Gabriel Stanley. Text by Jauretsi)


Asakusa in Japan Tokyo 日本東京淺草的小巷弄與晴空塔 I IMG_5493-12 by 銘俊
Via Flickr:
Asakusa (浅草) is a district in Taitō, Tokyo, Japan, famous for the Sensō-ji, a Buddhist temple dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon. There are several other temples in Asakusa, as well as various festivals. 浅草(あさくさ)は、東京都台東区の町名。または、旧東京市浅草区の範囲を指す地域名である。 淺草(日語:浅草/あさくさ Asakusa),本身既是東京都台東區的一個地名,也是以淺草寺為中心的周邊繁華街區的總稱。在近年東京都內實行區份合併以前,淺草本來是東京都內的一個區的名稱。


Autumn Forest by Habub3