Fix You

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean’s carrying the weight of the whole world on his shoulders, his guilt the heaviest of them all. He doesn’t know how to alleviate it, doesn’t know if he can. Skip the car, he has to get out of there. So out of the warmth of your house he goes, into the dark of the cold winter night. Good luck finding a man who’s not sure he wants to be found. (Takes place post Season 5 Finale)

Words:  3.3k (It kind of got away from me)

Warnings: ANGST, emotional roller coaster, canon divergence, swearing, guilt, self-loathing, dark thoughts, fluff? 

A/n: I haven’t written in a while, so I’m a little rusty.This one does goes a little dark. I’m in a weird place right now. Forgive me. It does end well though, or at least I think it does, all things considered. Inspiration drawn from a song by Coldplay. Flashbacks are in italics. Dean’s POV for the most part, yours in the flashback. Also, this is my first time really writing in Dean’s pov, so I’d love some feedback :)

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Make Love Not War

This crazy site has a tendency to bring out the warrior in all of us, especially lately, and since Tumblr felt the need to tell me that this blog is entering the terrible twos, I thought it might be time to spread some love.

(Full Disclaimer - I am a lazy blogger so you should consider this one of those random “Best of!” lists on VH1 or something. If I forgot you, and I know will forget at least 1 person, please know that I still love you.)

The Meta Queens - This group consistently rocks my world with how ON POINT their theories and character studies are. Even during the madness of s3, this group has found ways to connect each episode to the overall mythology of the show and develop even juicier theories about what might come next.




The Fandom Defenders - These two cupcakes are always willing to jump to the defense of another blogger, actor, and/or character being attacked. Even when they become the targets of vile attacks, they stick to their guns and never back down. I’m in awe of their patience, dedication and overall humanity.


@spacexualkids/ @tierannasaurusrex

The Sass Masters  - I’m sarcastic to the max, so these lovelies hold a special place in my heart. Their posts always leave me cackling, and I will definitely have the popcorn ready for their commentary on 311.




The Writers That Make It All Better - The amazing AUs crafted by this group make it easier to stomach the wild roller-coaster of canon. I am constantly blown away by their beautiful words and endless creativity.

@ponyregrets, @kay-emm-gee, @prosciuttoe, @enoughtotemptme, @notmylady, @likcoln @goldenheadfreckledheart @bestivals @dreamingundone @marauders-groupie @kindclaws @hooksandheroics @tryalittlejoytomorrow @tacosandflowers  @aeretria