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Take Me Home Pt. 2

“In times of pain, when the future is too terrifying to contemplate and the past too painful to remember, I have learned to pay attention to right now. The precise moment I was in was always the only safe place for me.” – Julia Cameron

(Continued Rp story from Here)

The fire crackles and pops as the wounded woman sits inside the neglected ruins of a once proud lighthouse just across the bay from Tol Dagor. The morning sun had risen higher in the sky turning to midday, then to afternoon.

Still, no sign of the two that had placed her on the rock, nor any whisper of footfalls from the elf that had plucked her from the spot. Her stomach twisted in knots as the thought of her own abandonment crept in. What if both parties had left her to rot?

Shaking her head free of the thought just as quickly as it entered the woman closes her eyes as her jaw muscles tense for a moment. One or the other will be back, her sister would be will them, and she would be safe.


That is a word the privateer hadn’t realized was such a commodity in over a decade. Every fiber in her battered being told her they were not coming back, that history was repeating itself. Her mind played the proverbial tape of herself running after her sister the day she ran off. The hatred and fear she felt then, was the same she felt now.

Though this time the hatred wasn’t for a family member, or herself. it was for those who continued to dispense their brand of justice–regardless of current crimes–on her crew, her friends.

As the sun started to set, the day continued to drag on, and the fire, which had been providing the redhead with much-needed warmth to her left, begins to peter out and die. It wasn’t long after the privateer found herself finally succumbing to her exhaustion. Slowly lowering herself backward, Rose laid on her back and watch the twilight hours give way to stars twinkling miles above her while her eyelids heavy as ever finally closed beneath the Kul-Tiran sky.

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A Simple Request

Lorraine returned to the Inn first thing in the morning, raising one hand to knock on the door to her room. The other, held a picnic basket that emanated the most delightful smells down the halls of the establishment. She waited, this time, rather than just barging in.

Luckily for Lorraine, Venreena was already up and tending to Olivia who had decided she wanted cuddles this early in the morning. The mother opened the door with Olivia on her hip and resting her messy curly head on Ven’s shoulder. Even with her thick braid dishelved and no makeup on her face, she did look much more rested than the last time Lorraine had seen her. “Lorraine, hi,” she gave her a small smile.

“I have food,” she said. First things first, after all. Her gaze shifted with a small, cautious smile to the girl clinging to her mother and then back to Venreena. “Are you both up for some breakfast?” She continued.

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Computing Update...

“So, my mun, who is such a lovely– ahem– pe.. piercing?” Connor struggled to say as his eyes squinted at the crumpled up sheet of paper in his hand.

//((Person, Connor! Person!))

“–Person! Lovely person! W-Wants me to suggest something to you w-.. wumbo–”

//((Wonderful! You’re doing great!))

“Wonderful HUMANS– PEOPLE!… People.” Connor exclaimed aloud as he quickled balled the paper up in his fist and hid both of his hands behind his back. “The mun– She, uh… She wants me to have a roommate! Which.. is absolutely crazy! Like, how dare she? How dare she suggest rooming me with HIM? Does she know what she has–”


“……! Would you all be interested in another person being added into my personal living spaces to interact with? I–”

“Oh… Is it my turn yet?” A different voice interrupted Connor’s speech very abruptly with a trivial question.

Nooooooo. It isn’t ‘your turn’! I still have a list of complaints to make about having a deviant as a roommate!” Connor said to Markus with a furrowing of his brow.

“Wow. Connor… You’re really hurting me. I thought.. I thought we were friends. You know. Two ‘droids, hanging out in a room, two feet apart because we are feeling gay.” Markus said in the most calm voice, the palm of his hand resting on Connor’s shoulder.

“That’s not even how the saying goes!” Connor argued, completely disagreeing with Markus’ statement.

“Heh. Yes it is.” Markus added, a small smile surfacing to his lips.

NO. It’s NOT!”

“Hmmmmmm. Yes, it is.”


//((ANYWAYS! This blog now will feature Connor AND Markus, which both will be able to interact with! If this new thing turns out well, there may be some minor blog changes– For the better, of course!))

anonymous asked:

Hey I saw you discussing && and || and how they might relate to alchemy. That could be right, but I think what's more correct is that they come from programming language. Hussie majored in computer science I believe, and those symbols are the basics that programmers learn. They're called logic gates. You can add and subtract things in different ways with them, which was represented by the holes being added or subtracted

Yeeeeeah I know that, I am saying that the “And” and “Or” commands relate not to the items in the cards, but to the Punched Hole Patterns on the cards.