HAPPY GAJEVY DAY EVERYBODY! It makes my heart so happy to see so many wonderful art works of my OTP. Fanart and fanfiction EVERYWHERE!

I usually don’t write short pieces, but today’s special so here goes.

As the sunlight filtered through the fluttering curtains, Gajeel shifted in irritation and opened one eye blearily to glare at the window. Well, he would have been glaring at the window if there wasn’t a giant mass of blue hair obscuring his view.

“Mmm…” the solid script mage in his arms rolled towards him and burrowed her face into his chest. The content sigh she let out tickled Gajeel’s chest and he couldn’t help but let a small smile creep onto his face.

Although the iron dragon slayer wasn’t exactly a morning person, the rare days that he woke before his wife were moments that he wouldn’t trade for the world. Even after several years of marriage, one set of twins and another boy that Levy had dubbed early on a ‘mini-Gajeel’, he still felt his heart expand in his chest and swell with just as much emotions as it had on his wedding day if not more.

Gajeel reached up with his hand and gently brushed a stray lock of silky blue hair away from Levy’s face before placing a feathery light kiss on her forehead.

Even in sleep she was breathtaking.

Hell, she was fucking beautiful even when she was drooling… and no matter how vehemently she denied it, she did drool in her sleep; he would know - he was the one she drooled on.

“Gajeel…?” Levy mumbled, honey colored eyes blinking sleepily. “Why’re you up so early? Trouble sleeping?” The thin strap of her nightie slipped off her shoulder as she propped herself up on her left arm, exposing the creamy pale skin of her shoulder.

Unable to resist the temptation, Gajeel wrapped his thick arms around her petite frame and flopped back onto the bed nibbling at the naked flesh.

Levy hummed happily at his ministrations and buried her hands in his thick mane. Although she absolutely loved how thick his hair was and how ridiculously soft it was, she was admittedly a bit jealous of how he managed to look every bit the tall, dark and sexy with long wild hair while she just looked like a giant cloud of cotton candy.

“Cotton candy’s good too,” as if proving his point, sharp canines nipped playfully on her collarbone. Levy gave him a playful smack on the shoulder as her cheeks flamed. “Not my fault you think out loud gihihi.”

Before she could give him an equally part sassy part witty response, he pulled her down and captured her rosy lips in a deep kiss. The low moan he got in return made him smirk, his fang catching on her bottom lip as he angled his mouth and took dominance.

By the time they parted for a much needed breath, the petite woman’s eyes were glazed over and a dopey smile had settled itself permanently on his face.

If Gajeel were a lesser man, he would have cried with how much his heart was bursting with happiness. But since he was the fucking manliest man ever, he stubbornly pushed down the stinging behind his eyes and buried his face in her neck instead.

“Good morning, Levy.” He rumbled at last, his voice still raspy from sleep.

“Good morning, Gajeel.” Levy smiled and kissed him once more on the cheek.

He might not have been a morning person, but he couldn’t deny that she always made waking up worth it; after all, no dream could ever compare to the happiness that was reality.

A/N: man. I’m so rusty. I haven’t written anything in so long other than analytical essays hahaaaaa… I hope you guys liked it! :)

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I tried,

So my history teacher asked me what makes one ship sink another ship during WWI?

I said, “When the other ship has a canon” 

Literally, ¾ of the room doesn;t get what im saying but after 5 seconds all of the fandom in my class starts laughing hysterically.

I have no life someone help 


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