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Red - Cannons Indeed

Is there any point in wondering? Is there any point in wishing? Because it seems that lately I’ve been doing too much thinking..

I am convinced that I saw the drummer on the 99 today.  Maybe I’m just crazy. 

anonymous asked:

I realy hate when naruhinas use the ''but is canon'' argument but when it comes to Neji's death, they keep saying that he died as a truly hero protecting his friends although Kishi said he only died as a cupid to bring them together, not to protect them; like yeah, it's cannon that he indeed died because of the naruhina but they omit this thing. They only accept the canon they want and change whatever fact it affects their ship or that makes their ship bad/trash or meaningless.

whenever Kishi said something unfavourable to their ship like NH happened cos he felt pity for Hinata, he had no devotion to write NH, or like he said Hinata’s boobs are huge, NH fandom said Kishi was just joking….They also picked and chose with what’s canon in the Last, they couldn’t excuse scumbag naruto’s chauvinist rivalry, some of them are claiming Naruto moved on from Sakura.  They’ve been using the same tactic in damage control since forever, I’m gonna reblog an old post

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Considering how much the history of the Sky meant to Shad, do you think Link ever took him up there, or at least gave him the clawshot so he could check it out?

talk lonk to me.

i’m just gonna….bring back my favorite tvtropes quote…..because it relates so well….so fucking well…….

Redundant Researcher: Poor Shad. He makes it his life’s work to find the Sky City, and Link just swoops in, uses magic tech from the past to find all the Runes Shad couldn’t, teleports the sky cannon away to get it fixed, and explores the city himself without bringing Shad along! Way to repay him for translating that spell, repowering the Dominion Rod, and opening the way to the cannon, Link.

Poor Shad, indeed. Link would definitely never take him up there, because god damn he hates heights and the first time he went to the City in the Sky he was probably heavily traumatized. He definitely wouldn’t want to go back up there, under any circumstances. That being said, he would also probably worry about Shad going up there on his own, because he’d be scared that overenthusiastic Shad would get murdered by another dragon or get so invested in translating the Sky Writing that he’d fall off a fucking cliff. He would loan him a clawshot, but only if someone like Ashei or Auru went with him and kept an eye on him. Because Link is pretty sure that Shad can take care of himself under normal circumstances, but not when the culmination of all his life’s work is sitting right on front of him. Considering how much fear the City in the Sky holds for him, it’s pretty natural that he’d be worried if any of his friends were headed up there.


Guy from my Poli 240 class said he had a band.  This is his band.  They’re called Cannons Indeed.  I told him that for some reason they made me want to go on a Toe listening spree.  He was shocked that I knew who Toe were.  Apparently, I don’t look like I listen to “cool” music.  Anyway, thought I might as well support their (his) desire to be local famous.

Enjoy their interview by Fistful of Sound and a couple of their songs.