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Voltron Meta: Lion Switching as a Plot Device

Since it seems increasingly likely that we will get Lion Switching in season 3 (i.e. Keith piloting Black, Lance piloting Red, and Allura piloting Blue, as they did in Old Voltron) I thought I’d take a moment to address how this might work.

I’ve previously stated that I’m against any permanent Lion Switching, and I stand by that. I don’t think it would work narratively, for a number of reasons - not least of which is the fact that it would require Shiro to be permanently removed from the role of Black Paladin and either written into a diminished role or written out of the show entirely. I don’t think either of these choices fit with what the show has done with his character, and they would be disappointing steps to take in light of how important Shiro is as good representation of a traumatised, mentally ill character. @radioactivesupersonic has a great meta {here} about why it doesn’t make sense to kill off Shiro, and many of the same points apply to the question of removing Shiro as Black Paladin and replacing him with someone else (even if he doesn’t actually die, and instead takes on a lesser role).

To my mind it doesn’t make sense to spend two seasons building up Shiro’s bond with the Black Lion, even going so far as to have Shiro battle Zarkon in Voltron’s infinite void for control of the Lion… and then just get rid of Shiro and put another Paladin in his place. It negates much of the bonding he has done with Black, and renders his storyline a dead end. It’s narratively more satisfying to see Shiro’s connection with the Black Lion play out across the course of the show than it is to see another Paladin in the Black Lion on a permanent basis.

[this seems like a lot of trouble to go to just to get replaced is all i’m saying]

That said, I’m not averse to the idea of a temporary Lion Switch because I think it opens up some opportunities for interesting storytelling, and that’s what I want to get into below.

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Paultryk not cannon

I love paultryk as much as the next person, and I apologize as all paultryk shippers went wild over this series of tweets. 

Some people thought that this was just tom joking around, but it is confirmed canon here

but When fans asked matt if this was indeed cannon, he denied 

Since matt was now calling the shots, he states that he does not consider these statements cannon because tom said this after he quit

He does, however respect the artists and shippers making it.

one of the reasons might be that people were harassing irl paul and pat

after this was all over, he tweeted these

sorry guys, but its no longer cannon :( but

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Is amourshipping canon and if so how . I thought ash never like anyone

In the end, the writers confirmed amourshipping was indeed cannon! But I can kind of see why you would think that considering how dense Ash is haha! But after the kiss scene in XY&Z ep 47 (which if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you watch it, it’s actually such a beautiful episode), a Japanese magazine released some of the storyboard artwork, along with an interview of one of the creators saying that it was intended that Serena is the one that Ash ends up with at the end of his journey. Which I am extremely happy about I mean look at these two cuties :)

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Have you heard the new Overwatch Valentines Day voiceline? My god, Gency is becoming more and more cannon!

I have indeed heard the lines and I couldn’t believe my ears! ♥ They’re so cute!

But anything can still happen. ;) Until Blizz makes some sort of announcement, vid or comic where the two officially smooch or confess, I’m open for all possibilities.

Made her a simple ref sheet in case the day comes were this becomes completely inaccurate. Now here comes the tricky part…

Iota is her code name, she belongs to the same cut as Centipeetle, (whether that’s Emerald, Nephrite, Chrysoprase, or another) She is mainly sent on missions to other planets for scouting, escorting, or covert rescue and spying. Homeworld supplied her with an Arm-cannon that indeed has a destabilizer mode, just in case… As for personality, Iota speaks formally as is expected of her superiors, but her actions constantly put their reputation at risk.

I hope to make more Gem ocs once we get alot more revealed. But I couldn’t hold this one back any longer! I’ve waited so long that I don’t even care if it becomes incorrect later.

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Ok with that dancing spoiler and if it is indeed cannon in the show then we beTTER GET BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE OF COLIN AND JEN HAVING TO TAKE A DANCING CLASS BECAUSE THEN I WILL DIE

i’m imagining it would look a lot like parvati and harry at the yule ball

jen: “put your hand on my waist”

colin: “uh”

jen: “MY WAIST”

colin: “….”

*music starts*

jen: *grabs colin and starts steering*

colin: *dying of embarrassment*

After watching Fury Road a few times, I’ve realised that Slit’s death is foretelling of how Nux could have died if his eyes had not been opened to the death cult of Immortan Joe. It’s so heartbreaking to think of so many War boys dying so pointlessly doing what they have been brainwashed to think is right. Cannon fodder indeed.