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i’m sosososo glad adrien has nino

the kid has so much to deal with and nino is such a good friend to him. thank goodness for nino lahiffe. I love him. that purehearted bro

Stolen Art...

Wow,i see more and more stolen Art in the (popular) Mob Psycho 100 Tag…
That’s not okay !
Please check the Blog out if you’re unsure if the artwork is just a repost or not,please don’t support them and if it’s okay,tell them to stop reposting art without permission.(you don’t have to,of course)

Taking Art from Pixiv is a Taboo anyway ,you should ask them for permission.And if you don’t speak the language ,then just don’t do it.There exists a Post for this problem but i don’t know where i can find it now…
And the same goes for Tumblr…but the most said it already many times on their blog that they don’t want you to repost OR EDIT it ,so….please don’t just take it,many people are really sensitive with this topic.
It’s okay if you didn’t think about this before ! Just remember this from now on,everyone makes mistakes.

Sorry for my english,i just don’t want it to get out of hand.

anonymous asked:

i've noticed that a lot of entps are cultured, or enjoy being cultured. a lot of them have refined taste in food, music, and just being well rounded in all cultural aspects. even clothes and style, not to an overbearing degree like SJs or even SPs, but they always seem pretty comfortable talking about food and art and stuff. this seem to be entps curiosity of the world and learning about culture and cross-culture stuff.

Yes, this is definitely true. Just our interest in observing the outer world and analyzing it explains it. We just want to pick up as much as possible to understand as much as possible. But another fuel for this could be the fact that we have issues with sticking to one thing and even focusing. And so we may go to one idea or one culture and learn enough (which is more than other people are interested, though we won’t be experts in the end), and once we’ve figured it out and characterized it, we move on to something else new and different to figure out and characterize. ENTPs often like a ton of different types of music, might know pieces of different languages or do accents, they might dress one way one day and mix it up another because there’s no such thing as having one style when you can just wear it all– and it’s very casual. Not like, HEY, LOOK AT THIS THING THAT I KNOW TODAY. 

But yes, ENTPs learn early that nothing is weird, and so it’s all fair game. They’ll try it all, and hold onto the things that they like the most (which is sad because I forget everything else). They’re very open minded to other cultures, and I think it’s definitely one of our plus sides.

do you ever wonder how many amazing tumblr posts there are hidden from the world because the op didn’t have many followers and it only got like three notes and all of them were likes

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honestly im kind of speechless over the new su ep. where do i even start? the development of connie’s character arc? Us getting more Garnet content finally? STEVONNIE? that cute fucking sign? pearl holograms fusing? the development of STEVEN’S arc? How this show consistently, amazingly shows steven deal with the trauma and fallout of the terrible things that happen to him, like with “Full Disclosure” after the s1 finale? A NEW GARNET SONG AT LAST? THAT TURNS INTO A GARNET/STEVONNIE DUET? GARNET MENTORING STEVONNIE AT THE BEACH IN THAT SAME SOFT PURPLE LIGHTING THAT I LOVED FROM “ALONE TOGETHER”? THE WAY THE SHOW MASTERFULLY TOUCHED ON HOW STEVEN COULDNT MAGICALLY REDEEM HIS LAST FEW OPPONENTS SOMEHOW AND HOW HE’S STRUGGLING TO DEAL WITH THAT ALONGSIDE THE REVEALS ABOUT ROSE? STEVEN AND CONNIE’S BEAUTIFUL EMOTIONAL MOMENT WHILE FALLING? THAT PERFECT ENDING?

too much. there was not a single minute of that episode i didnt absolutely love, im just. gonna rewatch it a million more times.

36. i never meant to hurt you

Originally posted by suzaken

Title: I never meant to hurt you

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: The only thing that ever crosses his mind whilst holding a gun is coming back to her.

Genre: Gang!AU

Note: This scenario was actually inspired by one of my previous writings, being it this drabble that I wrote for Taemin a while back.

Opposites were supposed to be together, he had heard it too many times in his life. He learned it when he was younger, his mother crying out for her separation with his father as she screamed at the top of her lungs that opposites don’t attract, they pull apart. The wide eyed Taemin would soothe her pain at those times, learning from her words as he grew up; lonely, destroyed by his mother’s intoxication with alcohol and drugs.

He was only a teenager when he decided things needed to change. His dreams were too big, like the clothes he would receive from his neighbors that took pity of the heartbroken Taemin. He picked up a gun, stole money from a few convenience stores in order to feed his small family, in order to get his mother in a rehabilitation clinic. His mother was getting better whilst he acted in ways that might be left unspoken. He grew under the shadow of being the opposite of the kid he used to be. Taemin had learned how to hold a gun before learning how to love.

It had actually broken his heart when he had fallen in love. In a way, he loved the feeling of having his hands interlocked with hers as they walked past the streets, but he hated the look of dissatisfaction that crossed her face when he had to excuse himself out. Jinki often scolded him, telling him that people like them weren’t supposed to fall in love with anyone; he was supposed to be alone, to feel like the world was a cold place that he wanted to destroy. However, he felt like the world was wonderful when she held his hand and kissed his lips.

He remembers very clearly not telling her the truth, but rather having her find out herself. One of those nights where he arrived to his apartment with a busted lip and some wounds, she had decided to visit him. He had been obligated to open the door, showing her his shirtless self as a wound placed on his forehead bled unstoppably. Taemin blames Kibum, knowing that the man could always find the group the most dangerous of rivals. One of those rivals decided to smash a bottle on Taemin’s forehead, leaving him dizzy for a while before he picked his gun up and put a bullet through his skull.

You know the usual.

She had scolded him whilst treating his wound, but he wasn’t paying much attention to her rambling. Rather, he felt happy to have someone by his side. Usually, he’d treat his wounds himself, if not Jonghyun who decided to be a nice every once in a while, but having her legs wrapped around his waist as they were laying on the bed as a small cotton pad was placed on her little fingers had a small smile playing on his lips. He felt loved.

That’s how he told her everything, from the tough times with his mother –that now lived far away from him- and the amazing adventures with his group. She listened carefully, tracing the outline of his cute face as he spoke. Taemin knew that she was always going to stay there when they went to sleep that night, her frame pressed against his as she placed a kiss to his forehead. When Taemin felt loved, he knew that he loved her too.

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Wi-fi is fixed! Temporarily at least. They’re coming to fix it hopefully for good on Monday.

BUT. I need to talk about what the lad in their office did. So we went in to talk to them to see what’s up, and he was all “sorry, nothing I can do, earliest we can fix it is Monday”. We debate back and forth for a bit, to no avail. Eventually the other guy there goes, hey, maybe it’s the antenna/modem thing, how about we give them a new one and try that?

So the guy was basically like “ugh FINE but it won’t work, here, you can try it but it won’t work” and we take the thing and leave. We plugged it in at home and the power light didn’t even come on, so we were like, yeah, guess he was right.

Then today, the tech guy came and looked at it and guess what? It was broken. The guy in the office was SO determined to be right about there being nothing he could do that he gave us a broken one. And I’m 99% sure he did it knowingly because it wasn’t like a new one that came in a box or something.

Turns out, that wasn’t the only problem, the cable needs to be replaced too, but still. What a jerk.

But at least it’s back for now! Hi! I missed you all!

anonymous asked:

Dear viper, can I ask you a question? Have you ever felt that the fangirling gets a tad too far and that you start feeling a bit too much about a person you’re a fan of? I REALLY don’t want to be that sort of fan; I only want to have fun and support them, but sometimes it’s too much and I feel too much and it’s no longer fun? I feel kinda stupid bc I'm way too old for these crushes, or so I thought, but there you have it :/ ♡

This is… a complicated question. Mainly because I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean.

Do I ever feel like the fangirling is getting out of hand (like, in a bad way)? Yes, definitely. People not respecting boundaries or people who keep forgetting that their faves are flawed people just as everyone else and then get incredibly offended the moment they do anything remotely problematic (god, I hate this word) because how dare they not be perfect, just to name a few examples.

I’m not sure that’s exactly what you meant, though. If it is, I’d say just you actively being aware of that being a possibility and not wanting to go down that path is enough proof that you’re doing fine, you might slip up as we all do from time to time, but you’re genuinely trying and that’s a great thing (:

Or if you just meant that you’ve started to care too much about these crushes, about people you don’t really know, well… I get it. I mean I, for instance, am aware that I really don’t know Sebastian, as a person. I know that I’ve possibly only seen about 1% of who he really is, maybe, but boy do I care about that cute dork.

It’s not really something we can help, and you definitely shouldn’t feel stupid or wrong (nor too old, omg) about it, but that being said I think it’s important to not let it impact your real life either, so if it’s not so enjoyable anymore then maybe you could try taking a small step back for a little while? Not because caring about him (him because I’m using Seb as an example, but about whoever your crush/crushes is/are) is a bad thing in itself, you’re good on that front, really, but for you, because this should be fun for you, not a source of stress.

In any case I hope you’ll feel better about this whole thing soon. I’m sorry if I didn’t quite get what you meant and this was entirely unhelpful, feel free to contact me again if you need it *hugs you tight*

test subject 626 || @hydrckinetic

Glitch sat inside his cells, the special shackles sending magnetic pulses through his whole body, to keep him from escaping by phasing into the bare lightbulb. He was shaking, he was in pain, he just wanted to get out. The only people who’d come into his cell, were usually people clad in lab coats, dragging him onto a stretcher to take him to the torture room. Or the… ‘experiment room’ as they’d call it.

“…Please no more…” He begged the stranger who had just walked in.

“Please no more experiments… It hurts, it hurts…” he started shaking “It hurts…”

“It is the level of Furriness that is incredible. I’m telling you, I used to use the word Dragon,” Tyran explained. “Now I just call them Dergs. I went to an art college. I’m very highly educated. I know words, I have the best words. I have the best, but there is no better word than Derg. Right? There is none, there is none. There’s no, there’s no, there’s no word like that.”