I was doing maths homework for about 5 hours today and the recoil of that horror spurred a mass sketching session. Questions that arose from this sketching session:

Does @briskbaby go floof when she gets scared?

What have we come to the right place for, Sheleith? (Belonging to @canisalbus )

How good is @furrywolfcyrus ‘s acting?

Why has Rin lost her chill? (belonging to me :3)

What’s that sharky thing at the bottom? (Psst, it’s @clean-furry-fuzzbutts!)

Just exactly how cool IS @aceofheartsfox? We just don’t know!

What exactly IS @thefuzzymuse‘s fursona?

So many questions! I reckon you guys will have to answer these XD (I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to bombard you with terrible drawings of your charas I just couldn’t decide what to draw and this randomness happened XD)

fangy-from-shadow-blog  asked:

Hey, H! Pick three your idol DeviantArt artists, choose one character from one artist and put all three different characters to the same pic. Question is: What kind chaos or drama will happens?

(I assume you meant to say “one character from EACH artist” because otherwise this kind of makes no sense. ^^’)

Oh jeez, this was a hard one! I really had to do some thinking to pick up three artists whose art I adore AND who have some characters I love. After some time this is what I came up to:

They’re Paperiapina’s Surama, GhoulShoe’s Machete and Spiccan’s Darren. They would form an anti-superhero group which would kick anybody’s ass with an ease!

(Oh, btw, the picture is sideways just because it fits more nicely here like that. =’D Here’s the original version: )

I haven’t been on this account for very long, but I can say that I have met many wonderful people and follow many more that I wish I knew better.
Welcome to my first follow forever!

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