The Beast of Vosges or La Bête du Vosges is a mysterious and unidentified creature that stalked the French countryside between 1975 and 1988. There was thought to definitely be more than one beast running around through the local farms. Cattle and other domestic animals were slaughtered during this time - it is thought that at least 200 sheep were killed during this time span. It is thought that the animal was a wolf that someone had raised and released to hunt livestock.

Episode begins. Oh noes, a white wolf is howling at the moon!

Wow, that’s quite a blizzard… I hope he stays war–

*it cuts to closeup*


Never mind, I guess there wasn’t any snow blowing after all. We must have all just imagined it. 

…anyway, the gang meets a guy with a head shaped like a butternut squash,

–Scooby reacts to a bunch of potentially-spooky things,

–and they’re shown to their room.

After all this stuff happens, several minutes later, we cut back…

and that wolf is still howling at the moon, in that exact same position, having not moved at all.

I guess wolf union rules aren’t too stringent about taking breaks.