Good news! I will start uploading the rest of the photos of my trips here. Being the first (from many to come) post like this, I would like to remind you that my instagram account will have photos that I selected from each trip that are impressive as they are, or that I wanted to add some drawings to complement them. There will always be a link to another image that I decided to post on Instagram, so if you like what you see here, you are going to love as well the things that I post on my other account. This trip to the Greenbelt was unique. There was an unusual amount of dogs that day, and as I always happen to have my camera with me, I excited started to take pictures of the most interesting canines around there. And as you can see on their faces, they were loving the moment. A lot of dogs running around off-leash, a great amount of water, countless sticks to catch, you name it. It was a great day for both humans and dogs in the greenbelt.

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