Candy Land - Roman Reigns

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Drabble #23: “Do you really need all that candy?”

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cupido3o  asked:

Damn gurl I like your style. Thanks for posting the shops and designers if your outfits. Would it be too much to ask for a list of shops you really like for some more cute pastel streetwear?

Oh no not at all! Thank you so so much!!

Here are the names of a few shops!

Lazy Oaf
Kawaii goods
Bunny & black
Glitters for Dinner
YRU shoes
Amazon/eBay for basics like pleated skirts
Miss Kika
TheCarouselle on etsy
Paris kids Japan (accessories)
Kawaiicore (accessories)
Skinnydip London (funky cute purses)
Imyourpresent etsy
Sweetmildred etsy
Cutemoonbunny etsy
Sheenasbellabows etsy
LaCoronarosada etsy
CuteParade etsy
Toshiki Girl
Milk Bbi
MissAlphabet etsy
Miss candyholic storenvy
Sugar bones storenvy
Miss Octopie storenvy
Girlypopbows enamel pins
Candy corpse enamel pins
Decora Demon

Hope that helps!! ❤️❤️❤️

so i’ve been watch hey arnold the past couple days and everytime it’s an olga episode i roll my eyes. even as a kid i couldn’t stand olga pataki. she’s one of those people who will take on other people’s problems and then she makes herself the center of attention. like a false modesty. i realize that i pick up olga vibes from people and i become fully disgusted. like being helpful should be genuine not ooh look at me i’m such a good person.