“You can feel in the streets that everyone is worried. We come from a very small town. The engine of our entire economy is a candy factory, and people are getting laid off. I don’t like my job. I package the candies and I have to stay indoors all day. When I was younger, I would think about quitting. My bags were always packed. But everything changes when you feel a small hand gripping your finger. Now I’m terrified of losing my job. Every morning we have a routine. Whenever I don’t feel like going to work, he says ‘come here,’ and he gives me a hug, and that changes me. He’s my battery charger.”

(Cordoba, Argentina)


Mortal AU. Will Solace is a kindergarten teacher currently on a school trip with his students inside a candy factory and Nico di Angelo, with what seems to be a betrayed face, is their assigned tour guide. Will would be lying if he says he wasn’t wary of the other at first, what with his unapproachable get-up and the scowl on his face.

That is until Nico shows him how good he is with handling kids and that’s it, that’s the first step for him to be completely smitten.


Some brief but interesting background info about the cites where the following English models come from, as knowledge is also beautiful…

Doncaster is in Yorkshire, an was founded about 1,900 years ago, beside a Roman fort. Candy factories opened in the 1800s, an a castle is nearby. In fact the famous chocolate biscuit-bar Kit-Kat was invented locally.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, as was founded in 43 A.D as an international trading city - which it still is today, 2000 years later. It became the capital of England after the anglo-saxons reclaimed it in 927.

Kent is a county founded by the Jute anglo-saxon tribe and the Cantuci - a Celtic tribe from over 3000 years ago. Queen Anne Boleyn was born here. Kent is known as the garden county an has castle an a major seaport. Link

Liverpool was the worlds first truly international city, as its docks catered for global shipping on a grand scale. The Beatles pop-band originated here as did other bands. Two premiership football clubs are based here.

Sheffield is where modern steel production was founded in the 1800s, with stainless steel being invented here in 1771. Silverware is still made here. In this city originated famous bands like the Human League an Def Leppard.

Bath is a quaint city, which was named after a volcanic spring that was harnessed into a giant public bath house in 60 AD by the Roman empire. This city is considered very picturesque with quaint buildings an streets.

Essex was founded by the eastern Saxons over 1600 years ago. It is the home of Fords European research center, an the band Depeche Mode. The county has a modern city feel to it in the west an countryside to the east.

The “Newcastle” part of the hometown derives from it being the location of a ‘new castle’ in the 12th century. The “Lyme” section refers to the Forest of Lyme that covered the area with lime trees in the medieval period.



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disciplineddedication  asked:

You mentioned you "manifested" your current reality?! That is going from an intern in Hollywood to studying to become a doctor?! Could you elaborate on that please?

We are always manifesting aspects of our reality; the question is only whether we are aware of this fact. 

The ultimate point about such an insight isn’t so that you can merely manifest what you want but rather to realize that all of this is just an illusory play incapable of providing lasting peace or happiness. 

Those who are fascinated with the power of manifestation, the law of attraction, and all of that stuff are satisfied with some candy without realizing they can own the candy factory, as my guru puts it. Enlightenment is the point and the way.

To address your question more directly, yes I reshaped my consciousness over many years of hard work. Everything is different from what it was before, but that is somewhat inevitable for us all. 

Change the worlds within you and the world around you also changes. 

Both are unreal.

Namaste :D

Stubborn and Lovely (Pt. 1) - Edmund x Reader

You walked into a large tent. It was filled with armor and weaponry. You picked up a set of armor designed for women. You began putting on the armor. First the boots, then the armor protecting your legs, then the chest plate. You picked up the helmet. That’s when your best friend, Edmund walked in.

“(Y/n)! What are you doing?!” Edmund exclaimed, seeing you wearing almost a complete set of armor.

“Getting ready to battle the White Witch.” You said. You put on a belt with a sheath attached to it. “What does it look like I’m doing?” You added. Edmund’s eyebrows knitted together. He walked towards you, the metal boots of his armor clanking as they hit the ground. Edmund snatched the helmet away from you.

“No!” Edmund yelled. “I won’t allow it!” You glared at Edmund and snatched the helmet back.

“Since when did you have the authority to order me around?!” You snapped at Edmund. Edmund snatched the helmet away from you again.

“Since I found out I was to be a king!” Edmund replied with a harsh tone. You snatched the helmet back once more. You put it on your head.

“Well your not king yet.” You said firmly. Edmund stood there silently for a few moments. You looked at the assortment of weapons. You chose a long steel sword. It was thin, light and sharp. You picked it up.

“Please don’t fight.” Edmund said, his voice more vulnerable this time. You looked at Edmund, you still held the sword in your grasp. Edmund’s brown eyes were wide as he stared at you. A worried expression was on his face. “I don’t want to lose you…” He said. Edmund was on the brink of tears.

You bit your bottom lip, unsure what to do. “Edmund I…” You said trailing off. You saw that Edmund’s hands were shaking slightly. You’d never seen him this scared. You placed your chosen sword on the ground and walked towards Edmund. You hugged him hoping you could comfort Edmund.

“I promise I’ll be fine.” You said quietly. Edmund choked back tears. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you close. You couldn’t help but blush at your closeness to Edmund.

“If you get hurt I can say ‘I told you so’ right?” Edmund asked jokingly. You chuckled.

“Yes.” You responded. You and Edmund embraced for a few moments. Then you both pulled away. Edmund still looked a little shaky. “I promise I’ll take care of myself.” You reassured Edmund. Edmund nodded, wiping tears away from his eyes.

“We will never speak of his again.” Edmund demanded. You giggled quietly. Then you nodded your head in agreement.

“Alright.” You said smiling. You quickly put your chosen sword in the sheath on your belt. You followed Edmund to the battlefield. Your eyes widened as you saw the vast field filled with an ocean of soldiers. There were centaurs, fawns, unicorns and a large variety of animals.

“Wow…” You said in awe. You’d never seen anything like this in England. Edmund chucked at your child-like wonder. You looked like a small child walking into an enormous candy factory.

Edmund took your hand in his and lead you down to the battlefield. When you both got there Edmund gave you your position and you stood there. You watched Edmund mount his horse, he looked back at you with a worried look.

You gave Edmund an encouraging smile. Edmund sighed and turned back to the other side of the battlefield. A few moments later you heard thundering footsteps in the distance. You gulped. You saw an even larger army come marching towards the Narnian army. It must’ve belonged to the White Witch.

You started to shake slightly. You were scared. You’d never been in a battle before. What if… No. You stood up tall and proud, your shaking stopped. You were going to fight. Your glance shifted to the dark-haired, soon to be king on his brown horse. For Edmund.

You heard Peter and the centaur next to him speaking about the sheer number of the White Witches army. You couldn’t blame them. The opposing army was larger that anyone expected. With Aslan gone, how could Narnia win this.

“Numbers do not win a battle.” Stated the centaur at Peter’s side.

“No.” Said Peter. “But they sure do help.” He added. You had to agree. Numbers were an important factor. But a hope burned in your heart that the Narnians could still win.

A few moments passed before the battle actually began. “FOR NARNIA!!!” You heard Peter shout as the Narnian army charged towards the White Witches army. You cut down a few of the opposing army’s soldiers.

You were very confident at first. But then you felt an enemy soldier’s weapon go through your armor and cut your side. Aslan, you wished your gotten a shield. You fell to your knees, then face first to the ground. Although your face made no contact with the ground because of your helmet.

The enemy soldier ran off, assuming you were dead. In the heat of battle there was no time to be sure you’d actually killed somebody. You felt the world around you spinning. All you could see was the green grass beneath you beginning to stain with blood. You began battling with yourself, struggling to keep your eyes open. Then everything went black.


After the battle was won and Lucy had used her Cordial to heal Edmund, he sat up and rubbed the back of his head. As the seconds passed Edmund’s thoughts returned as well. And with his thoughts was you.

Edmund’s eyes widened in fear. The horrifying memory came back to him. Edmund remembered running past you. He remembered seeing an enemy soldier cutting you in the side. Edmund remembered the blood pooling beneath you. But worst of all Edmund remembered just continuing to run past. Not even hesitating. Why hadn’t he stopped to check you were alive.

“(Y/n)! Where’s (Y/n)!?” Edmund cried out. He felt tears forming in the corners of his eyes. Edmund’s siblings were silent. They looked at each other hoping one of them knew the answer. But none of them did.

“We don’t-” Susan started, but she was interrupted by Edmund.

“Well then we have to find her!” Edmund shouted. He ran off to the battlefield. Tears were flowing down Edmund’s cheeks as he looked around frantically. Arrows broke beneath his feet and the boots of his armor were stained with the blood of fallen soldiers, but he kept running. Kept searching. If only he had been able to convince you not to join the battle. But you had been to stubborn. Stubborn and lovely.

Finally he found you lying on the ground. In the exact same way he’d last saw you. ‘Please don’t be dead!’ Was the only thought that came to his mind over and over. Edmund knelt down, he turned you over so you were facing upward.

Edmund checked for your pulse. He didn’t feel it on your wrist, or neck. Finally he placed his ear against the chest plate of your armor. Edmund listened carefully for your heartbeat. There were a few moments of silence. Then Edmund heard it. A soft thumping coming from your chest.

Edmund lifted his head up. He sighed with relief. It had been quiet but Edmund definitely heard your heartbeat. You were alive. Edmund looked behind him to see his siblings running after him. When they reached him they were panting heavily.

Peter looked up from the ground, noticing Edmund was kneeling next to you. “You found her!” Peter exclaimed. Edmund nodded with a smile.

“Is she ok?” Lucy asked nervously.

“Yes. She’s alive.” Edmund said happily. “But she’s hurt.” Edmund said with a frown.

“I’ll heal her!” Lucy exclaimed. She knelt down beside you. Lucy took her Cordial out of her small pouch she’d been carrying it in. Lucy took the shining glass cap off the bottle. She poured a few drops of the red liquid into your mouth.

Almost immediately you started coughing and sputtering. You sat up. “What was that!? It tasted horrible!” You exclaimed. There was silence. You looked over at the Pevensies. They sat there staring at you. “What’s the matter with you guys?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

There were a few more second of silence. Then Edmund tackled you with a hug. You expected Lucy to do that, but apparently Edmund beat her to it. You heard Edmund sobbing quietly. You wrapped your arms around Edmund putting one hand in his messy brown hair.

“E-Ed…? What’s wrong…?” You said, a confused tone in your voice. Edmund pulled away from you slightly. Edmund looked you in the eyes. You could see his were filled with tears.

“'What’s wrong!?’” Edmund shouted. “You almost died! That’s what’s wrong!” Edmund returned to embracing you. He held you as close as he could.

“I guess… I didn’t keep my promise…” You said softly.

“I told you so.” Edmund muttered in your ear. You couldn’t help but smile. And as Edmund pulled away from the embrace, his cheeks were a soft pink and a smile decorated his face. “Let’s leave.” Edmund said.

You nodded and stood up with a bit of Edmund’s help. You walked back with the Pevensies. You couldn’t help but notice that Edmund had an arm around you. You gasped when you saw Aslan standing there.

Lucy explained what had happened. You were trilled that the people turned to stone had been saved. Soon after your conversation with Lucy, she ran off to help the wounded Narnian soldiers. Both Peter and Susan check to make sure you were feeling well. You reassured then that you were fine. They entire time you felt Edmund’s arm wrapped around you.

Soon after you, the Pevensies and Aslan walked back to Cair Paravel. The healed Narnian soldiers returned to their homes. You smiled, happy that everything and turned out well. As you walked with the Pevensies and Aslan to Cair Paravel, you felt Edmund’s arm pull you closer to him. Your face was red. But you didn’t complain. You didn’t even try to be free of Edmund’s grasp. You were happy. Happy that Edmund was holding you this close to him.