[!] Updates

Hello, this is fy-scoups~ We have some updates regarding fansite tags but first of all, thank you for 3000 followers! ♡

Now, this is the list of fansites that changed their names, thus their tags in the blog have been changed:

Thank you and may you have a lovely day/afternoon/evening!

Soho, Manhattan.

Wow! Hello to all the new people following this blog.

I was gob-smacked when I opened up my Tumblr last night after getting home to find over 2000 likes on my last photo and a ton of messages due to the fact that I was featured on Radar yesterday here. I am still a little speechless.

I will eventually answer all of the messages. In the meantime though, thank you all for the kind messages and love. And thank you Tumblr for featuring my photo and blog!

(Clicking through the photo will take you to where it is located on Flickr where you can see larger versions and/or more information.)


I Remember….

Back in the days, I used to watch episodes of ‘I love lucy’ with my brother mike and my mother. This one had us rollin’! oh, and the “vitameatavegamin” one too…. I miss childhood.