“You can feel in the streets that everyone is worried. We come from a very small town. The engine of our entire economy is a candy factory, and people are getting laid off. I don’t like my job. I package the candies and I have to stay indoors all day. When I was younger, I would think about quitting. My bags were always packed. But everything changes when you feel a small hand gripping your finger. Now I’m terrified of losing my job. Every morning we have a routine. Whenever I don’t feel like going to work, he says ‘come here,’ and he gives me a hug, and that changes me. He’s my battery charger.”

(Cordoba, Argentina)

Mortal AU. Will Solace is a kindergarten teacher currently on a school trip with his students inside a candy factory and Nico di Angelo, with what seems to be a betrayed face, is their assigned tour guide. Will would be lying if he says he wasn’t wary of the other at first, what with his unapproachable get-up and the scowl on his face.

That is until Nico shows him how good he is with handling kids and that’s it, that’s the first step for him to be completely smitten.


Some brief but interesting background info about the cites where the following English models come from, as knowledge is also beautiful…

Doncaster is in Yorkshire, an was founded about 1,900 years ago, beside a Roman fort. Candy factories opened in the 1800s, an a castle is nearby. In fact the famous chocolate biscuit-bar Kit-Kat was invented locally.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, as was founded in 43 A.D as an international trading city - which it still is today, 2000 years later. It became the capital of England after the anglo-saxons reclaimed it in 927.

Kent is a county founded by the Jute anglo-saxon tribe and the Cantuci - a Celtic tribe from over 3000 years ago. Queen Anne Boleyn was born here. Kent is known as the garden county an has castle an a major seaport.

Liverpool was the worlds first truly international city, as its docks catered for global shipping on a grand scale. The Beatles pop-band originated here as did other bands. Two premiership football clubs are based here.

Sheffield is where modern steel production was founded in the 1800s, with stainless steel being invented here in 1771. Silverware is still made here. In this city originated famous bands like the Human League an Def Leppard.

Bath is a quaint city, which was named after a volcanic spring that was harnessed into a giant public bath house in 60 AD by the Roman empire. This city is considered very picturesque with quaint buildings an streets.

Essex was founded by the eastern Saxons over 1600 years ago. It is the home of Fords European research center, an the band Depeche Mode. The county has a modern city feel to it in the west an countryside to the east.

The “Newcastle” part of the hometown derives from it being the location of a ‘new castle’ in the 12th century. The “Lyme” section refers to the Forest of Lyme that covered the area with lime trees in the medieval period.

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 108

-Urie always the over achiever gotta make sure he goes ghoul first

- If you give a ghoul a sandwich he’ll eat you instead

- Aura has a sadism kink

- When the probability of a meteor falling to earth is higher then clowns going instinct

- Furuta: Y’all alpacas better not spit on me 

- V playing Naruto

- Haise: I guess this train will make it harder for v to track you

- Clowns or fanboys whatever they want to be called

-Donato- Back in my day the food portions where larger

- Donato- I’m Willy Wonka did y’all see my candy factory

- When Daddy put a bad doughnut in jail and it’s still salty years later

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Kaneki takes the wrong train and leaves the tragedy