cypsiman2  asked:

I remember back when the initial promo stuff was coming out and we thought that Yusaku was going to be this awkward newb who'd never dueled before and it was going to be all about online personas and that sort of thing and I feel like that would have been 10,000 times more interesting and engaging than what we're actually getting.

That would’ve honestly been a lot more interesting than… cotton candy boy being perfect


pure sunshine cookie cat gem boy + angry cotton candy ube cake angst boy = giving each other strength

I loved the recent Steven Universe episodes! Gotta love that development! And how could I not draw Cotton Candy Lars? I don’t know about you guys but part of me wants him to stick to his normal fashion and rock the pink look and another part of me wants him to embrace his new cotton candy aesthetic and wear cosy jumpers… that last part might just be me though.
I’ll probably post a quick speed drawing of this later.

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